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Poke Poke Poke

Blindfold, Armand, Phantasm, Beast, Storm

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Bellvue Hospital

Armand sorts through stuffed animals and Blindfold sets to waking Mike up.

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------

This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.


Full of flowers and teddy bears, the lack of a comfortable place for visitors has since been resolved as exhibited by a Dr. McCoy curled up on a pile of stuffed animals in the corner.

As for Mike, he's resting in his own bed. An IV to replenish his fluids is set nearby while a device resting upon his feet sits, doing nothi-

HURRM! VVVVMMMmmmmm PFffftttt...

Ok, it just inflated and deflated, doing something that the doctors probably have to explain later on, or Hank could explain it later.

Armand is carefully sorting certain teddy bears into categories based on color and size, a couple have been put in the bed with Mike. He's quiet though, wearing a black t-shirt under a dark green button down shirt left unbuttoned and a couple of sizes too big and a pair of dark jeans, green converse sneakers on his feet and his hair pulled back in a simple braid. He hesitates at the sound effects and rushes to the device at Mike's feet, eyebrows raising. "Monsieur McCoy!" He calls out.

Blindfold came tapping along with storm and knocks on the door despite the urgent call of armand's voice for beast.

Grumbling, the blue furred doctor's eyes open, looking over towards Armand from his stuffed animal bed. "Yes?" He asks, lifting up a massive blue fist to rub at an eye. Likely a practice frowned upon by doctors but... he's a doctor. He knows better. Hang the rules. His head turns as he looks over towards the door to Blindfold, "Hello Ruth."

Blindfold waves toward beast "Hello dr mccoy, armand, it's nice to meet you both again, is there any change in mike, please if you don't mind my asking?" slowly stepping in as storm stays at the door

"What is the noise it is making? Is that normal?" Armand has to ask as he frown and then tentatively moves to brush some hair off Mike's forehead and he sighs softly, leaning in to squint. "...you need to wake up soon, I have started smoking again...how can you scold me when you stay the sleeping?" He tsks and shakes his head, glancing over towards the door and moving to sigh and pull it up as the Beast greets the young lady.

Beast looks over towards the only item that likely was causing a noise that Armand may not be familiar with. Pressing his fists down on the floor, he swings himself onto his feet before walking the rest of the way over to the bed, looking to the device at the feet. He lifts up the corner of the blanket to reveal the device being connected to some type of wrapping around the lower legs, "Do you mean the leg sleeves that they put on him while you were out?" He asks, looking over towards Armand, "It is to prevent blood clots since he hasn't been moving on his own accord." The sheet lowers as the doctor moves on to address Blindfold's question. "I'm afraid he has not done much of anything other than sleep. Although, it's not too far from his, nature."

Armand frowns and eyes the device before backing away from the others to let them have their discussion and he worries his bottom lip, turning back to his sorting of stuffed animals and muttering in French.

Blindfold smiles "Would you like a hug armand, please yes?" offering one with an arm out stretched. "Mike please understand yes" taking a deep breath and poking into mike's head

As Blindfold pokes in, she gets a glimpse of what looks like a large park full of trees with the outskirts of the park lined with mostly familiar looking buildings surrounding it. To one side, a recording studio and night club. To the other, a library and coffee shop, and facing each other from opposing sides of the park, two scaled down apartment buildings, different in appearance and design. One of which is the Tate apartment building and to the opposite end, a building that likely has not been seen in New York. Pristine. Unmarred. Almost like new. And in the center of it all, Mike sits in the park, strumming a guitar while surrounded by three other figures. Two men who appear around his age and a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Mike. Not that much older in appearance.

Beast glances over towards Blindfold and then towards Armand, moving towards the one sorting stuffed animals. "So, why are you sorting the stuffed animals?"

Armand sets down a stuffed mouse and moves to hug Blindfold gently, patting her back. "When you are finished up, I have some cookies left..." He murmurs before moving back to his job and he stares at Beast as he addressed, studying the big male for a moment and taking a deep breath. "It is something to do, and will be easier to know what he wishes to donate and what he wishes to keep or what may not be safe..."

The blue furred doctor's head tilts, looking to the stack of stuffed animals, "What may not be safe? Do you think that some of these tokens of affection may pose a danger?"

Blindfold hugs armand warmly "I will be happy to help finish them thank you yes, your cooking is always exquisite" then tilts her head toward mike with a puzzled expression. She couldn't talk to mike but that didn't mean she couldn't figure out what to do to eagle him up, maybe if she poked the mike she saw

"There is always danger in this city. And perhaps in a token of affection, there could be something...but probably not. It keeps me occupied. He's not due another facial for the 24 hours." Armand replies softly to the doctor.

"Another facial?" Beast queries, the tone of his voice a bit perplexed to the young man's choice of words. "And, when was the last time you've been asleep, Armand?"

.oO(The guitar strumming stops as Mike is poked. "Ge-" He pauses, glancing around the park before looking back towards the guys and the woman who are still smiling back at him. Shaking it off, he starts strumming the guitar again. "I missed you guys.")

Blindfold pokes mike again urgently a few times "my apologies mike, I don't enjoy doing this but you need to wake up for your own good please yes" she said aloud

"Yes, its a moisturizing facial, to make sure his skin stays nice as he sleeps. Unclogs any pores, deep cleansing product. Smells like pineapples." Armand explains to Beast as he sets another tiny teddy beside its twin and exhales softly. "I sleep in 5-7 hour increments, at night most of the time. Sometimes only 4. I have taken off work but in a few days I will have to...go back. He glances over towards Blindfold with some concern.

"You are quite a unique persona, Armand." Hank replies, giving a bit of a chuckle, "Is Michael aware of this?"

.oO( Once again the guitar stops as Mike turns his head once more to look behind, "The fuck?"

"Language, Michael."

"But something just poked me Mom.")

Blindfold sighs "I know the feeling armand, yes sorry, sleep doesn't come easy to some but don't worry I would never hurt mike" leaving the mike be she poked around trying to wake mike up

"Why would...how could you be hurting Mike?" Armand sends a puzzled look towards Blindfold before turning back to Hank, taking a deep breath and quirking an eyebrow. "Perhaps...maybe it is the reason he still believes I can be something and do something with my life."

.oO(Poke. "Quit it." Poke. "Stop." Poke. "GODDAMN IT!"


"...Ok, I think it's stopped."






Dr. McCoy glances over towards the bed as Mike's voice fills the room in protest. Brows raised, his mouth parts open to find some form of response to the musician's sudden wakefulness. "...Perhaps we should have tried this earlier."


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