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Pool - Xavier Estate

Decompression by the pool.

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-----==[ Pool Area - Xavier Estate ]==----------------------------------------

This Olympic sized pool stretches north and south with the shallow end to the north. On the southern end there is a high and a low dive as well as a Jacuzzi tub adjacent to the poolside. Surrounding is a patio of flat pavers with many lounge chairs, tables, umbrellas and other affectations for pool side enjoyment.

From here one has a clear view of the pool area, the tennis/basketball courts and even the patio and mansion. All around the Xavier estate is laid out in north, east, and southerly directions. Most of which are dotted by various copse of trees, a dense forest and one can even catch a glimpse of the lake to the east between the trees.

+smell and PLOOK used


The sun is out, and the air is cooling. Another pre-autumn day reaching towards the mid 80s at best. That doesn't mean the pool can't be enjoyed, as such, Kurt is out there. Dark orange swim trunks over blue fuzz is his attire, towel under his chair of choice, something like a large flip flop near by, big enough to accomodate two forward toes and the stumpy opposable digit-thing on the back of his foot (which probably drags on the ground a little, truth be told).

Doesn't matter, her's sort of leaning back, where a bandage covers the bullet wound he sustained the day before. Bullet removed and Sha'ir tech assisted, he is well on his way to recover, just some minor healing left at this point. He treats it tenderly the same as his yellow eyes look up at and/or reflect the yellow sun. The water is calling his name, he knows he's going to rip the bandage off against the advice of whichever docter treated him.

Alex emerges from the rear of the mansion, onto the patio and crosses the distance over the basketball and volleyball courts. He presently wears kakki shorts (with cargo pockets), sandals, and a light green tshirt. Sunglasses protect his eyes from the glare of the sun and he's holding a small (4 gallon) ice chest in his left hand and has a towel draped over his right shoulder. When within earshot, he calls out, "Hey hey!"

Turning his head up to look, Kurt half grins, "About time ... that is, about time if there's a beer in that chest with my name on it." A pause, "Oder sonst nicht die Mühe." A chuckle, he's not translating that one, but looks at the pool. "I know it will be cold at first, but its really warmer than the air temperature right now. I just haven't talked myself into that shock." Or pulling the bandage off, just yet at least."

Alex will close the distance and set the cooler down between the two lounge chairs. "It's going to be another 90 plus degree day." Alex notes as he takes a seat on the lounger by straddling it first and then tosses his towel onto the ground next to him.

"Once it gets that warm," says Kurt digging for his cold one, then proceeding to crack it. "I assume I'll be in the water and relaxing." Then he takes a quick sip. "Unless an impromptu game of water football," he means American football, has a hard time pronouncing it, "Breaks out."

After taking off his shirt and casting it onto the towel, Alex will pull out a beer bottle for himself. Opening it, he leans back in the lounger (about a 120 degree angle) and gets comfortable with his feet up, eyes closed, and sun pouring down on him - feeing him with the cosmic energy he uses to power his plasma generation. "Sounds like a plan." is noted regarding all of the above notations.

Grinning as he bathes, reclining once more much like Alex, Kurt ponders a thought. Then he breaks the silence, "So ... Kitty ... Chenda .... really that hard of a choice? Chenda is cute, but I'd rather do the heart breaking before the relationship gets serious, ja? Kitty, just as cute, mature, can get into clubs without fake ID." Just tossing it out for general consumption, he holds his beer over his abs, trying not to let his hand or body warm it too much.

After a pause of assessment, "You and Kitteh have a lot of history.", notes Alex. "You two have been best friends for years and it's a relationship that will work. Chenda is just a girl that drops her pants for everyone - that may be an exciting turn-on relative to a stripper, but if you're looking for something long term and stable - Kitty is the one."

"That's a tough call," nods Kurt with understanding, distratcing himself with more beer down his palet(sp). "History and long term. I think I'm ready for something like that. I'm actually worried about being the one who could fuck that up. I don't want to do that to Kitty, even if on accident." Turning a yellow eye towards his friend, "So, you're wingman, if you see my eyes wandering, you have full permission to punch me." Half a grin.

