Presumed Dead Until Proven Living

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Havok, Nightcrawler and Mirage

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Manhattan - Upper West Side

Havok gets blown up, Nightcrawler and Mirage witness

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==[Manhattan - Upper West Side ]==

It's been a few days since Havok's return from England. The encounter with the Serpent Society was the most that anyone has seen him as he's kept to himself and residing within one of the X-Men's safe houses located in the Upper West Side.

It has been business as usual with X-Factor and the various members have kept occupied with their standard duties with the team and the school. Until:

SHIP reports, "Temporal energy signatures and significant power tap drain beneath Xavier Safe House E-4, upper west side, Manhattan. It should be known that it is the same location that Havok has been residing. Investigation required."

Since the location is known and near, a body-slide is an appropriate means of travel.

Its requested by Ship that investigation is required, Kurt complies as he would any other call. Porting about, getting ready, seeing who else is available and then body-sliding or transporting however they decide. As body-slide is appropriate, he body-slides with all present.

Some of those duties to the school do require Dani to be in Manhattan, so when the call comes in she checks in with Kurt and slides to the location. She wasn't expecting any activity, since its been pretty quite lately, so is dressed in her civies, but that doesn't mean she isn't prepared. "SHIP is the house have its own power source or is it connected to teh city grid?

SHIP answers, "City is primary, with an underground backup generator within the safe room."

The brownstone is shielded from direct teleportation, but it has an access 'jump-point' on the roof beneath a fixed pavilion to allow some shelter from surrounding views.

Arriving at the location, everyone will note that the rooftop floor seems to vibrate with a low level hum - familiar to anyone who has been around high levels of energy. There is a roof access into the building below. It's a door that leads to a small winding iron staircase that descends to the 3rd floor. Doesn't appear to be any activity directly below.

Proceeding to the access, Kurt says to Dani, "You thinking we should cut the power, or start clearing the area. I'm not liking this." He wants to peek inside if he can, get a view from the access - unless its like stair access, that's not really peeking.

"Both would be best. Cutting the power though may cause more problems than solve, so evacuating the area should be first." she calls in to SHIP to get the proper authorities to clear out the block. They can let the police/fire deal with that so they can investigate "Had I know this would happen I would have rescheduled Noriko's exams."

The hum grows more prevalent and will tickle their feet. SHIP will handle the authorities and clear the block.

"Not to be forward, Mondchen," says Kurt, "But I'm going in, I'd ask you grab my mein tail, should I feel the need to port out if there is trouble in here." No telling who's using and draining power an an X-safehouse, especially if it was discovered by any number of individuals that do not like the X-peeps.

Dani gives Kurt a look "When are you not forward?" despite the question that needs no answer the will do as suggested and take hold of his tail as she follows him in.

The brownstone is tastefully decorated in affectations that Jean would pick out. There are two floors of bedrooms and the bottom floor serves as living and dining with a private office ---- which all X-Men will know as the secret basement access and the place to go. Descending, the vibration will become an audible hum.

Entering the private office, they will discover a large bookshelf door that is opened and a brilliant glow of sparkly white light emitting from below. Also from below, one can hear shouting between Havok and another male:

Havok, "Greystone! Don't do it!. It's too unstable!"

Greystone, "You don't understand, Alex. I must return to my time. There is nothing here for me. I need to know if we stopped the traitor and fixed the future!"

Havok, "You don't understand, this isn't a time machine, you've created bomb!"

Looking to Dani, Kurt ponders in the moment of hearing the argument, "Do we get Alex out or go for the Greystone?" Not that he's sure of either, any thing could set off the situation. He calls into the comsys, "We're close by Alex," not even knowing if Havok has his suit and is connected, he does it just so the other knows he's not alone now in the building with the crazy.

"You go for Alex, I'll go after Greystone." Dani's plan is to have Kurt get Alex, she psiarrows Greystone and then Kurt can port them all away, assuming that while the home is shielded from ports in, it doesn't prevent ports out "Once Greystone is down we can all get out at let this place go up.

