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Cyclops and Seth

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07/10/12 16:23

Memorial Garden - Xavier Estate

Seth admits his blunders and gets punished

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Late afternoon on Tuesday evening at Scott stands at the Memorial Garden, in full costume. He stares out at the mess of the garden. The extreme hot temperatures and lack of care of the garden has gotten him upset with weeds and trash strewn about by students and the statues of fallen comrades covered in rather nasty looking bird excrement. Standing at the entrance to the garden, Scott has summoned Seth.

Summoned just after he got home after that fiasco with Vaughn, Seth does go to Cyclops, but he goes through the shortest route, which would be flying over the Mansion. Yes, he is moving hastily, panic in his eyes. "Mr. Summers! I need to speak with you!!"

Not even looking up, Cyclops merely gestures for Seth to land. He remains silent as he surveys the statues and is a bit upset with himself for having let this place in particular go to ruin. He sighs and then finally looks up to see Seth and notes the panic in the boy’s voice.

"Mr. Summers! Mr. Summers, I made a terrible blunder just a couple hours ago!", Seth says as he hastily lands on the ground.
"You remember that Vaughn kid the other day at the clinic in Mutant Town, right?"

Rarely surprised, Scott is surprised by what Seth has just said. “Yes, I am familiar with Vaughn. What’s wrong? Is he alright?” Scott shows concern despite a stoic expression. He was ready to discipline Seth for a potentially dangerous situation and the clinic, but that may have to what as Scott wonders about Vaughn.

"I-I know it's the Institute policy not to go out and tell about the place, nor speak openly about us nor any enemies because they'd might be listening or setting up a trap", Seth explains. "However, just a couple hours ago, Ruth was talking to this guy named Armand about the Hellions, with Vaughn listening, and once he left, I spoke with her and Vaughn about not discussing that stuff in public." He takes a deep breath. "What I didn't know was that Vaughn wasn't a member of the Institute."

Nodding his head and listening, a frown forms on his face Scott asks, “Alright, let me get this straight. Ruth approached Armand and spoke to him about being a Hellion? Did she reveal information to him regarding our school? What exactly did she say? Did Armand openly admit he is a Hellion? And what did you say to Vaughn. . .exactly?”

"I told him precisely the same I told Ruth. That this was stuff not to be talked about in public, given how we got a competiting school crawling with enemies of the X-Men, and therefore ours, the students', by proxy. I also mentioned how you were likely to not be happy about it." And Seth's fears are confirmed by his expression. "I thought he was with the Institute." He sighs, "And no, she didn't reveal any information that I know of. For all I know, she only learned he was a Hellion at that moment. As did I, for that matter."

“Oh, Seth.” Scott exhales loudly. “Well, I will look into this situation quickly. I appreciate your honesty in telling me and coming right to me about this. You realized your mistake and came forward with it.” Scott genuinely smiles at Seth, “Good job with that. You showed courage and responsibility. Qualities I hope to instill in the students here.”

Seth nods, though he's not one to smile. "Please, don't be hard on Ruth. Once I realized my screw up, she came forth in my defense, saying I was under the effect of some Asgardian effect and was therefore not thinking straight", Seth admits. "This blunder was my doing, an effect of me being overzealous."

“Well, good I am glad to see Ruth was coming to your defense.” Scott grins, “I am even more glad that you admit you made a blunder and are willing to take the consequences that come with it.” Scott looks over garden and his visor begins to flash a moment.

"Add one more for the books...", Seth comments. "What about Vaughn?"

“I’ll deal with Vaughn. . .but for now, you should be more concerned about yourself.” Scott opens his visor and unleashes a blast that scatters leaves and debris along the already unclean garden. “You will be very busy, Seth. You have to clean the entire garden. Pick up the mess and clean the statues including removing the bird poop.” The smile is gone from his face, “Also, for the foreseeable future, you are limited to remaining on campus. No trips to New York City. . .for two weeks.”

Seth watches the whole garden, quietly so. "Damn", he evaluates after he notices the state the garden is at. "Looks like a tornado hit the place, and a cloud of birds decided to rain here every single day."

Nodding his head, “Yes. . .oh and one other thing. . .You will be meeting with the school disciplinarian, Logan aka Wolverine.” Scott looks scared for a moment, “I am sure you will survive the experience.”

Seth looks at Cyclops. "Great..." Yes, he heard the stories. A kid ended up in sickbay in a coma. "You /do/ realize that kid almost burned down his own room using his napalm breath, and I acted because the nurses panicked and everybody went running or was pinned down by the flames?"

Nodding his head, “I understand all that. It was a risky move and you felt you did what you needed to do.” Scott exhales as he surveys the garden. He hmmmns, “And again, Seth, I am glad that you came forward and tell me about that and about Vaughn. Trust me, your honesty is being rewarded. Your punishment was going to be a lot worse.”

"Given I'm getting Mr. Logan to have my arms broken...", Seth idly comments, "What could be worse?"

Laughing a bit and trying to lighten the mood, “I promise you. Your arms won’t be broken.” Scott chortles, “So other than that. How have you found the other students? With Ruth added to the school, how do you think she will like it?” He hmmmns, “Oh and I heard you met Kisha. How did that go?”

"I have no idea how Ruth will find it. With her, it seems hard to tell", Seth says. "But, she stood up for me. I think she's in it for good." He takes a deep breath. "As for Kisha... Okay, I honestly don't know what to make of her. She honestly made me think for a moment I was better off out there by myself than in here. My advice? Never put her in the sales pitch to other potential students."

Laughing again, as Scott remembers his meeting with Kisha yesterday, “Despite her outward approach, Kisha is good people. She has been here for some time. I actually asked her and her roommate to befriend the newer students.”

Seth huhs, "You're looking for a dropout rate, then?" He shakes his head, thinking how that is a bad strategy. "Because she went on to tell me the school had been blown to smithereens at least once, and spoke about how we're to be your future, personal army." He shrugs. "Yeah, tact."

Shrugging his shoulders, “Yes, well. Like a phoenix we always rise and come back.” With that Scott starts to make his way out of the garden, “Good luck with the garden and with Logan.” He smiles and waves as he heads to the mansion.

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