Quiet Afternoon at the Mansion

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Quiet Afternoon

Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man II

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08/30/12 14:45

Avenger's Mansion, outdoor patio

Carol and Scott have a quiet conversation

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As Cassie wanted some fresh air, Scott saw no problem with it. They've come out to the patio to enjoy the cooling air as Summer prepares for Autumn. While Cassie does what she does, at her age, could be just enjoying the fresh air, and Scott has a moment to sit down and look up at the blue sky, watching white clouds waft by in lost thoughts. Rather a quiet moment really.

Quiet moments, when they can be found, are to be enjoyed with all due relish, especially for those in the business of the heroic or super-heroic, for they are all too rare, few and far between in lives that seem merely to lurch from one insurmountable crisis to the next. To be fair, Carol Danvers doesn't really have time for such things, but she makes the time anyway. Carol is like that. And when a glance out of a window shows Cassie playing out on the patio and deck, Carol makes her way downstairs and outside, just so that she can take a few minutes and watch that adorable display of innocence and energy. "Afternoon, Scott." the shorts-clad blonde offers casually.

With a turn of his head from where he sits on a patio chair, Scott offers a wave, "Hello Carol." Its not wholly comfortable off his lips, using her first name, but he offers it as a greeting-in-kind. There is some pause there as he turns it over, or maybe its somewhere between blonde hair and shorts. Though he's gentleman enough to recollect himself and smile. "It was too nice to pass up, coming out here. I guess in some way, this is what a normal life was like. I'd say I like it, but then I think I'd eventually get bored."

"Occupational hazard, that addiction to the action." Carol offers with a little smile, moving over to take a seat in a nearby chair, watching Cassie and not Scott. Sure, she can tell he still hasn't gotten comfortable with using her first name. And she appreciates that he doesn't mind what he sees when he looks at her, and even more that he doesn't turn that into anything else. It is one of the many things that makes him someone she's comfortable with /outside/ her role as Chairwoman. "Still, I always figured you had to take at least a little time to experience and appreciate the moments like these. They remind us what we're fighting to protect, when it all goes nuts." Like it did not very long ago at all.

He takes a breath on that thought, a sense of pride flowing through him, a warmth in the last bits of summer that still remain. Scott nods, "Fighting to protect it, fighting to hopefully one day actually have time to breath again." He seems to agree wholeheartedly. Shifting lightly in his chair, "The other day when I ran into Madison and he calmed down some, we discussed collaborating on a project. So long as he's under Doc Samson's care and doesn't bring trouble, I am curious, what would the policy be if he came here to do some work?"

Carol honestly never expects things to calm down enough that she'll ever really be able to just take time to breathe again. It's just not the way the world works, she figures. But she won't be bursting anyone else's bubbles on the issue. "Your report. Madison Jefferies? Enh. The guy was messed with pretty bad during that whole crazy thing X-Factor put down. He did a lot of heinous crap while they were running the show. But that's not fairly on his shoulders, just on his mind. So yeah. As long as Samson clears him as not being a danger to himself or others, he can come work here. He's registered with Canada, so I don't see why not."

"Thanks, I didn't just want to show up with him here one day, bring the issue home so to speak," Scott means all the stuff on Madison's mind that could lead to more trouble than its worth, all things considered. "I think I could get used to it though," he says, seemingly jumping back to the previous topic, maybe saying just relaxing, having his own patio, watching Cassie play. "Being at the mansion," he amends, "Its like a place that just seems to fit everything. Maybe that's me counting my lucky stars. Prior to the offer, I had a hard time going out at nights thinking of Cassie, but the lure was always there, the words of Henry. Sort of like the price I pay for assuring she would grow up to see her own kids some day. Security is about as much as I can ask until world peace happens." He's not deluding himself, thinking he'll see it, just pondering the dream perhaps.

"I appreciate the heads-up in advance, Scott. That keeps everything running more smoothly. Last thing I need is to handle a security crisis by remote while I'm in the field." Carol offers, with a smile. "And I'm glad we've been able to put your mind to rest a bit, where Cassie's safety is concerned. That alone makes all of this worth it." Thing is, Carol means it. She may seem like - and be - quite the hard-arse. But she has a huge soft spot for kids, which few people get to see.

A nod of understanding from Scott, on both accounts, as he lifts hands to fold behind his head. "I owe you one there," the security issue. "I'm sure there will be times in the field, but I'm not counting those. I'm serious, name it, if a need really does arise, and I'll do what I can to show my appreciation for this opportunity. My past is mixed, but I meant to do right by my family. I mean to do right by you as well Carol."

"I appreciate that, Scott." Carol offers, nodding. She's still watching Cassie, inwardly pleased and amused at the girl's antics, as quiet and uniquely hers as they may be. "Right now, there's nothing. But I'll keep it in mind. But I also want you to understand, I'm already getting what I wanted out of this deal. I got you, here on my team and working with me. And I got Cassie, who is an adorable gust of fresh air in this place. So don't go thinking your debt is that huge. It's really not."

Pondering that thought a moment, Scott gives in with a slight nod of his head. "I have to get used to that. From my point of view, I'm just a guy, ordinary mostly. I guess its a slice of humble pie I can't overlook." He lifts one leg up, crosses his ankle to the knee of the other. "Well, now I'm more glad you stepped out for the fresh air, I think I needed this conversation to be honest." Then a chuckle, Cassie figures out some cartwheel or another and turns to see if she had attention. Bringing hands back he applauds in the moment. "Let's hope its not calm before the storm."

"True enough." Carol answers, raising her hands to applaud Cassie's accomplishment too. "Well done, kiddo. Looking good." Then she glances at the girl's father. "We're all just ordinary folks, Scott. That's the thing you really need to understand. We, each and every one of us. The moment you look at one of us - even the ones who are gods - as anything more than that, you lessen yourself, and place on them a burden they don't deserve. All any of us can do is the best we have available. I just happen to know what your best is, and I'm glad to have it - and you - in my 'toolbox.' And I'm willing to put forth effort and resources - my own, and those of this organization - to keep it that way. For all our sakes."

Putting hands back to relax more, Scott grins to Carol, "Is this your main focus, when things are quiet? Going around to check in on everyone, give them a pep talk?" A silent rhetorical moment, before he continues, "Because if it is, its working."

Carol chuckles softly and offers Scott a warm smile. "Honestly? A bit. That's just how things are done by some of the best leaders I know." Leaders like Steven Rogers, specifically. And more than a few others - men and women both - Carol has known and worked for through the years. "May not have been my conscious decision when I came down. But I saw Cassie playing out here, and I wanted to come out and enjoy taht for a few minutes. Then I got the chance to connect with you. A good leader takes those chances. And so does a good friend." Just so he knows it is never just all business. It never is with the good ones. "I'll leave you two to it, though. I have a few calls I want to make before Jarvis has dinner ready. See you both later." That said, the tall blonde stands, brushing back that golden mane, and turns to pad back inside.

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