Playing With Fire

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Firestar, Daimon Hellstrom

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10/25/12 09:40



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Having had about enough of school and chores, Firestar decided to go out on patrol and see if she could help anyone while taking some time to clear her head. Flying on its own tends to be a very relaxing activity, a time where Firestar doesn't get any grief from teachers or her father, and at times she can escape into a place of relaxation. That is unless, like right now, she gets this uneasy feeling her involvement might be needed somewhere.

A quick survey of the surrounding below, and she decides the one place that she truly must go is that alleyway, but not before she flies right by the creeper that seems to shadow those coeds. "If you're not with them, I think it'd be a nice courtesy to give them some space," Firestar offers, and should nothing appear amiss and the man would just heed her warning, she'll proceed to fly into the alley, offering her own illumination for a better view, "what's going on in here?"

The /creeper/ she addresses eyes the heroine with deep ice blue eyes, snarls and then walks the other way.

Entering the alleyway, Firestar will approach the back of a red cloaked figure holding a trident in his left hand. The cloaked figure has his right hand around the throat of another man, aloft, and against the back wall of the alleyway. The male in the cloak notes the illumination and with a slight turn of his head (not able to see Firestar but addresses her), he says, "This does not concern you. I suggest you leave the same way you came."

"A trident...? You don't look much like I'd imagine Neptune," Firestar quips, not quite sure what to make of the cloaked figure, other than he gives her a rather ominous feeling, what with him having his hand around another man's throat and all. "I'm sorry, but as a New Warrior, this certainly does concern me...if you got problems with this man you should go to the cops, not take justice into your own hands." Somehow, Firestar really doubts this is such a case, but she has to take care not to jump into conclusions. Just because the red cloaked figure seems ominous doesn't necessarily mean he actually is the guilty party here. But he is definitely the agressor, and she has to put a stop to that. Floating closer to the two men, Firestar points a finger in the air, steam starting to rise from her hand, "I would suggest finding a more peaceful resolution."

The pinned man smiles and says to his captor, "You heard the lady, you should let me go - else she's gonna kick your ass. Afterwards, she and I are gonna go out on a date and make sweet love."

Hellstrom says, "Silence, creature!" intoning toward the pinned man and then with a slight turn of his head - still not looking upon Firestar directly (though she can see the side of his face in shadow (collar). He states, "The irony of your statement has more warrant than your argument. Who is taking the law into her own hands, New Warrior? Should you, yourself, be dialing 911 to allow the police to handle the matter? Albeit, they are ill equipped to do as so noted."

Firestar is not at all amused by the words of the man she is trying to help, "you know," she quips at him, "you're really making it hard to help you right now."

Firestar smirks when Hellstrom answers her right back, playing on her own words, "well played, but you don't see me with my hands around anyone's throat. I'm only looking for a more peaceful resolution here, where hopefully, nobody gets needlessly hurt. Can't say the same for you. What is this all about?"

Hellstrom states as he looks to the pinned man, "I will indulge your heroic desires, New Warrior. Not out of fear for my own well being, but for the lovely fragrance you seem to emit.

He continues, "This /man/, if that is what you wish to call him, has information that I desire. Yet he plays a dangerous game denying me my wishes. You see, his mistress, my sister, has returned from our father's realm and she is in league with an unnamed demon - one which I seek to learn - for names are power.

Then with a slight segue, Hellstrom asks Firestar, "What is your name, girl?"

Firestar was not expecting that kind of talk from Hellstrom and it catches her evidently off guard, as she lowers her hand and looks at him awkwardly, "oh?"

As Hellstrom continues with the explanation of what is going on, introducing Firestar to the notion she's not exactly dealing with regular people here, if at all, she realizes she's more out of her comfort zone than she realizes. Demons and the supernatural are not quite like every day metas and mutants. "So...what you're telling me is that the two of you are actually demons?" Firestar wonders aloud, before having the uneasy sensation that by asking for her name Hellstrom just made a threat. "I am Firestar," she offers, figuring if there was some truths to what he said about names, her codename surely wouldn't give him power over her as he seems to suggest her real name might. "And what is your name?"

"Hellstrom, Daimon Hellstrom."

The captive man intones, "The dethroned Prince of Hell." in a taunting tone.

Hellstrom's trident glows with a black and red flame. The tines are brought to the face of the captive man who suddenly gets a wash of shock/horror in his expression.

Hellstrom states, "Now that the pleasantries are over, you will tell me what I wish to know."

The captive man denies, with fear in his voice, "No, she will kill me!"

Hellstrom responds, "You think I will not?"

"Daimon Hellstrom?" Firestar doesn't seem to be familiar with the name, but the suggestion of it isn't lost on her, so she's not quite as surprised when 'Prince of Hell' is presented as the title, dethroned though he may be. " were the Prince of Hell?" For whatever reason, she is inclined to believe his words, as far fetched as it may sound. "What you're telling me, is that I'm talking to the sound of the devil?" It's a good thing Firestar isn't religious or she would absolutely freak out about now. Instead, she just tries to measure if she's still wide awake.

