Portents and Funny Smells

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Portents and Funny Smells

Cyclops, Vaughn, Blindfold, Surge, Seth

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07/19/12 23:30

Rec Room - Xavier's Mansion

Cyclops introduces Vaughn to some of the other students, and they discuss Blindfold's odd feelings.

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Surge is in the Rec Room in her new uniform. She giggles a bit and looks herself over. She does have some car racing on one of the tv's that she is sort of watching.

Dressed in his X-uniform, blue and gold, Cyclops enters into the Rec Room with Vaughn, the newest student to be accepted into Xavier's. "Vaughn, there are some students here. You've met some already, but the students seem to come and hang out here a lot." As he enters he ahems to gather everyoneâs attention, "Everyone meet, David Vaughn. . .and his codename is Soundwave." Scott smiles, "It fits."

Blindfold came in with a bouqette of flowers picked from the gardens...ok there were some weeds too but it smelled pretty, her cane tapping lightly cross the floor. She looked puzzled though as she sniffed the air "Where is that coming from?" she muttered

Vaughn walks in behind Scott. He is holding himself a little stiffly. His hand resting on his stomach still. He swallows, "Um... hi." He has that 'what is this thing that I'm wearing' expression mixed with a goodly dose of 'I'm already so lost here'.

Surge cocks her head a bit, "Where is what coming from?" she asks and then turns. She has blue hair and some fancy gauntlets. She is in a skin tight suit with blue boots, blue belt with circled X buckle, black tights and a sleeveless top that leaves her belly bare showing off a belly button piercing. She smiles, "Hello, I am Surge."

Blindfold smiles warmly at Vaughn "Oh hello again Vaughn! It's so good to have you here. I was worried Enchantress would do something to you or you'd be forced to go to Hellions" she'd give him a hug but she can catch the pain lacing his voice "I know the outfit in a little different, they're old xmen costumes we all get them. you'll fit in right quick though, thank you, you're welcome" then turns her head to surge "Oh I'm sorry, I apologize Surge, I was just wondering to myself where the smell of metal is coming from. It's been another odd day, I'm getting bad feeling" then turns her head toward Scott and smiles "Thank you, yes Scott, for keeping an eye on Vaughn and taking care of him"

Seth walks in, also wearing his uniform. Getting wind how Cyclops is at the Rec Romm, he comes in flying towards it in a bit of rush. "Okay, I gotta ask... What the hell?" Concerned student, definetely. "First, we got the Danger Room going haywired... then, we got two S.H.I.E.L.D. designed androids trying to kill us along with a member of the Fantastic Four. Now, we got Spider-Slayer robots coming after us...?" He notices Vaughn, and he halts. Okay, he didn't know it was an introduction. "...Oh. Uhm, hi there. I'm Seth. Or Radiance, for those who don't know me."

Looking at Blindfold as she enters and noting the puzzled expression and sniffing, Scott can already surmise she is having some sort of power effect. "What do you sense, Ruth?" When she responds before he asks. He gets a bad feeling himself. "Have you been smelling it all day? What else have you sensed?" He looks to Seth, "We are working on it. I've already set up a specific group of X-Men and students to look into it." He turns back to Ruth.

Vaughn looks over at Seth, "We've met." He grins, "A couple times actually." He glances over at Surge, "And I think I saw you at the clinic in Mutant Town, once, when I was delivering an order there... Nice to actually meet you." He leans against the doorway, partially for support. It's been a long day. He speaks up, "And three attacked the UN building earlier..."

Surge nods her head a bit, "Really?" she has a folder that seems to have a lot of papers in it though she puts it back in a satchel. "I have been a bit busy today, new job, new uniform." she shakes her head and then looks confused, "Sure metal, I give off an electrical burning smell at times." she offers, not really knowing much about blindfold's powers.

Blindfold turns toward Vaughn "Don't let Seth's rundown of recent events rattle you, everytime something has happened the students have stayed safe thanks to the teachers. Safest place for us, yes, thank you just like I said" then turns to Seth and shakes her head "I'm not so sure shield was really behind the attack at the museum, no more then the strange angry man with the flat top hair and the mustache like an paint brush was behind the spider robots attacking" then turns back to vaughn and hands him the bouqette "I haven't found a vase yet, I'm sorry, my apologies, I was going to bring them to you in bed if a teacher brought me to visit you in medbay" then shakes her head at Surge "No, sorry, you give off a diffeent smell." and turns her head to Scott "It's not been all day, random bits and pieces. Sometimes the smell of metal, sometimes the feeling of something big hot and heavy standing near me, sometimes...a dead emotio-" stopping mid sentence to tug her legs as if something held them inplace and again with her wrists.

"I'm still waiting to get reports from the Avengers and SHIELD on the attack at the UN. This could all be related or could be something different.â Scott does not know which would be a better option, but part of him is somewhat relieved that mutants, and specifically the school, are not being singled out in these attacks. If they are related. He also makes a mental note. Something to work with Ruth on, detailing and pinpointing her visions.

