Post Second Coming: Spider Meet Up

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Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Madame Web

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Rooftop in Manhattan

The three spider people have a brief run in

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-----==[ Heart of the City - Rooftops - New York ]==--------------------------
Welcome to the Heart of the City. The central location of the world above the streets of Manhattan, this is where the fun begins. As sort of a central hub for traveling the skies and rooftops of this city, the Heart provides access to many directions that lead to other parts of the city. The buildings here vary in height, though they provide an interesting addition to the skyline, considering how they fit in with the rest of Manhattan.
One building, though, in particular seems to tower high above the rest in this section. Possibly the top of a church or something similar, it's hard to tell from this high up, there's a small and pointed ledge, complete with a stone angel holding it up. Perhaps the sanctuary of a certain wallcrawler?

It's been an eventful year and it's not even over with! The world has seen more than its fair share of crazy with the Hulk's return, Asgard, Norman Osborn. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. It's been a wild time, something that seems like it was never going to give the world a chance to catch its breath. Luckily now is such a time, now is finally a moment when nothing is exploding, the world is not in peril, and there is only humanity, the earth, and a reasonable amount of quiet.
Of course not all of this entirely goes for the city that never sleeps. It's just after five, and the commuter traffic is coming to life. It's the time in the city when most everyone is trying to leave the island and a few are trying to come back. The shifts change, the sidewalks fill with teeming scenes of life, and the sound of the city is loud for all to hear. Yet to some the sound of the city is almost music.
With a rush of air and a twisting turning leap off of a webline, Spidey hurtles through the sky like some red and blue blur, barely able to be seen against the skyline. Like some acrobat out of the circus, he rolls smoothly through the motion. One hand uncurls with fingers splayed as he fires another /THWIP!/ of webbing to snare the corner of a building. Momentum carries him, tension tightens and alters his swing around the corner of the building.
From far below some people point upwards. Phones are lifted to take pictures, video, and a few voices are lifted as well.

"Hey it's Spidey!"

"Woo, Spider-Man!"


The usual fare.

Of course it's in that instant that there's a tingle as Spider-Man's head snaps to the side, his attention snared by the telltale alarn of his senses drawing his attention downwards...

A wild year indeed, Jessica Drew has slowly been trying to recover from over a year of someone else living her life, sowing dissent, and leading an invasion of the planet, with her face, causing her to miss a number of rather pivotal things, things her impostor hadn't done much to help. Striding down the street in street clothes, as luck would have it, Jess hears the calls of 'Spidey' as the costumed hero swings around the building and looks up to watch him for a moment. The not so pleasant calls draw a frown to her lips and she looks down at the crowd for a moment as she debates lifting up into the air.

Abruptly Spider-Man's flight shifts direction. He flips through the air, legs brushing the side of the building in a featherlight run as he then pushes and leaps off the side. Another webline fires with a thwip and he swings /low/ over the crowd, close enough that there's a rush of air almost right past Jess.
He lands for a moment on a cab that's rushing by, then leaps off and into the air again.

Meanwhile down the street there's a game of three-card monty that's suddenly broken down into mayhem. The dealer is hollaring, complaining that his game is ruined even as he uses the cover to block the suddenly angry man's pursuit of what apparently was a mugging. Down the street rushes the mugger, making an apparently clean getaway...
That is until there's a sudden /THWIP!/ as a webline snags the man's flight, lassoing him up and tying him down all in one smooth motion to an over-hanging street light. Then with the runner nabbed, Spidey lands and perches over the dealer who is still arguing with the man who was just mugged.
"I tell you, man. I ain't got nothin' to do with it. You didn't pick the card!"
"I'm calling the police!"
"Whatever, man!"
Of course it's at this moment that Spider-Man pipes up, "Wait, hold on a second, Laurence. It's the one on the left... no wait... the middle... oh right!" And as he says each one, each card is hit with a splat of webbing yanking it up into the air and flipping it over to reveal that nope the queen isn't even in play.
"Man, some people's kids, huh Laurence?"
"It's Larry, man. C'mon Spider, you messed with us last week. Don't you got some Avengin' stuffs ta do?"
"Nope, schedule's all clear!"

Whoosh! There goes Spidey. Jess almost grins a bit as she watches. Shaking her head, the dark-haired heroine turns and begins walking in that direction before Spider-Man even gets around to yoinking the cards up. As she grows closer, Jess calls out, "Spider-Man, the bane of scam artists everywhere. Good work. You know these fellows? Sounds like they're having trouble learning their lesson." The brunette slips her hands into her pockets as she nears the spot, "Clear schedule is nice, isn't it?" Jess (and Veranke-Jess), aren't exactly secretive about who they are, and certainly not during Avenger meetings and the like, so she's pretty easy to recognize, as is her faint accent.

Laurence is already looking grumpy, but he looks moreso when he's suddenly strung up right next to his compatriot. Perching upside down under the street lamp, the wall-crawler hands the stolen briefcase over to the robbed business man even as he says, "Here you go, fella. Lemme guess, new to New York? Ok, street corner stuff, almost like always _always always_ a scam."

"Thanks Spider-Man. Heh... never thought I'd be saying that." The business man says as he steps back towards the wall, completing his call to the police.

Laurence then pipes up, "Man, this is bull."

But for now the two are forgotten as Spidey's attention is snared by the approach of none other than Jessica Drew. "Oh!" There's that moment of recognition in his voice, but then also that momentary trepidation she'll recognize as Spidey connects his memories of her with the memories of Veranke and still trying to puzzle them out fully. "Uh, heya there." He doesn't say her name, just in case she doesn't wanna be known in public.

He takes a quick glance around, then gestures towards a nearby rooftop, the unspoken request of, 'Meet me over there,' conveyed with the glance and hand gesture. The next instant he's swinging off in that direction.

