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Ant-Man II & Box

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08/27/12 22:48

Perry's Bar, Manhattan

Ant-Man II responds to incident at Perry's Bar

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-----==[ Perry's Bar - Midtown ]==--------------------------------------------

A low lit, well furnished, standard English pub. Perry's Bar has quiet music playing in the background, sometimes an actual piano is being played for tips. The bar itself is located in the center part of the room and is well manicured, polished, and decorated. The waitress' all wear short, black skirts, yet still hold the feel of beauty and elegance. The bartenders all wear tuxedo shirts and bottoms and have a smile wanting to serve you.

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A minor incident was reported at Perry's Bar an hour ago. Police arrived to investigate and discovered Madison Jeffries (public hero and once a member of Alpha Flight) had gotten into a skirmish with a local engineer that started as a disagreement regarding bridge construction. It turned ugly when the engineer threw the first punch. By the time the police arrived, the conflict was over and resolved. No charges were pressed but being that Madison Jeffries is in town and reported to be getting drunk, the Avengers were tagged in a memo. This memo found its way onto Scott Lang's news feed and apprised him of the situation.

Whether or not he wishes to act on it is up to him and scene contingent.

Presently, Madison Jeffries is found seated at the bar, with both arms on the bar leaned forward looking down at the mug of half drank beer. He's Canadian and a mutant so it will take a lot to get him drunk, but he's trying.

Being Alpha Flight, its not hard for Scott Lang to do a little homework before answering the call. He arrives in Ant Man gear, helmet, red suit, all the trappings including a little A-patch that denotes he is with the Avengers. Assessing the moment, he walks over to the bar, most mundanes simply ignoring him and/or moving aside. Whether Madison looks up at him or not, he doesn't breach communications from across the room or shout. Rather he gets near the bar and asks the man, regarding the adjoining still, "This seat taking friend?"

From his peripheral vision, Madison notes the new arrival then the colors come into view and the helmet which draws his further glance. "They sent Ant-Man to check on me? Nice." He says with a sarcastic grin.

"I know, ironic right," says Scott as he takes the seat anyways. "I guess they sent me because of some argument over structural integrity or something. Not my engineering fortey - eletronics is my strong suit. But get a layman who sees engineer, they think its all the same thing." He shakes his head to the staff, doesn't need a drink at the moment. "So, just out for a few drinks?"

A narrowing of his vision, Jeffries looks over Ant-Man as he speaks and comes to a conclusion with a humph, "You're not the real Ant-Man, who are you and what did you do with Pym?". He swivels on his bar stool to face the new arrival with his elbow onto the bar. Ant-Man may notice a nearby spoon being reshaped into a sharper object.

Good think his mask covers his eyes, Scott looks at the spoon, calculating when its sharp and ready, trying to talk before that moment. "I'm a friend of Henry's. If it helps, Ant Man II works just the same - though same costume, some mode of operation. I borrowed the suit to save someone, Henry told me to keep it so long as I upheld the Law. I'm not here for trouble, let's be honest in that regard, you'd literally flatten me if it came to that."

"Lemmie see your Avengers ID card." comes a low instruction from Madison's voice. He's preparing to act - if need be. Yet, wants proof before he is required.

Holding up his left hand, meaning no harm, Scott reaches into a stretch of space meant for a pocket and retrieves his communicard. He holds it up such that his real name won't be displayed. "Fair enough?" The hand remains up displaying whatever picture is on the card, "Or should we call Jarvis so he can confirm for you?"

Madison doesn't need to contact anyone, he can confirm that the card is real and the spoon drops the 2 millimeters back down to the counter - returned to the shape of a spoon. "Sorry, you people change your roster more often than you change your pants and you have some serious enemies that impersonate you on a regular basis. Never can be too careful."

"Fair enough Mr. Jeffries," responds Scott. "I'm just here to see what's going on is all. Considering, the local here in a disgreement with you, we both know who the odds favor. Is there something going on that I should know about." And by I, he means the Avengers just the same. Some conversations are returning to normal around the bar now, others are still oogling whatever might be happening.

Madison looks around the bar, realizing the tone and potential threat that could be construed by 'metahumans' being in the bar, he drops a few bills on the bar (more than what the tab is) and pushes off the stool, "Let's take a walk." and will start moving toward the door.

Giving a nod to the bartender, to just let them walk and go back to business, Scot stands jus the same and heads for the door with the man. "Let me," he offers, grabbing he door for the man, but not completley insistent on making the other go first.

Jeffries will go first.

Once onto the street a distinct red and silver sports vehicle will roll up. Almost silent, the vehicle will surely be electric in nature and not from some assembly line. Madison will move to the driver's side, both gull wing doors will open and he will get in. The driver's side door will close and the passanger's side will remain open for Ant-Man to join.