"So, the pattern here is robots, or better yet, /technology/...", Seth replies, but his words die down as he listens to the conversation between Ruth and Scott. He looks between the others, but his attention is more focused on them. "You say you're smelling something like electrical stuff burning, coming and going... smell of metal... big hot and heavy..." And given she's a precog, he looks at Scott. "Cyclops, Ruth's been able to sense stuff just seconds before them happening. If she's been sensing this all day, something presenting these characteristics is bound to happen. Does this remind you of something?"

Vaughn takes the flowers, looking at them, then to Ruth. "Um... Thank you." He looks over at Cyclops, "SHIELD those were the goverment guys that showed up afterwards and started asking questions?" That would imply that he was there for the attack on the UN. He looks as Ruth freezes in place, he frowns, "She froze up like this once before when she stared at that vampire guy..." He puts a hand on her shoulder, "Ruth... you okay there?"

Ready to answer Seth's question, but then he pauses, "Vampire guy?" He looks between Vaughn and Ruth. In her short time at the school, Ruth has encountered an Asgardian, an Atlantean, an alien, and now a vampire. Scott considers putting the reign in on the students, but then he remembers his own experience when he was first a student and nixes that. Finally answering Seth, "That could actually be any number of things, Seth. Unfortunately, Ruth's visions are specific enough. And having dealt first hand with precogs, they do not always see what will happen. They see what may happen."

Surge cocks her head to the side and then settles back into her seat to watch, "So...um.." she says and shakes her head a bit overwhelmed.

Blindfold keeps tugging on her arms and legs trying to move "Not good, really not good...I can't..." then wrinkles her nose turning her had side to side before sighing "I'm sorry, forgive me, as I said it's been a weird day. Scott, is the Danger room networked to the autodefenses and inernet access? I know, I'm sorry, it's a bit off topic but Richenda and I were talking and were hoping the intelligence taken up residence in the danger room can't control the auto defenses or get out into the internet, if it can do that it could access almost anything with wifi, alter any file on any computer linked to the internet" shaking her as she raised a hand to her forehead "I keep hearing a dead emotionless voice...'primary target acquired', I'm sorry, I don't know more, I apologize. It felt like metal coiled around my wrists and ankles, I couldn't move. Yes, thank you, Morbius, not entirely bad but what I saw about him...I'll stay away from him. Enchantress is more worrisome though, but Finesse says most of everyone I've met is nice. Certainly Sandman was and the woman with the big fuzzy carriage horse" the memory of the horse bringing a smile to her face."

Surge freezes suddenly at the mention of metal coiled around wrists. She starts to shake a bit, "Sentinels." she whispers. She has a bit of a flash back for a moment and then shakes her head.

"Primary target acquired" Scottâs expression grows grim as he has an idea of what that might be. Letting out a sigh, "Excuse me, children. I need to talk to the X-Men." He rushes out of the room past all the students.

Vaughn mouths, "Children?" He moves to prop himself up against something, looking more than a touch uncomfortable. "What're sentinels?" He, himself, has no clue.

Seth nods, "Far from me being the expert on precognition, but going by that line of thought, if predictions - if that is what you could call them, sorry if my words aren't the accurate - by a scarce amount of time falls into what may happen, with them happening... Then the same precognitive event, for a whole day, would likely be a mathematical cert..." He looks at Surge, and the word she utters. "Okay... Sentinels? I think I heard the reference before, at some point. So please, enlighten us."

Surge looks at the others, "THe Sentinels are giant robots, they were designed to detect and capture mutants." she says and shakes her head a bit. She looks at each of ther others, "Very dangerous."

Blindfold shakes her head trying to clear it and turns toward Vaughn "You should sit, you don't want to push yourself, please, yes, there are couches in here" then turns to Scott with a nod "Yes, of course, thank you" and turns toward Surge and Seth "I don't know when it will happen, it's not a full picture yet, just peices of a puzzle like random clips of a movie, I'm sorry, my apologies, I don't know if it's the past or the present. Poor Scott and Miss Grey, they run themselves ragged trying to do everything themselves"

Vaughn moves over to one of the couches and starts to sit down. As he does he grabs his stomach and whinces. "I'm not sure what hurts more, sitting or standing..." He frowns at Surge, "Giant robots that can detect us?" He shakes his head, "This day just keeps getting better and better."

"Well, they're not by themselves", Seth replies as he looks towards the others. "These robots want our hides? Well, they'll have more than they bargained for." A reassurance is made. "We're not going to allow ourselves to be caught unprepared, are we?"

Surge looks at them all and then lowers her head, "I..." she shakes it again. She is leary about sentinels even though this time she has control of her powers unlike the last time.

