Quiet New Year

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Quiet New Year

Vision, Ms. Marvel

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12/31/12 22:30

Monitor Room, Sub-basement, Avengers' Mansion, Midtown Manhattan

Vision and Ms. Marvel avoid going to parties by taking patrol and monitor duty while everyone else is out having fun. And … nothing happens. Seriously. NOTHING!

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New Year's Eve! It is a night of celebration. A night of renewal. A night of hope and possibilities. And ... it is a night, like any and every other, and yet not. So while Times Square is packed to bursting, the Avengers are not all out joining in the festivities, wherever those might be taking place. Some are still on duty, watching out for the people, staying aware so that others don't have to do so. It would seem obvious to most that the arguably 'least human' amongst them would be the top of the list for such duty. But sometimes the most human amongst them also volunteer. So while Vision is ensconced in the Monitor Room, keeping a watchful digital eye upon the city and the world, Carol Susan Jane Danvers, Colonel, USAF Retired, aka Ms. Marvel, is on her way down in the elevator, fresh from another flight patrol, with coffee in hand. A tray of it, in fact, so she has some for herself, and some to share. Jarvis was kind enough to set a pot on before he headed off to help Tony with his party tonight.

The tall blonde Avengers' Chairwoman comes through the door, tray in hand. "Hi there, Vision. Anything on the monitors? I brought coffee." Sure, the synthezoid doesn't need it to stay awake. But he has been known to drink it anyway.

The Vision is certainly ensconced in the Monitor Room. He's seated at a large chair that at least looks kind of comfortable. What's not comfortable looking are the number of cables and cords that are hooked up to him and the various computers and monitoring devices within this room. When Carol arrives with coffee in hand, Vizh turns in the chair. He answers her, "All is relatively quiet. There was a minor disturbance in the subway earlier, but that has been handled by NYPD." He tilts his head slightly, "What are you doing here, Carol?"

"Same thing as you, I imagine. Though not with the cables and cords plugging in." Carol answers with a smile as she moves over to a safe sideboard table to put down the tray, well away from computer keyboards, control panels, cables and monitors. Tony would never be so petty as to charge them for spill damage, but why chance it? It's only polite to be careful. She pours herself a nice, piping hot mug of black go-juice, and glances towards Vision. "You want any?" she inquires, ready to serve her friend before coming over to join him. "I just finished another overflight. Nothing I could see around Manhattan or the outer boroughs. Coast Guard reporting all clear? Has SWORD checked in yet?"

The Vision raises a hand to decline the offer of coffee, "No thank you." The Synthetic man apparently turns intangible and the cables and cords suddenly flop down to the floor. When the computers register that they are no longer jacked into various ports on Vizh, they retract into the various machines. Vizh returns to tangibility and puts his elbows on the arms of the chair. His hands steeple and he answers her, "All is quiet. Nothing to report." He smiles slightly, "Should you not be getting ready for the various parties that I am sure the Chairwoman of the Avengers has been invited to?"

"OK." Carol offers, putting down the coffee pot and walking towards Vision, sipping her own hot coffee as she watches his display of ease with his intangibility. "Oh, believe me. I got the invitations. And I politely declined every last one of them." she answers, smiling. "To be honest, the PR folks were more than a bit annoyed with me for that. But I don't have much interest in such foolishness." But why does she consider it foolishness?

The Vision raises his brow quizzicly at Carol's response and echoes the unsaid question, "Why do you consider it foolish? It is a time to celebrate the past year and celebrate what is to come with friends. You should make an appearance at one of the parties you were invited to." There's a pause and he adds, "At least. I am sure it will provide ample opportunity to unwind." He waves a hand to indicate the monitor room, "I have this all in hand, afterall."

Carol makes a moue face, and shakes her head. "I consider it foolish because it's a waste of time. I don't enjoy those sorts of things. I'm not one for putting on airs. If the Avengers had a party, that I would attend. Or maybe an air squadron. But these high-class parties are just excuses to get all gussied up and hobnob. I can't drink the alcohol. I can't stand most of the company. And I don't end up with anyone to defray my boredom." Or her loneliness. No dance partners for Carol Danvers. It just doesn't work out. "So instead I do my duty. I help keep everyone else safe so that they can all enjoy their parties. If I want to unwind, I just have to find someone out there willing to start some trouble, so I can fly in and beat the tar out of them."

