Pretty In Pink

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Magik, Wolfsbane

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03/13/13 19:54

Woods of Xavier Mansion

Magik visits Wolfsbane only to hear of what happened with the Ancient Gods, now she wants to payback the one who toyed with Rahne.

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The day after, with things around the world a bit of a mess with the Anasazi gods going crazy all of a sudden. Around the mansion a number of people are on edge given the way a couple students were captured along with Mirage being taken over by those gods, the rescue almost not working at all. Yet it did, though Wolfsbane's retreated to the woods for the purpose of gathering her thoughts and whatever else is needed in the wake of the craziness. She sits in a small clearing, wearing a plain shirt and shorts, examining a small rock as she shifts it between her fingers and clawtips.

While others might be rattled by Illyana's coming and going in a span of seconds, Wolfsbane might be a tad more used to it, even if it has been some years since Illyana started showing up regularly again. Right now, she shows up in a flash of a stepping disc above Wolfsbane, Illyana dropping down and landing in a crouched position. Looks like she's decked entirely in pink, an off the shoulder shirt, bedazzled jeans and sneakers. All in pink, the one exception being a criss-crossed beige belt. "Rahney...I chear someone vas naughty vith you? Who I neet kill?"

Used to it or not, Wolfsbane is initially startled at the sudden appearance. With it almost on top of her she ducks to one side as the rock falls from her fingers, a hand against the ground as she settles in a crouch and nearly growls if the lifting of her upper lip is any indication. It passes after a moment and she says somewhat irritably, " might na be th' best idea tae drop in on someone on edge." Then, "Aye, things were rough yesterday, but I dinna think there's much ye can do."

Tilting her head sideways, Illyana peers at Wolfsbane, coming closer to her face and reaching with her hand to tweak her cheeks a bit, "you on edge, Raheny?" She asks playfully, clearly making light of the whole situation. At least on the outside. "Not much I can do? Raheny, pleaze...Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, remember? I make impossible possible like dis!" She snaps her fingers as if to make a point, and as a side-effect, Rahne's shirt turns pink with a cute Hello Kitty print on the front. "So...give details, I vant to know!"

Wolfsbane turns her head away to one side when the fingers come out to tease her cheeks, shaking her head before the annoyed look takes shape and lingers when her shirt is altered somehow. Well, with Magik, 'somehow' is not so unexplainable. "Change it back. I'm na in th' mood for pink right noo. Dani an' a couple students were kidnapped by th' indian gods an' they were trying tae make her kill th' kids. As soon as Nick an' I got there with th' others, one o' th' gods got in our heads an' controlled us through know."

"Vhat...?" Magik feigns innocence, "I think it look cute on you," she puts on an angelic smile that may well be devillish as she looks directly at Wolfsbane, twirling her finger in the air as she mutters, "but maybe look better with matchink pants, yes?" But it doesn't take more than Rahne updating Magik on what she missed for the sorceress to undo her spell with another snap of her fingers, returning Rahne's shirt to it's former state, "some gods...sounds to me like demons high on power." Magik is not amused to hear about her friends getting messed with, "so...cho is one dat picket on my Rahney and Dani? I neet names...names chave power."

"I'm na much for pink, Illyana," Wolfsbane answers and she still sounds on edge, like it may not be a good time to push that side of things with her just now. A murmured thanks does follow when the existing spell is reversed, though a little fur stands up as a result of it. Hackles, you know. Following that comes a shake of her head. "I'm na sure what their purpose is yet. I've na had th' chance tae ask Dani. I dinna even know th' name o' th' one tha' did it." Or if she heard it, she's forgotten it.

Illyana looks like she's no longer up for games, entirely focused on the news she learned from Rahne. "So Chief shoult chaf name, yes?" Illyana is biting her lower lip, no doubt pondering the sort of evil she wishes to inflict on that being she isn't quite sure is a god at all.

"I'm sure there's one,' moment we got there I was fighting just for control o' muhself, an' he was tae strong," Wolfsbane says with a hard frown. Clearly it's left her out of sorts. "It's been a long time since I had nae control over tha' side o' me. I dinna think this is all over with, either." She paces and perhaps it's because of all this that she remains in a transitional form, as if to re-prove to herself she can handle it.

"Vhat did che do, Rahney?" Illyana asks matter of factly, almost as if turning this into a quasi-interrogation all of a sudden, "vhat dit you feel exactly?" Illyana looks intently into Rahne's eyes, trying to get drink in every bit of information, "che make you feel? Che take control vith force? You did on your own? Che made you do?" The questions come off one after the other, Illyana pressing at Rahne as she really wants to get something out of her. She does smirk at the last bit, nodding in agreement, "oh isn' come Magik's turn!"

Wolfsbane shakes her head, lifting a hand to wave off all the questions even as she says, "It was like..his mind an' soul just overcame muh own an' triggered th' other side o' me. I felt like a puppet on his strings, but he lost his hold on me once others began tae fight him. Tha' let me get close enough tae distract Dani an' we all got oot safely." Well, safely enough. She sniffs once at Illyana's last few words, probably expecting nothing less. "I'll be fine, though. Noo I know what tae expect."

"Rahney...not to vorry, your little frient Magik is goink to make sure Mr. God-person is goink to be in many many pains." Illyana speaks her promise, and her eyes flash a demonic red glow as she speaks the words, and just like that a stepping disc forms directly underneath her and Magik sinks into it before disappearing.

Wolfsbane only nods, continuing to pace much like a wolf looking to prowl or hunt. That balance isn't quite where she wants it to be. With Magik suddenly gone again without another word from the wolfen mutant, she's left to frown. Would Magik's wrath be a good thing, or would it only make matters worse?

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