Police Blotter Snippets Early 2013 edition

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Police Blotter

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Police Blotter Snippets
* February 25th - Chelsea - Body found within residence
A body was found within a shared residence. The resident who found the body was unable to identify the person.
* April 23rd - Chelsea - Body found within residence
A body found within residence. The building's manager discovered the body and was unable to identify the person. The residence had a similar instance occur around February 25th.
* June 17th - Upper East Side - Body found within residence
A body was found within residence. The lease holders' mother discovered the body.

For those with access to the police records.
* Bodies were identified to be that of Jane Helmi, age 26; Cathrin Melissa, age 25; Randolph Terrance, age 27 in that order.
* Helmi and Melissa shared their residence.
* Helmi was found in the kitchen
* Melissa and Terrance's bodies were found in bed, clothing on the floor. Visual indication hinting they were engaged in activities other than sleeping.
* Each of the bodies appeared to be in their nineties to hundreds upon visual assessment. Withered away.
* From discussion with people who knew them, they were incredibly active and healthy looking up in the days prior to their discovery.
* Each person has gone through an uptick of credit card usage and excessive ATM withdrawls in the month prior to their deaths.

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