"Slow down there, Maverick. We've got one other thing to consider. Piotr." Alex throws a potential wet blanket into the otherwise comfy bed. "Sure, she and he have not been an item for some time, but does she still have feelings for him?"

"You think," ponders Kurt, "That would be like her wondering if I still had feelings for Amanda." His finger toys with the top of his bottle, thank goodness their too big to stick into the bottle, they might get stuck. "Ja, I suppose she probably would, even if their not an item. I think that's for her to decide though, I'm good either way. Not like I'm a stalker who will join some evil women-hating mutant bad guy team to try and get her back if it ever even gets that far."

There's another pause as Alex tries to figure out the last bit of Kurt's remark as if it's a reference to something; he disregards and then states, "I hate to say it, but you may want to have /the talk/ with her. And I'm not even sure what to tell you about Piotr. If it were me, I'd ask P if it was cool with him that I dated Kitty. Not out of fear of him going psycho, but just being old school nice."

With a solemn nod, Kurt grins, "Ja, I don't need another jealous ex breaking my leg. I owe it to Piotr, but I'm not going to search for Pete Wisdom for the same talk. Not after I talk with Kitty, she should know that out of the friendship I have with Piotr, I would like to talk with him if we might like to be a real item - not just kissing buddies when no one is looking.

"So yeah, then if that's in the plan, have /the talk/ with Kitty and lay it all out, find out what she wants, and roll with it. If it doesn't fit your model, then don't press it cause you'll just end up broken."

Half chuckling, Kurt nods, "I'm already half broken, it would compelete the job. Then again, it would take the status of team jerk off your shoulders and give everyone some focus for griping, nein?" He is reclining in a lounge chair next to Alex, an ice chest between them, both with a bottle in their hands - in shorts and watching the sun rise while contemplating swimming at some point.

Kurt and Alex, reclining in lounge chairs with a portable ice chest between them, both working on beers, wearing shorts and watching the sun while thinking about swimming at some point. (they ditch the ice chest, bobby's here now)"

Kitty comes walking over in a bikini with lockheed flying beside her, a small cat sized towel draped over his neck. "How you feeling Kurt?" Lockheed making soft noises that might be construed as happy greetings.

Alex is lounging at a 120 degree angle, his bare feet stretched out on the foot of the lounge chair. He wears kakki shorts with cargo pockets on the thighs, no shirt and sunglasses. To his right, on the ground is his towel and shirt. To his left a 4 gallon ice chest (ice and beer) rests on the ground. Behind the ice chest is a small table and then to the left of the ice chest is Kurt's lounge chair where Kurt lounges. There are six other lounge chairs with small tables between them on either side of the two men and several other patio furniture setups all around the pool side.

The pool has a clear view of the volleyball courts, basketball courts, and then patio to the west. They both face west and are on the east side of the pool. Therefore, they would have a clear view of those approaching.

Alex comments, "Sounds great."

It's not unusual to find Dani up this early. She is often an early riser so she can get a few laps in the pool before the team training sessions. What is usual is that she isn't using the gymnasium pool to do so. It's been warm in the mornings though so she sees no reason not to use the outdoor pool. She strolls in view wearing a strapless jumper but it is obvious she has a swimsuit of some sort underneath. She is a bit surprised by the occupants but takes it in stride "Morning all.

Lifting his beer in greetings, Kurt grins wide, his canines sticking out. A fair wave to both, but his eyes seem to follow Cat's bikini for the moment. "Everyone made it up today," not that anyone was drinking yesterday. Regardless he looks to Kitty then, "My shoulders hurt, they barely managed to get the bullet out, it was lodged next to my carotid artery," hopefully thats in his back some where, he's making it all up. "I'll be on bed rest for a week, I snuck out to come to the pool because I needed to feel the warmth of the sun on my face." It sounds good, he does have a small bandage where the bullet was and is actually nearly recovered thanks to good docs around the mansion and sha'ir technologies.

