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Preparing for the Negative Zone

Namor, Scarlet Witch

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10/12/12 01:53

Avengers Mansion

Namor and Scarlet discuss the Negative Zone

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-----==[ Main Dining Hall - Avengers Mansion ]==------------------------------

Expanding out into a vast room. This large area is the dining room in which the Avenger's can sit down and eat. Being a conveniently large room, the dining hall allows for each Avenger to have his or her space when enjoying their meal. As several small chairs line the edge of this fine room and one large banquet table sits in the middle of the dining hall allowing for each Avenger to dine here as well as enough room for many more guest and the like.
Illuminating this large place is a crystal chandelier which hangs above the center of the banquet table and brilliantly lights up this wondrous mansion. The same light brown shag carpet flows across the floor and the ceiling in the hall is situated higher above the floor, about twenty-five feet.

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Namor is seated at the Dining table. Rather than food, he has an older-styled black costume spread across the corner of the table. A few bottles of water lie next to it, some empty, and Namor rubs his fingertips carefully on the inner lining of the costume.

Scarlet Witch comes in with her new costume on, looking more than a bit distracted. Though after the news of Genosha, that's probably understandable. Her eyes flicker over towards Namor, and she blinks at the different costume, "Preparing for the Negative Zone?" She tilts her head at the water bottles, her eyebrow arching just a bit.

Namor looks up and quirks an eyebrow, then nods. "The Negative Zone is a dry and arid hellscape," he says, tone casual. Then he indicates the suit and water with a wave of his hand. "But this suit, provided by Reed Richards, will store moisture. Wearing it will prevent me from losing strength if we remain in that realm longer than planned."

Wanda nods, "A good idea. I have to admit, I've never dealt with the Negative Zone... and I don't know many that have outside of the Four." She looks over at Namor, "Do you happen to know anything else about it? I know some of the major powers at work over there. Annihilus and Blastaar have files here, of course, but that's not the same thing." Her troubled look doesn't ease much.

Namor nods thoughtfully, then describes a few of the more well-documented features. Something called the crossroads of infinity, the distortion area - both bizarre areas that require the most advanced and sturdy of transport. "The Negative Zone generally is something like a desert," he finishes, mouth twisting at the word. "Even in 'space' can breathe, and fly - for those who can do so, of course. It is just so...dry."

Wanda nods, "I can only imagine. It definitely seems like a... far different environment." She pauses, then looks at Namor, "I suppose you read my encounter report with the mutant calling himself Exodus. He says he wants to help recover Magneto and the others. I do believe /that/ much, I just wonder what else he's up to."

"Exodus?" Namor repeats. Then he shrugs. "I've never encountered him. You say he wants to recover Magneto?" Namor seems to remember something, and gives Wanda a glance. "Magneto was one of those who disappeared with then nation of Genosha? And he is your father."

Scarlet Witch sighs a little, "Yes, he is. And he's gone along with all the rest." She hrms, "Exodus is very insistent on joining us, and he's seemed to have transferred his loyalty to me in Magneto's absence, being his daughter." A hint of hex energy poofs off her fingers, harmless sparks really, but Wanda continues, "It's not exactly a position I thought I'd be in."

Namor nods grimly. "I suppose you could be seen as his heir. Though little good is likely to come from claiming such a title." He opens another bottle of water and begins slowly pouring it over his black costume, which soaks it up like a sponge. "This Exodus...can he be trusted? Can...can anyone from Genosha?" You can tell he was about to ask whether Magneto could be trusted, but then changed his mind.

Wanda shakes her head, "I honestly don't know. I think I can trust him not to betray /me/. But I suspect that he might want to set me up as some sort of queen or something." She wrinkles her nose, obviously having some distaste at the thought. "Still, he seems powerful enough that it almost seems foolish not to use all that we have at our disposal. Especially since we still don't know who exactly was responsible for Genosha's displacement. Just where it was taken to."

Namor sneers slightly. "I don't think we'll be lacking in power. Are we not the Avengers? Earth's Mightiest Heroes?" Namor then shakes his head. "But you are right about one thing - it would be foolish not to prepare." He gestures at the wet-suit again. "Perhaps if this Exodus has a means of locating your father and his people, he will be of use."

