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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Danger Room - X-Mansion

Wolfsbane interrupts Mirage's training and offers advice

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---==[ Danger Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==---

The Danger Room, when active, can look like anywhere and anything. When inactive, this most recent incarnation of it looks just like the last: a very large, circular room with four entrances equally shaped around the walls. The floor is dished, lowest in the center, with walkways leading down to a raised dais in its center. Set into the ceiling, directly above that dais, is the observation and control booth - its walls and floors transparent, so that every spot in the room below can be watched.

OOC: Please remember that students aren't supposed to be in here without a faculty member - if you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.


There had been some complaints about a certain Dean of Students, taking up all the slots for Danger Room time. And the complaints are quite accurate, just about every waking moment of the last couple of days for Dani has been spent in the Danger Room, sans those slots specifically assigned to team training. That could be very bad news. Last time she did that was because of a certain Demon Bear situation. Though who knows what the cause for it is this time.

If one were to enter the Danger Room at this particular moment, they wouldn't see much. The room is in it's default state, with a frozen image of Psylocke standing in the center. Dani herself is pacing back and forth speaking into a cell phone.

There's also been a lot of more specific training for one of the newest official X-Men, Wolfsbane. One of the problems with free spots being taken up by one person means there's less of a chance for others to get extra work of their own in. Another factor is that issue with the past. Don't think Rahne's forgotten the patterns when the Demon Bear was around the first time.

So it is that the costumed, wolfen woman enters the Danger Room through the doorway in, bypassing the control room. The Cheyenne would already know, of course. "Dani, we need tae talk," is how it begins.

Having felt the incoming prescence Dani turns to face the entrance as she quickly ends her call, "Makes sense. I'll give that a try, if it doesn't work I'll call back. Bye." she hangs up then pockets the phone. Because is the long hours she has spent in here she is dressed comfortably in jeans and t-shirt. "You are upset with me?" she asks, though that is probably obvious through the link as is her concern and slight confusion.

Wolfsbane shakes her head, nothing said of the phone call that's abruptly ended...yet. Her appearance leans toward the human side for now, with the usual touches of the wolf that mark her for what she is. "Upset? Nae, just worried. What are ye spending so much time doon here for? Ye know 'tis abnormal. One o' us was going tae ask ye about it sooner or later. I know we all train a lot, but this is different."

She gives a sigh, mostly of relief, then rubs her forehead where there is a mostly healed cut above her left eyebrow, "Trying to figure something out." she gestures to the paused hologram of Psylocke "You know how Betsy can manifest a sword of psychic energy?" she pauses a moment before continuing "Well there is no reason I shouldn't be able to do something similiar in bow form. I can manifest a spear and arrows...why not a bow too?"

After opening her mouth to ask what that something is, Wolfsbane closes it as it's gone into further detail. "Aye, I remember. Her..psychic knife, I think she calls it?" A glance follows toward the image of the woman, then back to Dani. "I'm na sure how all tha' works, but if ye think ye can, why na?"

"Exactly." Dani pushes a hand through her hair, which is escaping its braids, probably from repeatition of the same action "But Betsy is in England visiting her brother so I have to rely on Danger Room and phone calls for her to help me out." she waves all that off with a hand gesture and then grins, her emotions racheting up to a mild excitement, "In other news...there is someone who visits the school frequently that can travel to Asgard and back at will."

So that's who Dani was talking to. Now there's no need for Rahne to ask. "What'd she tell ye, then?" comes the predictable follow up, arms crossed loosely in front of her as she moves to stand to Dani's left. A brow twitches upward and when the mention of Asgard is made and an easier way to go there, she bites her lip and attempts to hide the spark of interest that rises. "Then..ye dinna have tae waste one o' yuir bolts?" Safe territory.

"To start with the spear and work it into a bow." Dani lifts a shoulder "Can't hurt, nothing else I have tried has worked." this is followed by a nod "Not if he is around, no. I can save those for other trips.

It may be notable that Wolfsbane doesn't ask further about Asgard right now. Whether that's a personal thing or related to trying to help Dani focus on what she's doing here, it's hard to say. "So..form one thing an' change it intae another? I suppose if ye can master tha' ye can just make th' bow first, a' some point."

Dani seems a bit dubious about doing it that way, "Maybe, I have always assumed that the spear was a valkyrie thing and unrelated, but now," she pauses thoughtfully, "I guess they are more closely related than I orginally thought." she holds her hand out and the spear manifests in it.

"'tis mental though, right?" Wolfsbane asks, reaching out to tap lightly at the side of Dani's head. "If ye're used tae just forming th' spear or arrows, ye need tae retrain yuirself tae form th' bow as part o' it, too. A' least, tha's what it sounds like tae me." She smiles briefly before stepping back again, giving the woman some room.

"Yes." she drawls out as she turns her hand so that the spear is held vertically, like Dani would a bow. Frowning in concentration she stares at the glowing spear of psychic energy in her hand for a long while. A lot of nothing happens, except some flickering and intensity of its glow before it disappears. "Lost it." she rubs her forehead then shakes her hands out "Another go."

Wolfsbane squints at the energy that glows, shaped into the spear. After her initial glance, her gaze takes her focus just off-center of the thing. "How many times is tha' noo?" she wonders, rubbing the back of her neck slowly.

The spear manifests once more in Dani's hand "In total, I lost track." her expression changes then as a lightbulb goes off in her head. "Maybe, I should try to do both at the same time. I've been just focusing on the bow..." maybe it was mentioned earlier but it took a while for it to click. The new idea in mind, she holds the spear out like a bow and goes through the motions as if she were going to fire off one of her psiarrows. And this time something happens. As she mimes the pulling back of the string the glowing arrow forms and the spear totally disappears to be replaced by a similary glowing bow. She does complete the motion, the arrow flies true, hitting the hologram of Psylocke which flickers slightly then disappears.

A frown then, as Wolfsbane doesn't appear to be good for any other suggestions. Her abilities are a sharp contrast to Dani's, often literally. "It canna hurt," she agrees, shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she watches. The new attempt with the twist shows itself to clearly be successful, and as the bow forms with the arrow drawn back to fire off at the hologram, the wolfen woman grins. "I think ye got it!"

Dani dances in place, the psychic weapon disappearing of course, then hugs Rahne "Success! Thanks in part to you." dropping the hug she puts an arm around one of the wolfen girl's arm "I think this calls for celebration. I think I hear a steak dinner call our names." with that she begins to lead the way out of the Danger Room.

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