Alex will peer over the top of his shades (cause he's cool like that) at the approach of the women-folk. He smile and say, "Ladies, looking lovely today." and then push his shades back up and lay his head back again. "Beer's in the cooler, if you like."

Kitty ruffles Kurt's hair "Should've let me phase the bullet out, Imp" then takes lockheed's towel "Fetch the pizza's Lockheed, go get pizza's" then as Lockheed flies off she looks at the salsa and Bobby "Ooh, thanks for the chip and dip Bobby"

Walking around the pool Dani drops her towel onto the end of one of the lounge chairs as she sits and lays back. She waves to Bobby as he joins the rest, but at the moment doesn't partake in either beer or snacks. "Why should today be any different Alex?" implying she looks good everyday.

"There are other things better left to phasing," smirks Kurt, then pauses there all present company considered, perhaps not best for pool side conversations at least. This is turning out to be a better day than he could of imagined. "Food, drinks, just missing the water activity ..." Then he stands, "Since everyone else brought something, one moment." He bamfs away with a grin, returns above the pool to splash down with an american football in his hands, "Catch!" he says before hitting the water and trying to throw the thing with some accuracy towards Havok and/or Bobby.

"It's all in the presentation." Comments Alex before he regards Bobby with a, "Oh, look who brought snacks. Sup?". Alex won't make the move to go for the snacks, not just yet. He's too comfortable at the moment.

That comfort passes when Kurt chucks the ball. Alex's left hand goes up to deflect as he calls out, "Hey!". The ball will bounce off to the side.

After the football rebounds off Alex's hand, it hits the ground and, as footballs with their odd shape are wont to do, takes a funny hop, heading for the bowl of chips. Bobby makes a quick lunge for the ball and gets only fingertips on it, saving the chips but sending the football off spinning. After another quick hope off hte pavement, the ball lands with a surprisingly loud splash in the pool. It bobs up a moment later and starts floating lazily with the current of the water. Bobby gives a sheepish grin and just says, "Oops."

Kitty laughs "My shoulders hurt, right" scoundrel. "Any girl would look to you Alex" then looks at Bobby with a nod "Nice save, and fair warning...prank wars started a bit ago" a devilish smile playing at her lips, oh what had the cat planned for Bobby? Then giggles as Lockheed comes along driving a remote controled vehicle with a stack of pizzas "Good boy!"

Watching as the football is thrown, rebounds and is missed by Bobby, "Better in the pool than in the chips." Dani comments with a laugh of her own. She then leans over to grab a chip and starts to dunk it in the salsa until Kitty mentions the prank wars and things better of it.

Kurt makes some oh jeeze sort of comment in German at everyone missing the ball. Swimming for the ball, he says, "So, no team Kurt versus the world." Grinning as he reaches for the ball, throws it up, bamfs to catch it, tosses it mid air, bamfs to try and catch it again. Somewhere he probably fundles it, but its implied that it could of been cool if he wasn't chuckling and bamfing around. Then he appears wet near the chips, "Ach! Mein rücken." One hand going to his back while his tail goes for a chip, then he stops himself, realizing no one wants chlorine dipped tail in the chips. "Did someone say prank wars," he ponders and sits on Cat's chair (or chair near her) as if buddying up for some mischevious plotting. His poor back forgotten again.

The ball floats in the water again as the pool is empty, waiting for some sport to pick up at some point.

After leaning enough to grab a hand full of chips, Alex settles back down into the lounge chair where he will quietly eat chips. With the mention of pranks, Alex just groans a sound of disinterest.

On the mention of a prank war, Bobby gives Kitty a truly wicked grin, "Do you really think that standing next to the pool in a bikini is the best time to tell me, of all people, there's a prank war on? I mean, that's a new level of "asking for it." He shakes his head in mock sorrow. Perhaps fortunately for everyone involved, Bobby is then distracted by the doubly interesting arrival of pizza by way of remote control car and purple mni-dragon. He looks at Lockheed and cocks an eyebrow, before teasing, "I'm all for timely pizza arrival but... how the heck did he pay the delivery guy without causing a panic attack?"