Wanda looks like she's about to say something, but refrains from firing back at Namor to instead comment, "Well, he /is/ a telepath. He might have some sort of bond with my father, that we could use to track him, and therefore Genosha's whereabouts."

Namor nods in agreement. Then he seems to remember something else. "According to Richards, time passes differently in the Negative Zone. They may have been gone a few weeks in 'our' time, but for Magneto and Genosha, months or even years may have passed."

Wanda nods, "Indeed. Is it always faster, or does it go slower in places as well?" She frowns a little at the thought of time passing, then sighs, "I think that might be the least of our problems, but it's good to know."

Namor holds out his hands. "That I don't know," he answers. "But I'm suppose we will find out soon enough." Namor starts pouring a 3rd bottle of water onto his wetsuit, and it's only then that rather than absorbing the water the liquid begins to puddle. He stops as soon as this happens and then places his hand on the small bit of water, spreading it around a bit. "Three gallons," he notes with satisfaction. "With no other source of water, such a reserve could last more than a day."

Scarlet Witch hrms, "And hopefully we won't be there /that/ long. Though transportation... have we worked out how we're getting there, or does the Four have an easy way over there?" She looks down at the costume, then glances back to Namor.

Namor rubs his chin. "They do have a portal to the Negative Zone...I believe Ms. Marvel's plan is to use it since we would at least have some idea where we will end up. But once there, who can say how far we'll have to travel, how long we'll have to search before finding Genosha."

Scarlet Witch frowns a bit, "What about vehicles? I somehow doubt we can fit a Quinjet through, and if the search ends up taking some time." She hms, "But, I'm sure Carol has something in mind there. I'd be surprised if Reed doesn't have something we can use in his lab."

"True. Jetpacks, or some other means of flight. Or one of their smaller vehicles. Some are no bigger than this table," Namor raps his knuckles against the surface. "And can travel through the air even faster than I."

Wanda nods, "Well, a jetpack would be welcome... it's a bit of effort for me to continually conjure the magic to fly. Especially over great distances." She looks over at Namor, "Have you talked to Steve... er, Cap, lately?"

Namor shakes his head. "After helping investigate the force dome beneath Genosha - or at least the space Genosha previously occupied - and disabling the Deviant device that created it, I stopped by Atlantis. I haven't had a chance to speak with Captain America since."

Scarlet Witch hrms, "Yes, he's been... well, I don't know, honestly. I haven't seen him that much mysel. A little bit now and again, but..." She shrugs, as if not sure how to explain it, then looks at Namor, "I figured you might have some more insight, since you probably know him better than most."

Namor purses his lips thoughtfully. "While it's true that he is the one man I know and trust best among the surface world...I'm afraid we have drifted apart over the years. My own adventures took me elsewhere for many of his recent troubles."

Wanda nods and sighs a little, "I wish I knew how to reach him a little better, honestly." She looks over at Namor, "He does have that effect on people though, doesn't he?" A slight smile touches her lips at that.

Namor nods in agreement. "He does indeed." Then he peers at Wanda more closely, noting the smile. A moment later Namor looks away. "Where did you first meet him? You were an Avenger long before I..."

Scarlet Witch ahs, "Pietro and I had just left the Brotherhood. And, well, we were looking for direction. Captain America... he actually invited us to be Avengers." She smiles, "The 'Kooky Quartet' as it were. Cap, myself, my brother, and Clint. It was definitely interesting." She looks over at Namor, "If it weren't for his faith in me, in us... I doubt we'd have ever been on the team."

You say, "I see. The circumstances which led to my joining the Avengers were much the same." He takes up his uniform and holds it above the floor, noting how not a drop of water falls, then lies it down on the table again and presses a palm against it. Unlike a sponge water doesn't squeeze out...yet when he raises his hand again the skin that was touching the suit is just a little pinker than the rest of him. "Excellent."

Wanda smiles a bit, "It definitely looks like it'll work for you, Namor." She tilts her head, "Very impressive with the water retention, too. Definitely good for an excursion for the Negative Zone."

Namor stands up, eyes the water bottles full and empty, and then turns away without a second thought. Good old Jarvis. "Indeed. And with that, my preparations are complete," Namor remarks. "Now we need only wait."

Scarlet Witch nods, "Which is, really, the worst part of this." She sighs a bit, "Hopefully, we'll be making the trip sooner rather than later."

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