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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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Danger Room - X-Mansion

After an intense training session Rahne and Dani talk

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==[ Danger Room Control and Observation - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==
A simple, yet functional, booth-like room that sits perched above the training facility dubbed 'the Danger Room.' There is an expansive computer console on one side of the room, that sits before a large view-screen, that dominates the entire wall. The remaining walls are decked out with various other computer consoles and screens, which provide such things as bio-monitoring of Danger Room users, as well as files and records of previous Danger Room exercises.
OOC: Students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.

It was an intense training session, full of high speed action and daring do. Arrows flew, fur flied (on the opponents part mostly) and now its over. Dani walks out of the staging area of the DR and into the control room, heading straight for the bottles of water she left there for when they were done. Taking both she she tosses one to her training partner before opening the other. "It's been awhile since I've had a decent training session." she takes a long drink from her water.

As intense as it was, the wolfen mutant took a very aggressive stance during the fighting portions. At times it may have even come off as Wolverine-like, with Wolfsbane a sharp, focused weapon going directly for the quickest and best ways of dealing with her Danger Room opponents. Even as it ended, it took a few seconds for her to come back down, snatching the bottle of water out of the air before drinking about half of it in once sip, grunting in initial agreement as she paces.

Leaning her bow against the control panel, Dani flops into one of the chairs and turns it to face Rahne, "By your agression in there either you haven't had a decent training session either or have some pent up anger." she probably doesn't have to ask about the second but does in case the other woman has something she wants to talk about.

"I was working on keeping muh focus," Wolfsbane begins somewhat evasively, looking back into the Danger Room from there. "Th' last few, I was distracted." That much /is/ true if logs or recordings are checked, but at the same time... Of course, the wolfen side was fairly strong during the whole thing.

Taking another drink Dani nearly snorts it out at the reply and evasive tone "Focus right." she chuckles, its easy to tell that the workout has worn her out, but not in bad way "You feeling better now that you got a good workout, or do you need to race around the mansion too?" her eyes follow the pacing wolf-girl.

Wolfsbane gives Dani a look, a mild hint of something irritable surfacing before it goes away again. "I was thinking o' a run in th' woods as well," she admits, rubbing her neck slowly as she makes short work of the first bottle before reaching for a second. "An' I'm fine. Things are just fine."

Dani's brows go up slightly, and whether she knows that something is wrong or not she knows better than to push it, "You know what sounds better than a run through the woods?" she pauses a moment "A swim across the lake." she chuckles "I can't remember the last time I did that...probably not since we were students here.

It's no secret the Scottish mutant has her moods, though in this case she makes an effort to soften it around her close friend. "I could do tha'," she murmurs. "An' it'd feel good, especially with th' weather warming up." Before they decide on it, she asks, "What have ye been up tae lately, anyway?"

A brief flare of frustration pops in at the question, but it isn't directed at anyone, just her workload, "Nothing exciting. Training the new group of New Mutants, going over final exam schedules and graduation prep. There is a few mutants that have manifested and I'm in initial contact with the parents about starting school here next year. Just Dean school stuff, mostly." as she talks she begins to move the chair in half circles, "Oh an Jean's bachelorette party! You wanna help me with that?

"Better ye than I," Rahne says, no jealousy detected at all through the link they share. "I can help out here an' there with a wee bit o' advice, but anything more than tha' an' I feel lost." She stalls out in her movements at the last question, a slightly nervous expression showing up. "I..uh."

A hand cover her mouth as she stifles an amused chuckle "How about I just let you handle the easy stuff, dinner reservations and day time activities while I focus on the more intersting forms of entertainment?" she emptys the water bottle and tosses it into the nearby bin "I'm thinking Madripoor in late July. Keep it classy." its obvious the classy part is meant as a joke.

Wolfsbane sniffs. "An' hot an' humid, aye?" she wonders with a shake of the head before adding, "I could take care o' food things well enough." Don't expect much on the vegetarian side, though. Starting on that second bottle of water, she says, "It feels like it's been a while since we've had anything tae worry about with th' X-Men. Th' longer it goes on, th' more I'm afraid something big is gaunae happen."

"The calm before the storm?" Dani's mood levels right out, taking a turn for a serious at the thought "You may be on to something there." she gets up from the chair, "Certainly something that should be mentioed to the team. See if there contacts turn something up." she probably could do it, but technically she is teamless at the moment "I doubt anything is going to pop up before dinner time." she turns to the control panel and shuts and locks down the danger room "How about that swim? I'll grab us some towels and meet you at the dock?" she waits long enough for an answer before heading out.

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