Kitty giggles as she starts plotting with Kurt before rising, walks over to Lockheed to scritch under his chin before grabbing a few slices of pizza and scoring some chips. No need to make the injured work for their food right?

"I'm sure it has something to do with the extra big tip for just delivering to the mansion." Dani grabs more chips as she answers the question "I wouldn't be surprised if he gets combat pay either.

Alex realizes something and frowns. He takes one more drink of his beer, sits it back down on the table and then rises from his lounged position. Carrying the chips as he begins to walk back toward the house he says, "I'll be right back - gonna dig out the boom-box." knowing that they need tunes to listen to.

Kitty looks over as Alex takes the chips with him "Hey!" sigh "Why's he taking the chips if he's just getting a boom box?"

Bobby chuckles at Dani's comment, "Yeah, tell me about it. A couple of times I've tried to order takeout I've gone to give the address and the conversation went, "1407 Grimalkin... *click* Hello? Hello?" He shakes his head, then walks over to grab a beer off the ice. Holding the beer in one hand, he uses an opening method that only works for him. Ice siddenly forms around the lip of the bottle, popping the cap off so quickly that it goes airborne for a moment before he catches it in his other hand. He takes a swig from the bottle as he one of the pizza boxes onto a table and flips the lid open.

Kitty gives Lockheed a slice and chuckles "That's cuz you don't have my charm Bobby" relaxing back in her chair as she enjoys the warmth of the sun. What was it with cats and the sun anyway?

Dani glances at Kitty, and refrains from adding the 'other assets aka boobs' to the list of things that helps in cases such as that "Toss me one of those please." she gestures to the beer. Given the sun is fully up it is no longer to early for drinking.

Iceman responds in mock outrage, "Hey, I can be charming." He pauses to pop the cap off another beer, then hands the frosty beverage over to Dani. He drops his towel on an unoccupied lounge chair then adds, teasingly, to Kitty, "I just wouldn't look nearly as good in a bikini." He grabs a slice of the pizza, then sits down on the chair where he tossed his towel, pizza in one hand, beer in the other.

Not complaining for any food or chips brought his way, Kurt is actually thankful with a smile even and enjoys the food as conversation continues. Then a shake of his head, "I don't know Bobby, you ever tried it?" Then he grins with another idea for a prank, he leans over to whisper something to Kitty, chuckles afterwards. Don't know what it was about but he may have looked at Bobby and/or Dani by accident or on purpose.

Kitty snickers "Well you would have to shave your legs Bobby, it's not as easy as you think" leaning to listen to Kurt's idea and there's soon laughing as Kitty nods her chocolatey haired head "Oh this'll be great!..Want a beer?" hoping there was corona in the chest

Taking the beer with a thanks Dani takes a pull of it, looking at Kurt and Kitty suspiciously, she will have to be double checking her room and stuff from now own it seems. At the mention of shaving and Bobby's legs she of course checks them out, "I would take that as a warning if I were you Bobby."

Iceman glances down at his own legs for a moment and chuckles, "With Hank, Kurt, and Logan around this place, how am I the guy getting teased about body hair? I mean, really." Truthfully, while he isn't totally hairless, Bobby really doesn't have a lot of body hair to begin with. Given that he is only covered from waist to mid thigh, that's quite evident at the moment. Leaning back on his lounge chair, and taking a swig from his beer, he nods at Dani, "As soon as she said "prank war", I started taking everything as a warning. He adds in a tone that would be conspiratorial, if he wasn't clearly aware that Kitty and Kurt can easily hear him, "Gotta say, the two of them plotting does worry me a bit... the real trick is finding the retaliation that can actually touch either of them."