There is no COM response to Kurt's remark.

Beneath the brownstone are two distinct rooms. The secret stairs descend into the first room that serves as a supplemental living area (ala safe room). The walls are the familiar reinforced steel which are EM shielded material found within the underground levels of the X-Mansion. The room is approximately 30x30 with several fixtures and divided into three sections; Sleeping, systems monitoring (computer connections to the outside world and an uplink to Cerebro) and relaxation/meeting. There is an open metallic doorway leading deeper into the complex that reveals the source of the bright sparkly white light and the location of Havok (wearing civilian clothing) and his unknown companion, Greystone.

The second room is a mix between storage and laboratory/mechanical/electronic fabrication. Half the room is dedicated to each and the storage contains foodstuffs as well as raw materials for construction. In the work area of that room is a large cube-ish mechanical/electronic device (8x8x8) (source of the light) that Greystone ( ) is standing in front of. A few feet in front of Greystone is Havok, who is another 20 feet from the doorway. Havok's back is turned away from the door.

Upon close observation, the open doorway is not exactly open. There is an active force field that prevents passage. To the left of the doorway is an access panel that reads, "SECURITY LOCKDOWN - DANGER - EVACUATION RECOMMENDED" indicating that the automated system has activated and there is significant danger within that room - in this case the cube-ish device that is emitting the sparkly white light.

Greystone does NOT appear rational. He stands before the cube holding some sort of control device. Havok is trying to reason with Greystone, knowing that nothing good is going to come of the activation of the device.

Havok calls over the loud hum, "DON'T PUSH THAT BUTTON, YOU WILL KILL US BOTH!"

Greystone raises his hand, thumb on the button...

The button is pushed (he was holding his turn). The cube begins to glow brighter. Havok lunges toward Greystone and grapples with the man. A struggle ensues. Then suddenly the cube's glow changes to a deep red and the steadily rising hum is broken by the familiar sound of breakage. Something goes terribly wrong. Havok and Greystone cease in their struggle to look at the cube only milliseconds before it explodes. The cube explodes in a fiery shockwave that decimates everything within the room. The force field takes the brunt of the explosion however within half a second it starts to show signs of eminent failure. With the pressure within the room growing, the smart course of action is to clear at least 50 yards. Alarms sound, "WARNING, WARNING"...

Between no answer and yelling of not to push the button, Kurt makes a command decision, "No time, we're out of here." He ports to what he presumes is a safe distances and away from the building itself, to the nearest spot in New York that his mind recalls, probably a nearby park.

Hearing the yelling from downstairs the psibow manifests in Dani's hand though she is given no time to do anything with it as she is grabbed by Kurt and ported away, "What the..." her words are cut off by the explosion, which even at the distance they have is eye seering and deafening.

While not wanting to have ditched Alex, Kurt feels his call is justified. There is no joke in the moment, but rather a hand to Dani's shoulder. A moment of silence. He lets that moment have its place, then, "I'll get the authorities to help."

Dani is pretty much in a state of shock, just staring in the direction of the explosion. "Alright." the response seems more automatic than thought out. The neighing of Brightwind above is enough to snap her out of it and her demeanor changes, back stiffening and looking a bit feirce. Once the initial explosion is over and before the dust settles and the authorities have sealed the area, Dani launches herself onto the landing Brightwind and goes back to the scene.



The destructive wave destroyed the brownstone and the two neighboring row houses. Luckily no one was home in either and they both were insured. Fire and rescue quickly arrived on the scene; in time to prevent the fires from spreading.

It's later in the afternoon, the gutted remains of the structures stand behind yellow tape and barricades. Mirage's valkyrie powers implored her to stay as she was truly needed to stay. Her special sight allows her to see Havok (wearing his costume) emerging from the smoldering structure. He is unharmed, yet ethereal. He seems at peace and reflective. Spying Mirage, he walks over and in a calm tone states, "Hey; I'm sorry for being such a jerk." the spirit then walks off and disappears.

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