Blindfold smiles in vaughn's direction "Maybe lay down? stretch out? Look at this way, I haven't seen any blood or anyone dieing" sounding -very- grateful for that before nodding with a smile toward seth "Yes, right, Scott has gotten the ball rolling on that and they won't catch us by surprise, we're not weak sheep, we won't going willingly. This is our home, our school and students and teachers are the closest some of us have to family left. We fight, to defend each other and ourselves, as we've been taught"

Vaughn chuckles softly. "If I lay down, I'm not sure I'm getting up... I have to find out where my room is some time before I take the pain killer that I was given... I think that might be the only thing that's going to help." He looks at Surge, "What ever it is, it's okay...."

Seth approaches Surge, and sits beside her. "What is it, Surge?", he asks her (ooc -- put this pose when log is edited, plz)

Surge cocks her head to the side, "Back when I was living on the streets, I did drugs to keep my powers from hurting me and others. One day I found a nice warehouse to crash in. there was a loud noise and this giant robot came out of the floor." she shakes her head, "I was captured." she shakes her head, "Nothing I could do." of course back then she didn't have the gauntlets.

Blindfold grins at Vaughn "All the bedrooms are on the second floor, boys in the east wing, girls in the west. Were you badly hurt?" then turns toward Surge "Sentinals? But now you have some training and it's not just you against a huge robot. It's all of us, surge, it'll be ok. Scary and I don't know what will happen but it'll be ok"

Vaughn shrugs slightly, "I wouldn't say badly... I got stabbed in the park... the doc said that nothing got punctured... 'cept my stomach muscles...and that I was pretty lucky.... It.. well, I only been hurt like this once before." If the telepath is picking anything up from his head, there is probably flashes of his father beating him to a bloody pulp with a lacrosse stick. He looks over at Surge, "Yeah, like she said... it ain't just you anymore..."

Surge shrugs, "Guess that is why I was recruited to X-Factor too." she says and shakes her head. She nods, "I have the gauntlets too, so I don't have to do drugs to keep from overloading." she shakes her head.

Blindfold softly gasps at what she picks up and moves over to sit beside Vaughn, her face a pisture of someone about to cry. "I'm sorry, forgive me, I wish I could have been there"

Vaughn looks to Ruth and shrugs. "It really wasn't that bad... I didn't even realize that I had been stabbed until Scott started trying to stop the bleeding." Yeah, he's talking about one thing, while Blindfold is another. He looks over at Surge. "Besides, Ruth has promised that this place is safe and that I can not worry about anything, so you don't have either, right?"

Blindfold frowns with a sniffle and carefuly makes sure not to put any weight on vaughn as she hugs him "I'm so sorry, please forgive me, but also so grateful Scott was there" realizing Vaughn probably didn't want to talk about what happened with his dad or want anyone else to know

Vaughn flinches just a little. After all, every muscle in the torso practically is connected to the stomach muscles. "There is nothing to forgive, Ruth." He smiles, "You know... I don't really remember a lot of it.. I think I was in shock.. but I think I kicked butt... well, before I got shanked."

Blindfold turns her head sadly to him with a soft smile "You had a life time of practice, I'm glad you kicked butt though and even more that you're safe now"

Vaughn yawns slightly. "I guess I probably should try to find my room... I'm rooming with someone named Beak, you know 'em?" He looks at the outfit he's wearing. "You know when Scott said that I'd be given a uniform... I thought he mean like slacks and a tie and one of those preppy little coats... Not.. well, this."

Blindfold can't help chuckling "I haven't met him yet and I'm sorry, nfortunately boys aren't allowed in the girl's wing and girl's aren't allowed in the boys wing, but I can show you if you want?" starting to fan herself with one hand "Which would you prefer, this or a preppie uniform? we don't always wear them, it's probably just the only thing they had on hand. Most of the time we get to wear our own clothes, though honestly most of the time I don't know what anyone is wearing, or myself"

Vaughn pauses for a second, obviously deliberating over his answer. "I think the preppy look." He grins, "I think I could rock the preppy look... I'm not sure this looks good on anyone." He shrugs, "Wouldn't want you to get in trouble. I'm sure that I can find it... And if not, then I'll come back and crash on one of the couches in here. I'm sure it would be more comfortable than a lot of the places I slept."

Blindfold smiles "Well when you get assigned a team you get to choose your costume. Let me show you to the east wing atleast please. Your codename will be added to the plaque by your room door, for now look for Beak's name. I'm roomed with finesse, they quickly added braile to the plaques when I joined so I could know all the rooms. Rec room is on the first floor and the gathering room as well, game room is on the second floor, sublevel for now is off limits to students because of the craziness lately, I'm sorry, my apologies"

Vaughn slowly gets up. In fact it takes him a couple of minutes to summon the strength to get up. "Okay, show me to the East Wing then...." He sighs slightly "I don't have any of my stuff... just a pair of jeans and my sneakers... and what I had in my pockets... at least I have my ipod... I can put on music to sleep with... "

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