Kitty smirks "Cuz I have other idea for Hank, and Logan made it clear he's off limits" as kitty doesn't truely want to actually make any of the xer's angry with her, annoyed sure but mad? never, and everyone knew Logan had the worst temper

Still chuckling at something, Kurt jumps back in too, "Besides, its not so much getting us as really razzing us rather than inspiring us to greater heights." In pranks, new levels must be maintained. Then, side not, "Its not just about the fuz, its how well one wears it. Logan can't compete, ever wonder who might be more jealous of the other - Hank or myself," really the preference being shaggy dog or fuzzy kitten perhaps. "Blau für den Sieg," he amends further.

Dani arches a brow at Bobby. She might not be a prankster on the level that the others are but she has been known to be on the giving end of a few "Remind me later and I'll share a few ideas that spring to mind." she takes another drink of her beer as she winks at him.

Iceman grins at Dani, "If they're going to plot together, seems only fair that retaliation comes in kind." He raises his beer towards her in a momentary salute, before turning his attention to his pizza.

Snickering still, Kitty rises to get a corona for her and a beer for Kurt. Then grabs a few more slices of pizza, extra meat. Lockheed immediately sniffing the air at the pizza as she stretches out on her lounge chair. "Oh we just compare notes. Sides the students could use some pranks too, heck Vaughn was mentioning an idea we have a party social"

Students, pranks, there's an idea. Kurt grins, "That could be hilarious." That is, just pranking students, "As long as Scott doesn't get too mad. Not like I'm faculty or whatever, I'm avoiding that rotation." He gladly accepts the beer and even a slice of pizza. "This is great, maybe tomorrow we pretend your back is hurt."

"The students are fully capable of getting into trouble without your assistance." as one of the teachers at the school Dani is obligated to say that, whether she agrees with pranking the students or not "A party for the students is good idea. I'll bring it up at the next faculty meeting.

Chuckling at Lockheed snuffling at the pizza, Kitty lets him have a slice "That's your last one or you'll get pudgey" then smiles at Kurt "Except your back really is hurt, Kurt. Sides, I think we'll be a bit busy tomorrow if I'm right about something I picked up on my computer." then looksd curiously at the resident imp "What does 'den Sieg' mean?" obviously bleau fur was a no brainer. Then glances over to Dani with a nod an impish grin "Yeah, Vaughn mentioned he knew a good DJ for cheap"

"Ja," agrees Kurt, still shrugging off the bullet injury of his, wasn't Dani bleeding more? Still, "Ich sage ... You deserve pampering." A really toothy grin, as if suggesting he means it but there are other ears listening so his game is a touch off at the moment. "für - for, den Sieg ... FTW, german version, FDS. Just I don't do happy dances .... much ...." Or maybe? He lets it hang, "I vote yes for music and dancing, Marauders ruined us getting the club on, I would to dance."

Chuckles, and brings up his own objection to pranking students, "Prank wars are only really fun with people you know, and I don't know any of the students well enough to prank 'em good and know how they'll take it." He pauses, then grins, "Though if one gets in snowball crossfire, well..."

Kitty blushes softly and reaches playfully to make a grab for kurt's tail "How long did they say it'd be before you're back to full Dani?" then smirks at Bobby "Are you offering to do a winter wonderland theme for the party, Bobby?" now that'd be something, food, loud music, snow and ice skating..

One more thing the Maruaders ruined, besides her uniform, Dani's chance to get her drink and dance on. Though she would have given it a try were she given the chance. Most of the bandages from her injuries are hidden by her jumper. "A couple of days, though if they thought they could, they would probably take me out of action for a week." and that isn't happening if she has anything to say about it.

Sittingup at Bobby's suggestions and Cat's interupretation, Kurt throws out there"Brilliant, snow themed party, end of summer, back to school." Then a ponderance as he listens to Dani's situation unfold, "Its decided, we need to find someone to pamper Dani, might be less bloody noses around her for a few weeks." Then he eyes Moonstar as if expecting a mind arrow to zot him, but smilling all the same.

Sometime later, Alex returns with a boom box on his shoulder - he always wanted to grow up and become John Cusack.

