Post Civil War before its time

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The Vision, Network, Black Panther

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Avengers Mansion - Parking Lot

Some Realities seem to be really mad and dystopic. Like the one where an alternative Network comes from

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|Somewhere from the east river a slight hum can be heard, increasing in volume as a violet form comes closer. Eventually it gets clear that the woman in the odd armor is about to land at the parking lot, doing so quite elegant before the steps get directed towards the foyer at once.

Jarvis had taken a few hours off today to run an errand. When he returned, he was driving a different car. He returned to the Mansion in an old Aston Martin instead of the Buick he typically commutes in. Jarvis is no where to be seen in the parking area of the Mansion, but his vehicle remains. With the vehicle stands the ethereal Vision. The stalwart of the Avengers stands there with his cape pushed aside and his hands reaching into the engine block of the classic vehicle.

Network - no one other is the woman in violet of course - passes Hank Pym's creation on the way to the foyer. It is not impossible to notice her, especially for someone who is packed with sensors such as him. As she arrives at the gate, she pulls out a card, wiping it over the passkey reader. But nothing happens - at least outside. Inside the card will likely be recognized as not valid.

Poised upon a ledge, the Black Panther remains in the shadows while watching the lack of exchange between Vision and Network. Curious, the Panther regards a small hand held device which scans the area for EM suppressors.

Network is not an EM suppressor, but instead she seems to be a source for various EM-Fields. Her armor and her wireless access point together generate a field that is enough to make the device hit the limit of the scale in some seconds, but instead of trying to access the keypad with her hacking, she looks at the keycard in her hand, trying it on the reader again. And again it will be treated as invalid. How, if the card has not been issued here. looking over to the vision (wasn't he declared a traitor by Iron Patriot just a short time before he was stripped of power for corruption?) and then the leader of the Wakanda (diplomatic immunity, but she had fought together with him about... one and a half year ago against the SHRA). "Hey, is the card reader broken?"

The inhuman Vision looks up out of the engine block and pulls his phased arms out from the inner mechanations of the classic car. He was alerted to the failed attempt to use the keycard reader through some computer security measures he installed in the Mansion's network. The Vision's brow contorts with curiosity at the individual trying to get through the keycard reader. Vizh begins, "Ah-" And starts to approach Network, wiping his hands of any accumulated grease and grime as he does so, "-Is there something that I can help you with?"

The Panther remains crouched, poised, and ready to pounce if there's trouble between his fellow teammate and the 'intruder'. He switches off the monitoring device and listens with his Panther-ears to discern the 'threat-level' of Network.

"Yes, my either the Card reader is broken, or my keycard is." Network said, waving with the white plastic. The visual sensors likely can read it even over the distance, featuring the Avengers Logo and a holograph of the United States Eagle, together with a SHIELD sigil in the lower corner. Avengers 50 States Initiative is the background label, and then there is the name field, labeled Network. "And I am quite sure the data on the card are not compromised."

The Vision's brow remains raised as he approaches. His vision is acute enough to pick up what is displayed on the card as it is waved about. When he gets closer, he holds out a hand, "May I see that card, please?" The Synthezoid's eyes narrow slightly as he studies the woman in front of him and his sensors actively scan her suit.

Ascertaining that Network is another reality shift, the Panther relays quietly over the com, "Vision, I believe her to be an Alternate Reality Version. Though she has computer linking capabilities, so guard yourself against possible intrusion."

Network flips the card over to the droid, nodding "sure, it's issued by the Initiative." she explains roughly, as if people here would know about the results of the Civil War naturally. "T'Challa, you disappoint me... You were among those that freed me and hundreds else from the null-Zone Prison in facility 42 under the lead of Captain America. Why should I attack him?" Her suit for sure is advanced, but the anti hacker protocols kick in to prevent too deep analysis. "That's impolite, Vision."

Assured that she is an alternate reality version of this world's Network <who could currently be unknown depending on PC activity that this player is wholly unaware of>, the Panther states over the com, "Young lady; You must forgive our assumed impoliteness. Our reality is being bombarded by a space-time shift and we're encountering many who do not belong within this reality. Our current selves are being temporarly replaced by alternate versions who are also unaware of the shift. I deem you are such a victim of a shift and therefore out of place. Hence the inability to access the mansion proper as well as our lack of familiarity with your person."