No reason not to get in, though he ponders what the car could become, Scott Lang takes the passenger side and joins Madison in the vehicle. He gets comfortable, but both hands remain on knees formally it would seem. "So ..." he says, letting silence fill the air, then, "Someone after you, or you getting away from something?" He has to ponder after the slightest hint of paranoia from the other man in having to be sure Ant Man wasn't an Ant Man imposter.

After the door closes and the silent engine pushes the vehicle into the street to match traffic. Madison asks, "You heard of a place called Neverland? It was in the news a week back."

With a nod of his head, Scott responds, "I have, anyone would be remiss to even claim they haven't heard of it. Why, where you there?" He leaves that open, more implying was Jeffries held there, not a member of the actual 'guards' which some claims indicate were mutant-kind as well.

"I built it.", Madison states plainly yet with a hint of regret in his voice. He leaves the moment silent as he pilots the vehicle down 54th.

"There's a term in computers and electronics, hacking," offers Scott as he digests the information. "You built it, but was it used for its intended purpose?" Pondering if he went so far as to build whatever equivilent to gas chambers they used to dispose of mutants that served no purpose to the program.

A moment before he speaks, then intones, "Served it's intended purpose, perfectly. You may not understand what I'm saying. I mass produced Mutant oppressive guard robots, the security system, the towers, the walls, the fence, I built the torture devices and the suppression devices. Electronics, machinery, every stinking thing... "

Grabbing his knees a moment, Scott continues to listen as best he can while its described. "Can I ask why?" Its as simple as that. There could be much in that question, it could go no where, but its the first question that comes to his mind.

There's reticence in his voice, regret, "They made me. The sons of bitches made me do it."

Then hand relaxes, it doesn't make anything better, but for Scott that seems something acceptable to hear in the moment. His left hand leaves his leg and moves to the other man's shoulder in that moment. "I'm sorry," he offers, "Not that it helps much, but I am. I can't fathom the emotional strain of being put through that, its to early to talk of regrets and a future of choices left to make rights out of wrongs. I can say I'm sorry you went through that."

"Anyway, that's my issue. Figured you, being an Avenger, either already knew or would find out since I'm in your city. I was sent down here to spend time with Doc Samson. So you're gonna have to deal with me being around for a while...."

"That we can deal with, especially under the guidance of Doc Samson. Have you spoken with him yet," just because Scott is sure that hitting the bar and arguing bridges wouldn't be part of that coping mechanism if prescribed by the Doc, but he isn't sure just the same.

"Tomorrow, 9am.", is noted by Madison in a dry, not looking forward to it, tone. He speaks from a common, male, blue-collar point of view, "I'm sure he'll ask me about my feelings. I'll deny a lot. There will be some arguments and I'll eventually get the gold star because I regret the situation. Even though I couldn't control my actions."

There is a hint of a smile to Scott's face, but very limited in light of the revelations in the man's car/makeshift super armor/death trap. "Take the grain of salt with it, its not about what you did, but living with what was done. That way we don't have too many people running scared because of a bar fight. Really, if you need that, I'm sure there are plenty of rings in operation still you could find." For your kind implied, "I'm more interested in hearing you're getting the help you need."

"Oh yeah. My head'll be shrunk in less than 30 days. Else I won't be able to rejoin the Flight. So I'll get it right." Madison answers, even if containing a hint of sarcasm.

Then moving on, "Hey so what about you? You smart like Pym or you just wearing the suit?"

Shaking his head, "Like Pym? Not quite. Smart enough in the realm of electronics, but not with all the hard sciences like Henry is. I'll stick to what I know and be happy with that. I used to work for Stark Enteprises, head of development there, designed the security at the Avenger's Mansion. Now, I'm running a small shop, working with the Avengers, trying to raise my daughter."

With the thread into electronics, Jeffries asks, "Got any projects you working on now?" then turns onto Park and heads northward - Lang will note they've left Midtown and heading north toward the Avengers Mansion.

In fair consideration and to keep things conversation and away from wanting to drink, Scott nods his head. "I have a few contracts around the city requesting updates following the recent nanobot invasion of AI systems. A counter measure for such infiltrations, something of a kill switch there. Personally, I'm looking at updates to this suit actually. Shrinking, I got, stunning mundanes, check, ants, a go - but dealing with the same threats Avengers get called in for, I don't pack the same punch. Something to be more useful is in the works."

Now Ant-Man has Madison's full attention; as it's something he's constantly doing - upgrading and modifying. I may be able to help you out with that. Typically my stuff isn't micro circuitry, but if you're looking to get an addition to your armor, I'm sure we can work something out."

"Actually that sounds like a great deal from my end, armor would definitely be useful," says Scott, not so much envisioning any of the real armor heroes, but something on the lighter side. "Maybe we can work something out, I can show you more what I can do with circuitry and a few additions, maybe something you could use down the road just the same. Call it a fair deal."

"We'll call it, Project:Ant-Upgrade." Madison says with a future pondering smile. He changes gears and floors it. New direction in mind, new project, and hope for the future.

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