Iceman finishes his slice of pizza and sighs, "Sounds like I just unintentionally volunteered. Indoors would be a hell of a lot easier on me for that kind of thing... though then cleanup will be kinda nuts... we'll figure it out." He chuckles at Kurt when he makes the bloody nose comment and then asks flippantly, "Now the real question is, were you making a powers joke, or an anime joke. Guess it depends on what you meant by pampering."

"Pampering does sound good about now." Dani uses her beer bottle to point to Kurt "You get right on finding me someone, chop-chop." she gives Bobby a strange quizzical look unsure what anime pampering is but certainly sure that maybe she doesn't want to know.

Laughing Kitty shakes her head "Not anime bloody nose from pampering" though she says nothing bout that being her job and the trances she puts kurt in. One had wonder sometimes who had the worse temper, Dani or Logan...and who to be afraid of more.

Pausing a moment, Kurt gets the confusion and laughs when Kitty points it out. "Ya, I meant like cabana boy for Dani, she get's pampered, less likelihood of Alex getting his nose bent." A grin, maybe he'd like to see that again himself. "Inside and clean up, I think we can find some place to work it so less cleanup ... I'd be willing to pitch in ."

"Why am I getting punched again?" Alex queries as he doesn't hear much of the conversation other than Kurt's indication of getting his nose bent - which has been twice in the past two weeks (or thereabouts). He turns down the volume of the Dream Academy to a lower level where everyone can hear, but aren't overrun by the noise. He sets the Boom Box down on a table behind the lounge chairs.

Bobby opens his mouth to explain his prior comment, then thinks better of it. Sometimes, it's better to let a bad joke die. He takes a long pull of his beer, then answers Alex, "I don't know, something about Dani needing to be pampered a bit to avoid people getting bloody noses around her." He shrugs, "Guess I've been kinda out of the loop for a while."

Petting Lockheed in her lap, Kitty giggles and whispers to Kurt what she didn't say aloud. "Don't worry Bobby, we'll make sure you fit right back in in no time" a warm and friendly smile on her face but there was a hint of mischieviousness there as well.

Dani drains the remainder of her beer "You guys are talking like me hitting people is a daily occurance." she hops up to get another beer for herself "Though if anyone should be hit its Kurt for not having my pamperer here yet." she bends over the cooler to grab a beer "Any one want another?

Alex passes to the lounge chair where he was lounging before and will take a seat. He waves off the offer with a quiet no thanks and will settle back in comfortably. He does comment on the current subject, "You have to get her really, really pissed off."

Lifting his hand, "I'll take one." Kurt then ponders, "Really, the pool is open, its approaching what, 90+ too hot zone, and we're talking winter parties to get our minds off of it instead of just jumping in the water?" Of course, he doesn't just rush up, there's more beer offers on the table.

Chuckling Kitty shakes her head and cracks open her corona with a practiced ease much like Logan "No thank you Dani, I'm still working on mine but how you hit a face like Kurt's? Now Alex..." giving the 'other' summers brother a playful smirk. And as Kurt paints the picture that they should all be in the pool she puts a thumb over the top of her beer and gives the imp a challenging grin before putting Lockheed down and running for the pool edge to do a back flip into.

Iceman drains the last of his beer, "Nah, I'm good for now." He sets the bottle down and then stands smiling, "Kurt's right. Who else wants to cool off?" Such a loaded question, when it comes from Bobby. Then, in clear violation of pervailing wisdom on swimming after eating, he turns, takes three quick steps towards the pool and jumps, entering the water in a particularly effective canonball, though most of the splash goes away from, rather than towards, the other gathered mutants.

Shocking at the challenge, Kurt pretends surprise that he would be so challenged. So, he goes into some old circus routine, leaving his bottle because his thumb does not an effective stopper make, and does some cartwheeling areal action, cheating with a bamf for height, to join the spashing pool party. He doesn't control his splash to be away from anyone, he lets it fall where it may. Then he bamfs out quickly to grab bottle and get back in the water near Kitty. "Wait, did you call no cheating, should we do it again?"

