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Potential Future and Potential Danger

Cyclops, Rogue, Seth, Wolfsbane, and Wolverine

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06/15/12 23:26

East Wing - Second Floor - Xavier Mansion

Seth is brought to the Institute and Scott, Rogue, Rahne, and Logan discuss potential future, leadership, and dangers involving MGH.

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Having climbed up the steps to the East Wing, Scott Summers helps Seth with some of his bags. Still dressed in his black X-Men outfit with black emblazoned X jacket. Stopping at a door leading to an empty room, “Welcome to the Xavier Institute, Seth Garland. I hope you survive the experience.” Scott says that in a flat tone, partially joking, partially serious.

Rogue did help the bags as well as puts them and looks at Seth "Don't worry Seth, Ah'm sure ya will do fine here."

"I survived quite the experience a little over a month ago", Seth replies as he looks around the place. "I dunno if I'll survive, but I'll always say 'bring it on'." And contrary to Cyclops, he's not kidding.

Nodding his head, Cyclops offers, ‘Then you will fit in perfectly here.” Once in the room, “So this will be your room. You may get a roommate. But for now the room is your.” Scott smiles, “On the bed, is your schedule and listing or professors and classrooms.”

Rogue nods "Don't ya worry, Ah assure ya the experiences here won't be as bad as what happens to ya back then, but if ya have questions or problems, ya can always talk to me, Scott, or some of the other X-Men and we can help ya."

Scott offers to Seth, “Go ahead and unpack and adjust for the night and we will meet up soon.” Seth walks into his room and closes the door leaving Rogue and Scott alone in the hallway. Turning to his teammate, Scott smiles as he walks towards the door,
“So, Anna, we haven’t had a chance to talk about the Danger Room Session with Carol.”

Rogue sighs to herself as Scott brings the Danger Room session. Oh boy here comes the lecture, she thinks but says "What about it did you want to talk about?"

“Well, it’s not secret. There is no love loss between you and Carol. The history between you two is pretty fierce.” Scotts hmmns,

“I wanted to know how did you feel it went? How did you feel working with her? And having her in charge?”
Rogue thinks a minute before speaking "Well me and Carol recently had the chance to talk somethings out, so Ah didn't have as many objections as Ah would before workin' and takin' orders as Ah would of before, and Ah think the trainin' session went well for the most part. What about ya, ya have any problems with it?"

Shaking head positively, Scott offers, “I had no problems. It is an adjustment to follow orders as opposed to leading. But Carol is an accomplished heroine. I can see why she is the Avengers leader. She is on par with Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. And I’ve worked with all of them.”

Rogue shakes her, and may regret what she says but she says it anyway "Ah don't know about that Scott, she kinda overdid things or a bit, and bit a overbossy, don't ya think?"

“Well, she and I do have different leadership techniques. So I can see how you could say she was overly bossy.” Scotts places his arm around Rogue’s shoulder, careful to avoid physical contact, “You had a valid point there, Anna.”

Rogue smiles "Thanks for understandin' Scott, Ah appreciate it."

“Well, you have the makings of becoming a great leader, Rogue. I can see that happening for you. Not that Ororo or I are stepping down any time soon.” Scott chuckles, “And great job with Seth as well. You know you have a good ‘touch’ so to speak with the students.”

Rogue winces a bit when he mentions touch, but otherwise is happy and blushes a little "Wow Scott, ya really mean that?"
“Definitely. . .You were really good with him. You were caring, yet not too open. You have good instincts. I can see you leading the X-Men in the future.” Scott smiles, “But since you were good with him. I was hoping you might consider taking a teaching opportunity with the Institute.”

Voices heard in one of the wings of the mansion, Wolfsbane heads in that direction to see what's going on. Upon getting there she's hearing the part about a teaching oppportunity. "Dinna say aye, Rogue! Then he'll never let ye get away!" she calls out, but she hardly sounds serious at all. Today it's an Xavier's t-shirt and shorts, barefoot, ponytail halfway down the back.

Rogue says "Well he's got a mutation that sets apart from everybody else, and Ah guess Ah could relate to that, but a teaching position? Ah don't know." and then hears Rahne's voice "If Ah left, then Ah wouldn't see all mah friends like you."

After having assisted the newest student move into his room, Scott and Rogue are in the hallway by the stairs discussing her potential as a leader. Rahne has just joined them. Scott dressed in an all black shirt and pants with a black jacket emblazoned with X and, of course, his ruby quartz lenses. Scott nods his head to Rahne, “Hello, Rahne.” His smile acknowledges her joking manner.