Another day in the paradise that is Manhattan. Day or night, it makes no difference to the heroine formerly known as Arachne. Since taking the mantle of Madame Web and with it the loss of vision, the two are essentially the same to her. She stands on the rooftop, the very same one that her precognitive abilities told her where Spider-Man will be meeting with Spider-Woman. She waits patiently, sipping a hot beverage from a local coffee shop for the arrival of the other two. "Of course I knew you were going to be here." she says to Spidey as he lands on the roof. "My apologies." she cants her head "I should let you ask the question before providing an answer."

Jess gives her head a small shake as she watches the second man get strung up and she chuckles, looking to the businessman for a moment before lifting a hand to wave at Spidey, "Yeah, hey." She nods in response to his little request and turns to duck into an alley as her swings away. A moment later, she's up above the roofs and flying towards the meeting spot, which seems to be home to unexpected company. Still in her street clothes, Jess lightly touches down atop the roof, looking between the other two and folding her arms over her chest, "What is this, family counselling for spider people?"

Spidey's already just climbing halfway over the lip of the roof. When he espies Madame Web he squints at her for a moment, frowning somewhat behind the mask. Then he cocks his head to the side quizzically. When she makes her comment he hrmfs and says simply, "You know, I bet Ben Grimm never invites you to his weekly poker games. Cheater."

Though, of course, there's no malice in Spider-Man's words or form. Instead he hops forward and lands on a perch right atop the industrial air conditioner that serves this particlar apartment building. Thankfully it's off right now lest they'd have a hard time having a conversation.

"So, Em-Dub, Jess. What's the haps?" He looks at them both in turn, mirrored lenses reflecting their images back to them.

Julia grins at the seemingly annoyed comment from Spidey "Only when I agree to split my winnings with him. And why would I want to do that?" her gaze follows Spidey to his perch and then she turns to Jess and offers her a grin as well "I'll leave the psycho-babble stuff to Doctor Samson. He is much better suited to it than I am. And yes, Rachel is great, she would love you again.

Leaning a hip against a protruding vent, Jess studies the other two, a hint of wariness to her stance perhaps, though it's well hidden aside from that. Julia's remark draws a small smile, "That would be wonderful, Julia. I've been..busy. I could use a bit of time away from things, though." Looking back to Spidey, Jess rolls a shoulder in a shrug, "Not much. Hunting down aliens. Trying not to go crazy, the normal stuff. How about you, Spider-Man?" Pausing, she glances back to Madame Web a moment, "And what brought you up here, just wanting to see two friends?"

Balancing on the balls of his feet and resting his arms upon his knees, Spidey looks between the two women with that mild brand of curiousity. He gestures with one hand to the side as if motioning to the fracas that occured down in the street. "Same ole, same ole. Trying to keep my head in the game after all that's gone down." At that he glances again at Jess, but then back to Madame Web.

As if welcome for the chance to shift focus to her, Spider-Man embraces Jessica's opening gambit. "Oh she just likes to hang out and act all spooky. Kudos on the taking of a new name than just being Yet Another Spider Woman." Alright that's a mild dig at Jess, but at least it's light-hearted.

"Mostly to catchup with you Jess. It has been awhile." Julia turns in place to follow Jess's movement. With the sunglasses over her eyes its impossible to tell where her gaze is. "I wanted to make sure you were alright after all that happened. Things will be looking up soon, for you at least." she takes a long sip from her drink turning her face up toward the lurking Spidey "You though, I wouldn't bother getting out of bed on Monday.

Jess' lips curve into a small frown, noting the looks from Spider-Man and the words, but her expression smooths a moment later as she looks back to Julia, smiling at the blonde. Who is blind. She still gets a smile. "It has been a while, I've just been..trying to work things out. Easier to do with some time away from people." She pauses, then nods, "I'm fine, though." Fine is sort of vague, though. Her smile grows a bit, a dry chuckle escaping her, "Well, they can't get much further down without serious problems arising, so that's good to hear, thanks Julia." Glancing back to Spidey, Jess asks, "Are you with the Avengers these days, or off on your own?"

Crinkling his nose at Madame Web, Spider-Man knows she can't see his look of consternation, yet she gets it all the same. He folds his arms over his chest and slouches a bit to the side, almost like a perfect picture counterpoint to Jess in his settled posture. "But Monday is my big Dancing with the Stars debut." Alright something of a fib.

He looks over at Jess and offers that same lop-sided smile she's seen often enough before... well wait, was that her? Aww heck who knows. In any case he gives a small nod, "When they need me, but you know me, gotta keep my feet on the ground. So to speak. Can't go cavorting around with Gods every day."

She may be blind her she can 'see' just fine, just not in the same way that other people tend to see "Do what you want, just don't say I didn't warn you." Julia moves her head between the two as they talk, but its mostly out of habit, "The team isn't as large as it used to be. Steve is working on recruiting others. Don't be surprised if he comes knocking on your door Jess." she doesn't phrase it that it will happen, just that it could, though she probably does know.

"Dancing with the Stars, I wonder what your newspaper friends would make of that," Jess remarks dryly to Spidey before nodding at Julia, "Well, Steve, and most everybody else knows where to find me, if they need to. Poke at SHIELD if you don't have any other way to get in touch." A heartbeat's pause and she adds, "I really doubt they want me around, though." Glancing back to the web-slinger, she lifts a hand to tuck loose locks behind an ear, "I imagine it does get a little odd working with people like that every day. Kind of makes you feel redundant, wouldn't it? Who needs Spider-Woman when they've got Thor and Stark."

Smirking sidelong at her, Spidey falls back into that easy rhythm he had with Jess, even though it technically wasn't really her. "Hey, you're just jealous they didn't ask you."

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