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Showstopper, Krista (Pinion)

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Pool - Sovereign Hotel - Madripoor

Richenda and Krista are surprised to see each other so far from home

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==[ Sovereign Hotel -- Midtown -- Madripoor ]==

Strooth! A bastion of fine, British hospitality in this godforsaken jungle. Marble floors, silken curtains, plush carpeting, perfectly apparelled help with perfect postures. This is a five diamond hotel, and that make it one of a very select group worldwide. The main lobby is cavernous, and opulently decorated; nothing too ostentatious, for that would be declasse, but noticably the finest quality, else why bother coming here? An army of porters wait to take guests' bags. A front desk is located to one side. Across from it is a small area with rattan tables and chairs where one can grab a spot of tea, a gin and tonic, or a Scotch and water any time, day or night. The very definition of civiliztion, don't you know.


With the warm weather and abundant beaches it is a bit of a shock that the hotel has a pool. But the weather in Madripoor isn't always sunny and there is a rainy season. This things make a pool a neccesity. The pool is luch and tropical. Certainly not your standard concrete and tile that is in the States. It is designed to look like part of the jungle, all natural rock and plenty of plant life growing around the edges. It is divided into an indoor and outdoor section. The former flowing to the latter via a river, flowing under a glass wall and down into a cascading water fall into the outer pool. There are tables and deck chairs scattered about only one of which seems occupied, that probably by the young woman with the kids in the wading pool. Otherwise the pool is pretty much free of swimmers except a lone female figure swimming laps as best she can since the pool isn't olympic standard.

Sometimes Chenda Gray honestly believes she can't blend in anywhere. She's not dark enough for Mexico, not cultured enough for Spain, and her accent gives her away in New York. Even here, she nearly got nabbed by slavers her first day in town, since she obviously wasn't local! At least with Miss Munroe along she's not the only square peg in the room. Not even in a dark red two-piece.

Still, the pool looks awfully empty with only one occupant. Maybe she can just slip in and paddle around for a while in peace. She moves to the side of the pool... and the kids from the wading pool choose that exact moment to stampede back to Mom, startling her and Chenda both! Mom's sitting down, at least, but Chenda's not. And, wouldn't you know it, her famous knack for balance chooses the moment to desert her! "Hey, whoa! Careful, you'll trip some... WhooooaaaAAAAAH!!!


Krista has been paying little attention to the kids or any other happenings in the pool, intent in her exercise. It is hard to ignore the scream though and when it is followed by the splash she changes course, quickly cutting through the water with strong strokes. A strong hand grabs 'Chenda's arm and with her strength easill lifts her and deposits her on the side of the pool. It's only then that she recognizes the soaking girl "Richenda?" her head cants to the side "What are you doing in Madripoor?

Chenda, barely in the water before she's out again, coughs and pushes her heavy hair back out of her face so it'll stop dripping into her eyes. "Ugh... a really lousy cannonball," she murmurs. Then those dark eyes widen. "Krista? Wow, I didn't recognize you without your clothes. I'm here with the school... how'd you get over here?"

She crosses her arms over her chest, despite wearing a very modest swimsuit Krista looks embarrased and self conscious at the comment. Her hands covering what appears to be surgical scars on her left arm. She flips her own wet hair from the right side of her face she frowns a bit in confusion, "What kind of school brings there students to Madripoor?" she glances at the woman that seems to have came in with 'Chenda but the question is for her friend not teh teacher.

Chenda stifles giggles. "I'm teasing, Kris. How are you?"

The question draws a faint smile. "Sometimes I wonder. The faculty seemed to think it was a good way for some of us to see more of the world. I keep expecting nutcases with AK-47s and head-rags to pop out of the woodwork, but we've been mercifully fundie-free so far. What about you, Kris? What brings you here?"

Miss Munroe, seated at poolside with a freshly-ordered ice cream float, merely offers the redhead an archly amused look. Chenda's friends haven't ceased to surprise her, but she's learned to take it in stride. It's a small world, really.

Pulling herself out of the pool Krista sits on the edge, her legs, similarly scarred, dangling into the pool "I can understand that, but Madripoor?" she still hasn't gotten over her surprise at the idea "Talk about into the fire." she shrugs as she drops that particular subject "I came with some friends, not my idea, but they kind of abducted me so to speak.

Chenda doesn't mention the scars. She has plenty of her own, though most are internal. "It's a little more of the world than I'm used to," she admits. "I used to think I'd seen some nasty places, but this one beats 'em all."

She leans a little closer, blinking in surprise. "Abducted you? How'd /that/ happen? Who are they?"

"In the typical way. One of them showed up, stuff happened, and then I am here." Krista answers, skipping over all the details "How about you? It's a really long flight from New York. Bet you guys had some serious jet lag." she grins. Obviously she knows there is a lot that 'Chenda doesn't tell her, specifically about the school. "They needed my help with some project," she waves a dismissing hand "All that's done now though, so I am spending my last two days here enjoying myself before heading back to New York.

"Um... it's not very typical to me," Chenda murmurs. "Maybe if I knew who they were?" She doesn't push, though, nodding in agreement. "It's a long trip, that's for sure. But we still have the rest of spring break to take in the country... if we want to. I think I'll be spending a lot of time at the pool, or trying to help keep my friends out of trouble when they /don't/ spend time at the pool. It's a whole other world here."

Krista gives a slight chuckle as Chenda prods again "Even if I did give you names you wouldn't know them." little does she know that the New Warriors the the New Mutants (original group) have a history "I take it you have to have a chaperone outside of the hotel room because of that." she nods her head toward Ororo.

"Oh, I dunno... I've met some of New York's finest, and I don't mean the boys in blue," Chenda replies teasingly. "But keep your secrets if you must, Red. Sometimes it's fun having 'em."

She stifles giggles at Krista's question, but nods emphatically. "Exactly. The average American high school education definitely doesn't prepare you for this place. Even living on the streets of New York didn't prepare me." She shakes her head. "But I'm wasting good swimming time, and I need the practice bad." She slips into the water. "Wanna do a few laps?"

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