Having gotten back to the mansion a bit ago, Logan stalks the interior for a time. He stomps around the first floor, tilting his head one way, then the other. It's only when he catches the scent of his target that he lifts his chin and seems to key in on it. A few strides carry him towards the sweeping stairway and up it, taking them two at a time as he climbs. It's only when he's on the second floor then down the way at the middle intersection of the hallway that he espies the gathering of people.

Turning, Logan stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jacket and starts stalking down the hallway. When observing the wild Logan in his natural habitat it's not easy to discern his mental state. He has a variety of five different growly walks that he reserves for particular occasions. This one is number three, trouble. He steps towards the group, eyeballing each of the mutants in turn before he lifts his voice. "Summers. We need ta talk."

"Thanks for tha'," Rahne says with a hint of a smile. Wolfen features are minor this evening, just the basics that go with a furred form in the shape of ears, fangs and claws, thicker tufts of fur along the jawline. "Mister Summers," she adds to Scott with a slight dip of the head before her nose shifts in a sniffing motion, turning toward the direction Logan's approaching from even before he's in view. Subtly, she inches off to one side of the hallway they're in, closer to a wall. "Mister Logan."

Rogue notices Logan walking towards the group, somewhat troubled looking even for him "Something wrong Logan?"

Noting Rahne move away and Logan’s rathering blustery entrance, the smile slowly leaves from Scott’s face. He has been around Wolverine long enough to he is familiar with the five different growly walks. An inaudible sigh and he looks between Rogue and Rahne. With Rogue asking the question, Scott offers, “Logan. Is this private?” He respects the long time hero, to know that while they are all X-Men, not all things are X-Men related.

The short X-Man draws up beside Rogue, but at Scott's words he shoots a glance at Rahne, as if considering whether she should hear this or not. His eyes narrow slightly, but then he looks back towards the leader of the X-Men and offers a grunt before elaborating. "Been working on somethin'." He pauses, jaw setting as he grimaces for a moment but then presses on perhaps figuring that Rahne's seen enough that this won't phase her too much. "Was in the city, did some pokin' around, found a trail to an operation that had some mutants kidnapped, held against their will. Four of 'em." His jaw sets, tendons bunching for a moment as his teeth subtly grind. "Ran into a SHIELD group that was bent on takin' em down. One of their operatives took responsibility. I wanna follow through with it."

Rogue looks a bit stunned at Logan "Wait what are sayin'? SHIELD is kidnappin' mutants?" She would ask why, but she can think of bunch of reasons on her own.

A frown sets in, Wolfsbane looking between the others with a shake of the head. She's dealt with kidnappings before. She's /been/ on that side of it, going back to Genosha among other things. "Do ye know where?"

Sliding his hands out of the pockets of his jacket, Logan is clearly agitated. When he speaks there's the occasional flash of fang and a snarl in his eyes if not his words. He looks to Rogue and tells her levelly, "No, SHIELD's operatives worked with me, we took em down." He looks to Rahne and then confides to her, "They're recovered. But SHIELD took the survivors and the kidnappers inta custody."

Rogue nods "Sorry Ah misunderstood ya, do they know why they were takin' mutants?"

Wolfsbane's jaw clenches but Logan could tell she's a combination of nervousness at the kidnapping part along with some anger, and a desire to do something about it. She keeps one eye on Scott, as if willing him to agree to whatever Logan may want to do.

Looking back to Cyclops, Logan then refocuses his attention back on the X-Leader and glares. "They were harvestin' mutant growth hormone." Of course he doesn't go on about what he saw, the frankensteinian machines that were barely keeping the teenagers alive while harvesting parts of their brain to create this drug-like product.

"What I'm wantin' ta make sure is that they do right by these kids, and one of the ops played the Avengers card. So I figured mebbe Cyke'd be the better for goin' to em first before I haveta. Since I don't plan ta take any crap from em about it."

Hearing all that Logan has to say and the responses for concern from the others, Scott nods his head taking all this in. “Alright, Logan. You can follow through on it. And the X-Men can back you up? Do you have all the information you need and do you need us? Or is this a one man operation until you need us type situation?” Though his emotions and shock are hidden behind a stoic façade, it is clear this affects him as Logan will probably note.

Rogue listens as Logan described what have happened "Great, yet another wonderful reason to be a mutant, so we anymore about these folks, so we can go and smash their face in?"

"Mutant Growth Hormone? Och," Rahne's frown deepens and a small amount of relief shows as Scott gives agreement as she rubs the back of her neck, an ear. "Whatever th' case, we need tae do what we can tae make sure it doesna happen again."

The elder X-Man grimaces, jaw tensing again as he adds, "The Avenger gal that was there wasn't lyin' when she said she'd make sure they took care of 'em. But sometimes even the best of intentions and all that."