With a beer for Kurt and herself Dani moves back to her chair giving Alex a smirk. She doesn't open her beer right away though, instead she sets hers on the table "Point Kurt." she says to him as he also bails in his flamboyant way into the pool. She shimmys out of her jumper exposing her own leopard print bikini as well as the waterproof bandages here and there on her torso and back. With a few quick steps she is diving into the pool.

After recovering from his canonball, Bobby gets to his feet in the pool, though he stays crouched so that only his head is above water. He laughs at Kurt's little performance, and at the question he responds, "Didn't know it was a contest, but hey, if I 'cheat', no one else will want to get in this pool for the next day or two. He swims over to where the football is still floating and picks it up, taking time to grip the slick surface. He turns and tosses the football towards Dani, "But hey, at least with me here, the beer will never get warm."

Alex remains quiet, it's been a good day and nice to have his peeps around. He remains relaxed and on his lounger.

Laughing Kitty floats over near Kurt "And here all I can do is dance and some gymnastics" then grins at Bobby "Yeah Logan trained you well"

Dani gets nearly fully across the pool from her dive befores she resurfaces pushing her hair back from her face. Swimming around a bit she just enjoys the cool water against her skin. Being underwater she missed most of the conversation but doesn't miss the football coming at her and she dives to catch it before it hits the water, she will then throw it back.

In his attempt to catch the returned football, Bobby pushes off from the bottom, falling backwards into the water as he pulls the ball to his chest. A moment later he pops back to his feet, and hurls the ball towards Kitty. It's not exactly a tight spiral, not with wet hands and wet football, but it does go generally where he was aiming.

Smiling at Kitty, Kurt nods, "Who says I need more than dance and gynmastics, you had me with your smile." A chuckle, he lets the football game (of catch) ensue without a thought for the moment as he bobs lazily in the water.

It seems Dani's bandages aren't as waterproof as the packaging claims...they never are. They are starting to peel "I'll be back in a few. Friggin' banadages." she flattens the annoying things with a hand as she gets out of the pool and heads inside.

Smiling at Kurt as her cheeks turn a little pink, one foot brushes against the Imp. But then there was a football headed her general direction and she jumped up to snatch it and tuck into her elbow before splashing back into the water upright. Kitty then threw it a decent near perfect spiral toward Bobby....but Lockheed swooped in and caught it out of the air to throw like a bomb dropping from a plane toward Dani

Alex notes that Dani is leaving. He sits up, grabs his towel, lets her get a few yards away, stands and says, "Hey Dani, wait up." and will jog to catch up with her and then will match her pace as they walk back toward the house while offering her his towel.

Bobby waves to the departing pair before swimming over to retrieve the ball from where Lockheed dropped it. On impulse, instead of throwing it to one of the others in the pool, he tosses it back to the dragon instead. He moves a little in the pool after the ball is thrown, shifting his position relative to the others.

Grinning just the same at the antics, Kurt does say to Kitty, "Enjoy the game, I'm thinking of sweets and intriguing new tastes," as if an offer. Something indicating no rush and by all means enjoy the pool and the football and the fun and beer. He's going off somewhere just the same. "Bobby, play nice, no powers water football." Indicating his powers might be more cheating than the elf's own. So said, he bamfs to grab his towel, his beer, dots his face with towel, then bamfs again.

Lockheed swoops down to catch the ball and wraps it in his tail to toss back sideways like a rotisserie, back to Bobby. Oh boy! Fetch!

Kitty giggles at the antics before nodding to Kurt and giving him a peck on the cheek "don't get into too much trouble without me"

Iceman can't get under the ball in time through the water, and it lands about a foot bast his outstretched hands, plopping down into the water and splashing water in Bobby's face in the process He pauses for a moment to wipe water away from his eyes, then grabs the ball again before flipping it towards Kitty. He says to the departing Kurt, "Catch ya later, man."


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