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Firefist, Mirage, Havok

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09/27/12 10:34

X-Factor Tower/Ship

Alex, Dani, and Rusty talk about the pending trial.

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Having returned from his hearing, Rusty Collins has been escorted back to his 'cell' (which may be one of the more secure areas of the ship, however it is tastefully decorated with comforts and large windows. Yet; Stone walls do not a prison make, Nor iron bars a cage. It is still a cage no matter how decorated.

Alex called up to Dani earlier, saying that he's going to talk to Rusty about the hearing and if she'd like, she could come along.

Seated in chairs around a coffee table, Rusty and Alex have just sat down to discuss things, albeit they wait for Dani to arrive if she is in route.

She does have an interest in what is going on with her former team mate, so of course Dani is going to be there. Thankfully commuting is as simple as a bodyslide provided by Ship so it is just a matter of minutes before she is strolling through the door. Considering the situation she is in her uniform and mostly geared up. "Hello, Alex, Rusty." she greets as she takes a seat at the table "How did it go?

Rusty comments in an upbeat tone, "Put it this way, when I get out of prison, cell phones will be installed at birth. And that's the good news. They're not pushing for the death penality or Levinworth cause of some Navy enlistment technicality and Margaret's death was an accident."

Alex cringes and looks somewhat disturbed about it all.

A frown comes to Dani's face at the results of the trial so far, "Did the judge say anything about future parole or good behavior?" she didn't expect anything less so isn't all that surprised by the news.

Rusty notes, "He speculated, but it'll be up to the jury or something." His voice growing more resolute with each word, he's known this was coming for some time.

Alex says, "That really sucks, dude."

Dani kicks Alex under the table, but her gaze never moves from Rusty, "Is the jury sympathetic at least?" she thinks for a moment, legal stuff is something she knows little about, except those things that are common knowledge "Isn't there some technacalities that your attorney can call on in the case of biased jurors?

Alex shifts in some slight pain and knows better now to say such 'guy things'.

"Ship's my attorney, ask him. Cause I really got nothin." Rusty answers in a defeated tone.

Ship intones, "I have scanned the jury for sympathetic intent and during selection chose the most appropriate for the encounter. Albeit, as you all know a trial has twists and turns, yet it is safe to speculate that Rusty will not face the death penalty nor will he be, how he says, 'breakin blocks in Levinworth'."

"Thank you Ship." she still is getting used to Ship chiming in at will. Maybe if she spent more time here it would be a different story, "I would guess you will be having a prolonged sentence at Riker's." Dani begins "Considering your history and situation I would think parole is an option. Much worse people then you have been given parole. Ship, will the attorney be calling character witnesses at the trial?

The Ship intones, "The Defense will, indeed. Though it was stated that there is a clear limit to the maximum number allowed. Which is five."

"Well that is something at least." Dani doesn't bother asking who is on the list, she doubts that the defense would have someone on it that would prove detrimental "Closed court, no media, high security I assume."

Rusty says, "It'll all take place at Rykers in their special metahuman courtrooms. So when they find me guilty, it's just a matter of walking across the yard to my block."

Alex looks a little uncomfortable and stares down at the table.

Dani nods, that wasn't much of a suprise either "Has there been any intel on Stryfe or his followers?" this last is asked to Alex, "We may want to be around that general area on the days of the trial, in case he sends people to disrupt the proceedings." she then gives Rusty an apolgetic look "Given a choice Rusty, I would rather see you in prison than in the control of Stryfe.

Alex furrows his brow with the latter remarks made by Dani but says nothing about it. Instead he tries to field the first question, "Nothin, and Ryker's has some pretty heavy security. I don't see Stryfe or his people doing much other than being a nuisance.

Rusty stands and walks away in the typical Rusty brooding posture as he reflects the past.

A look of disbelief at was was just spouted at her comes in Dani's face, "Did you hear what you just said or did your ears go on vacation?" she puts a hand on the table as she turns in her chair to face Alex directly, "How many other places have been taken down because they thought 'Oh we have heavy security, we can handle anything.' Hell, we've," meaning the team, "taken down places with tougher security than that.

"If Rykers was easy to break into or out of, I'm pretty sure some super villain team - like the Masters of Evil - would have done it by now." Alex notes regarding the prison. "Plus, it's like a mile from Avengers Mansion and three miles from here. I know that we took down Neverland, but that was a fluke and I'm pretty sure the gods handwaved a lot of it. I just don't see Stryfe and his little band of nitwits is gonna get into and out of Rykers. No offense Rusty..."

Dani gets to her feet, and calmly, maybe to calmly, pushes the chair back under the table "Avengers, of course, let them get all the glory if Zero tries to teleport in." she gives a non-chalant shrug "Maybe we should just send Rusty over to them and let him languish in thier holding cells too?" of course she is pointing out that Rusty's is their responsibility so they shouldn't rely on anyone else to deal with the reprucussions.

Alex says nothing, he doesn't have a clue why she's so bent on it but he's pretty sure arguing will only make it worse. Instead, he let's her go where she's headed and he'll depart the other direction - giving himself time to strategize.

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