“Alright. . .I’ll approach Carol. We have been doing the cross-training now. And while I appreciate the Avengers involvement, it is our kind being killed and harvested. So we /will/ be involved. Logan, you are better with SHIELD than I am. Tale someone with you and meet up with Fury. . .see what information you can get from him. Also, use some of your connections on the outside. I’ll go personally to the Avengers. I won’t wait till our next training session. I’ll get on to Carol ASAP.” Scott looks to the others,
“Ladies, discretion is the better part of valor. Keep this from the students. No open talk about this. When X-Factor get back from dealing with Arcade, I’ll have Alex talk to Valerie. You never know. There may always be some government involvement.”

Rogue nods "Okay Scott, Ah ain't going to say nothing to the kids, ya can trust me, ya just let me know how Ah can help." Oh well when there is good news, there is bad news usually.

Scritching a fingertip over the stubble along the line of his jaw, Logan scowls somewhat before adding. "Ya might wanna take onea the brains with ya. Get the Avengers ta give ya an eyeball of the recovered gear." He again looks at Rahne for a moment, as if gauging whether to go on or not. He then says, "They had the machines set ta keep them alive while they harvested the hormone. Wasn't pretty." Of course that's an understatement.

“I can imagine. I know I don’t need to ask, but you discovered everything you could. . .including going back to see if you picked up everything with your senses? Maybe head back over with Rahne being the two with the most enhanced senses. You would pick up something before any of us did.” Scott knows Logan did his all, but always confirms.

"I can imagine. I know I don’t need to ask, but you discovered everything you could. . .including going back to see if you picked up everything with your senses? Maybe head back over with Rahne being the two with the most enhanced senses. You would pick up something before any of us did." Scott knows Logan did his all, but always confirms, "And Jean will be coming with me to the Avengers. You may want to contact Betsy or Liz and have them go with ya to SHIELD. Though both SHIELD and Avengers are always prepared for telepaths."

Rogue just listens for the moment, not really having anything to say.

Wolfsbane's jaw tightens again as talk of the machines and harvesting comes up, but the apparent reason for it is not what may be expected. "Beggin' yuir pardon Mister Logan, but ye dinna need tae look a' me every few seconds like ye're na sure I should be hearing this. I may na be on one o' th' teams now but I've been forced tae deal with some awful things in th' past, ye know." She glances toward Scott with a look, adding before she thinks to check herself, "He probably thinks I dinna have th' stomach for whatever's there." She might /not/ but then again, perhaps she can get through it. All the same, she looks and sounds annoyed, arms crossing.

"Ain't that, kid." Logan glances sidelong at Rahne as she speaks, not taken aback by her ire and instead answering her straight. "But nevermind, yer right. You've earned yer place here." He even goes so far to hold up a hand as if to stave off her attack, acquiescing to her point.

Then the dark blue eyes of the stocky X-Man snap back towards Cyclops as he listens to the man's directives. "Right, right. Good plan, Cyclops. You work this from yer angle, I'll work it from mine. We'll get it done." Logan says this as he nods once, sternly as if agreeing entirely to seal the fates of whomever is behind this. He takes a step back and lifts two fingers, pointing at his own eyes, then points towards Cyclops' visor, as if indicating they were finally seeing eye to eye. "I'll be in touch." And as he says this he's already turning, starting to walk back down the hall.

Nodding in agreement with Logan, Scott has come to learn how to read his teammate well enough. Or as well as Logan allows his teammates too. He understands Logan has a more extreme view of handling things at times. And not that Scott agrees, but there is a time and place for everything. “Alright then. We’ll be in touch. Logan, fill me in on everything. And I will fill you in on what I learn.” With that, he watches his teammate walk off. The news clearly has perturbed them all.

Wolfsbane looks between the rest silently, then she merely gives Logan and Rogue a brief nod prior to moving off in Logan's direction.

As Wolverine and Wolfsbane head off probably to discuss their little interaction Scott looks to Rogue, “So, Rogue, given what Logan just told us. How would you handle it?” He asks pointedly, since he mentioned her leadership skills, this is a good opportunity to get her input.

Rogue was put on the spot and has to think for a minute for speaking "Well Ah basically do like ya did, Ah would try to track as information as we could, find out where their people are at, and then help Logan give them a formal introductions to his claws."

Nodding his head in agreement, Scott pushes it a bit further, “We all know as much of Logan’s history as he allows us to know. But we also know, he has gotten more extreme. Those claws have seen more blood and flesh than many of us care to verbalize. What is your stance on that?”

Rogue says "And as much as he remembers. Look considering all that Logan been through, he could be a lot worse than he is. It ain't like randomly murder people in the street or anything like that."

“Fair enough.” Scott nods showing a semblance of agreement without outright saying yes. He then sighs, “Alright, better get Carol on the phone.” With that he starts to head down the stairs, “Thanks for the help with Seth.” He waves, “Good night.”

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