The Vision sits there and listens to the excuse that she feeds him. He nods and shrugs his shoulders, "I suppose, than, you are disappointed that all is quiet? Otherwise no fireworks for you. You will be stuck here watching the ball drop on the television-" He raises a hand and gestures to a small flatscreen off in the corner when he says 'television', "-with me. You realize I volunteered for Monitor duty so that everyone could go out and have some fun this evening, right?"

"A little disappointed, yeah." Carol offers, with a wry grimace and a shrug. "I don't have much use for watching the ball drop, either." she admits. But she does nod to his point. "Yes. I know that's why you volunteered for monitor duty tonight. And I'm just helping you accomplish that, since I wouldn't have any fun out there myself." That's as honest an answer as she has available.

The Synthetic Man's brow furrows at her response. He shakes his head and says, "Well, please, kick up your feet and try to at least relax? Music can be piped in. I could ask Jarvis if he could procure a bottle of sparkling apple cider or grape juice or something?" He says all these things as he twists his chair back around to face the main monitors; Can't keep your eyes off them for long.

Carol smirks, and takes a seat, turning to help watch the monitors with Vision. Not that she can hope to cover even a tenth of what he's capable of watching, but it's what he suggested and what she said she's here to do. Best to live up to expectations. "Jarvis is helping Tony with his big charity shindig, Vision. If I wanted sparkling apple cider or grape juice, I'd have grabbed it before I came downstairs. But thanks for the thought." She offers a smile to her teammate, and settles in as quietly as she can for now. "I'm somewhat surprised you didn't decide to head to Tony's party tonight. You could have at least caught a dance or two with Wanda." OK. They're not married anymore. But it's not like they don't care anymore. They seem to get along pretty damned well, all things considered.

The Vision tilts in his head in a concession to what she says concerning Jarvis, "Coffee it is, than. Not the traditional beverage for ringing in the new year, but certainly a logical one." He shrugs and taps a few keys on a keyboard panel situated in front of one of the screens. The screen fades away and is replaced by another image. Following the shrug, Vizh says, "Like I said; I volunteered to be here so everyone could be there. A dance or two could have been fun, but I am certain Wanda's dance card will be quite full. Wanda was telling me she expected Steve to be her date this evening."

Carol takes a breath - just a breath - and lets it go. To any but the /best/ humans, it wouldn't be enough of a clue. To Vision's senses, it might as well have been a dramatic teenager's sigh. Something about word of Wanda's intentions is bugging Carol, but clearly the blonde has no intention of speaking up about it. "Well, I can accept that choice. As long as you're happy enough with it, and we're not taking advantage of you, I'm fine with whatever you want to do, Vision." And that is really Carol's most important value: everyone should be able to achieve what they /choose/ to achieve. If Vision wants to be here, great. If Carol would rather be here, that should be OK with everyone else, too. If not? So sad for them, 'cause here she is anyway. "Happy New Year, Vision." she offers, at some point within a minute or so of that magical hour. "May you find what you wish of 2013 that you didn't find in 2012."

The Vision turns his head to regard the small flatscreen that has New Years Rockin' Eve on it. He humphs and nods, "It is that time, is it? Happy New Year, Carol. Here is to hoping that it is uneventful." A small smile forms on his face and he turns his head to regard Carol, "And everything is fine, Carol. Wanda can do as she likes." He raises a hand to the keyboard and taps a few more keys, another screen pops up and Vizh scans it briefly, "Still uneventful. Good start to the New Year."

"Good. Right." Boooring! But Carol does not complain - aloud. She just nods. She sips at her coffee and tries not to grunt or grimace in one of those ways that people apparently smarter than she is tend to use to dissect and diagnose her moods and thoughts and feelings. "Any resolutions for you this year?" she queries. What? What else is she going to talk about, for pity's sake? Damn lazy supervillains can't even manage to mount one single attack on New Year's? Damn them all!

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