Network looks a bit puzzled at the synthoid, before she explains "Comeon, Super Hero Registration Act? The schism between Iron Man and Captain America which led to the Civil War? The Secret Avengers under the Cap fighting against those officials? You don't remember anything of that? you had a memory wipe when you worked with Hank Pym while he called himself the Wasp and rescued the world with his outlaw Avengers while President Osborne aka Iron Patriot started an intergalactic War? You even forgot about the 50-State Initiative to license Super Heroes and assign them to the 50-State teams so there is always a team to fight off the various threats within close proximity? Well, it was used by the Skrulls and rotten by Osborne’s corruption, but the Idea is still great and we do our best to rearrange it to operative state." she explains before she receives the comm by T'Challa "That would explain some odd things like the lack of some buildings I am used to and the card."

"Quite." Agrees the Panther over the com just before leaping down, into view and onto the pavement of the parking area. "By chance, what is the year of your reality, perhaps you are within our future as none of these events have transpired in our instance."

"Shouldn't I keep the details secret in that case so they happen and I can return here for causalities sake?" Network claims. "But if I compare the city plans to what I see... maximum four or five years should be between them, unless buildings are arranged other just because we are in different realities. "

"That only applies to movies and other works of fiction. Moving into the past and the future applies no causality. One only moves between realities of differing temporal designations. If a person moves into the past, kills his or her own grandfather before their father is born, they have moved into another reality where the grandfather was killed by an alternate self. Then when they return to the present, they are not in their own reality, they have moved into the future of said reality or in yet another alternate reality. So you are free to share what knowledge you possess regarding the possible future. Which may or may not occur."

"Sounds reasonable enough. Many worlds theory. But what happens to the world where you come from?" Network sais "I mean, think about you. You make a time jump and end in some other reality. Then here we lack a Black Panther and Wakanda is without a ruler, right? But in any way, should Iron Man ever suggest a Super Hero Registration Act, better lock him away in the madhouse he belongs to. After all he proposed to execute any superhuman that did not register after Spider Man was killed by Captain America as he tried to convince him to register. Good thing for me the waiting cue was several years. Then make sure Norman Osborne never gets President. He did invite the Skrulls into the initiative openly and declared war on the Kree and Inhumans. Did I forget something? Oh, yes, Logan should be eyed with caution. Where I come from, he killed the Scarlet Witch for no apparent reason and claimed she was about to anhilate Genosha. Whatever he smoked, it must have be really bad." A short break is called "oh, and if things here go the same way as where I come from... Keep a distance to Storm. Even if she killed Osborne and made a turn for the better for all of us, her death in that incident did push Wakanda into a civil war, that still wages on."

Considering the speculative future, the Panther doesn't take any accounts to be fixed in his timeline, they are just potential future events depending on cause and effect of this reality's progression. An eyebrow is raised and he nods in acceptance. "I will keep these things in mind. Thank you for your openness. I however cannot be as forthcoming. Though you may be a member in times or realities to come, I cannot openly grant you access to our facility especially considering your affectations. I'm sure you understand. I however can offer you a place to reside and the means to see to your basic needs - until you're replaced into your own reality."

"I apprechiate the offer, but I guess it wouldn't change much. And I guess the sooner I return, the better it is. We lost about... 9 out of 10 superhumans and mutants in the Civil War. We fought off the Skrull in the last second and we just managed a cease fire with the Kree after the death of President Osborne, but... We are rebuilding. But we need any hand we can have." With a sigh she plucks her card from the synthoids hands. "I suggest you hope I do NOT come from your future. And if you want to be a good friend of Professor Pym... kill him before he kills his ex-wife, crossdresses as her and fights to protect the earth everywhere, just to try to wrap it all in a red ribbon for his lovely Ultron."

This whole time during the exchange between T'Challa and Network, the Vision had been scanning the identification card and absorbing the tid bits of a possible alternate future. With all that information about the possible future, Vizh had spent some brainpower attempting to recreate scenarios on how those things could possibly come about given the present days current situation. The Vision eventually hands the card back over to Network when she snatches it back and says, "I will make sure we keep that in mind." The Vision is at a loss for words and then asks, "So, given what you've learned of the here and now, is there anything the Avengers can do for you?"

A nod follows her statement/warning and the Panther will remain quiet allowing the exchange of question and response between Vision to Network to transpire.

You say, "A place to hang low and a good treatment to whatever version of me that resides here usually. After all I can't ask for more." Network replies."

The Vision lowers his hands down and grasps at the ends of his cape. He wraps himself in the garment and tilts his head to regard Network. He admits, "I am actually unfamiliar with you, so I can not tell you what you are doing and your whereabouts are in this version of our timeline." He purses his lips and says, "And I can not unilaterally offer you temporary residence in the Mansion." The Synthetic Avenger looks towards T'Challa, "Suggestions?"

- - - Fade To Black - - -

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