It takes her a moment to regain her composure and call out, "so, who is this poor man you're threatening? Is he a man or a demon?" Firestar isn't sure helping demons is quite in her list of duties, and it does change the situation. Besides, does she really want to mess with the son of the Devil?

The captive man holds his hands up, "No, no. I will tell you what you want to know."

Hellstrom states to Firestar, "One moment." then will listen to the grovelings of the /man/.

Captive, "Satana is in league with Ludi. I heard them speaking and she said his name. But I ran before I was detected."

Hellstrom snarls reflecting back to his sister, "Stupid, stupid girl. She will pull the Dweller-in-Darkness from his realm and curse us all with the tamperings of D'Spayre." He then wastes no time in addressing the captive man, "Thank you for the information." and the trident is then rammed into the captive man's chest - thus completely immolating the man.

It's not a very good feeling as a superhero, to be discarded so easily as a nuisance. In this case, however, Firestar looks for all intents and purposes to be dealing with a power she likely can't do much about. Unsure how the son of the bloody devil may react, for now she allows him this disrespect of her, though she stays close and ready to act should he go too violent on the poor man in his grasp.

The moment that it looks like Daimon is about to impale the man with his trident, Firestar all of a sudden acts, shooting a microwave blast at Hellstrom, "don't you dare hurt him!" She doesn't really know what she's getting herself into, but Firestar is compelled to help the helpless, even if she doesn't know the entire story here.

The immolation is brief as the captive /man/ was consumed in an instant leaving nothing but ash and dust. Hellstrom is struck with the blast from Firestar and he looks sharply around, finally laying his eyes upon her - eyes that possess a fiery glow to them. His lips turn up and he says, "Insolent girl, you know not whom you challenge." Steps are taken toward Firestar, closing the gap so that she may be within reach. In those brief, confident strides, the Son of Satan's eyes will soften as he admires, "Yet, I will easily overlook such transgressions as my eyes absorb the beauty that is before me."

Firestar is too late to save the poor man who burns to ash from the strike of Hellstrom, leaving her a bit fearful of what might happen next, because it doesn't look like Hellstrom is very much affected by her attack either, if at all. No point in proceeding with something ineffective, and so Firestar stops her attack and lowers her arms to her side, bracing for some kind of retribution. "You were going to kill him, I had to stop you...but I failed," she sounds a bit disappointed at her failure, but is alarmingly aware of the danger she's facing. Even so, she's once again caught of guard when threat turns to flattery, and that was not something she was bracing for, "...thanks?" She quips weakly, not too sure what to say to that.

His free hand (right) raises to her cheek in a caressing touch. His words are softer as his eyes play over her face and finely into her very own gaze, "That /man/ was no man at all, he was a creature of the night that would drain the very blood from your body and leave you a desiccated husk. /He/ was a vampire." Indicating that the species has returned - that the Montessi formula did not hold and the foul creatures once again roam the night.

"A vampire...?" Firestar doesn't seem to believe at first, but considering she's talking to the son of the devil, it may well be the case. Shocked, she just maintains her gaze into Hellstrom's eyes, feeling a bit frozen in place as he caresses her cheek. She might push him away or tell him to not touch her if he was anybody else, but she's not quite sure what to do with the son of the devil. What kind of powers he wields, and she really doesn't want to somehow wind up dragged into hell. So for lack of a better, more obvious option, she finds herself in zero action. "Well, in that case, I guess I don't feel as bad about his death...but you could have told me earlier."

"And ruin the surprise?" Hellstrom asks rhetorically as the caress moves to her jawline and his thumb moves softly across her lips, "Surely, girl such as yourself appreciates and desires /surprises/." The thumb passes and the back of his fingertips caress the other cheek.

Firestar was about to say something when Hellstrom's thumb shifts across her lips, leaving her stunned at the comfort her exhibits in touching her in that manner. Her body becomes quite hot in the process, while Daimon himself may not be bothered, any other would note how increasingly hot it gets when standing near Firestar at the moment. Once Hellstrom's thumb clears her mouth, and she doesn't risk letting it slip in her mouth, Firestar snaps, "there's something like birthday surprise which can be fun, and then there's vampires! That is not a very desireable surprise!" Having found her voice again, she then adds, "who said you could touch me like this? Stop touching me!"

Hellstrom's lips bare the hint of a smile, just the corners, as his hand continues to touch, moving to the original side of her face, softly against her cheek. "Your words do not reflect your desire to be touched, caressed, embraced..." and with that, he's stepped closer and his palm has lifted her chin. The other hand (which one held the trident) has found her hip and his bare pentagram emblazoned chest is against her own. Fingertips have wrapped around the back of her neck and he is so close to kissing her. If you wish me to stop, then you should tell your body which covets this so." Thus challenging her to act physically instead of just verbally. Otherwise, in this embrace, she will be kissed by the Son of Satan.

While it's true that Angel has been lamenting her misreable experiences when it comes to romance, which she has no clue how Hellstrom has any way of knowing about, she also never said she was cool with Hellstrom touching her so freely. Firestar frowns when he proceeds to do as he pleases. "I told you, I don't want you to touch me," Firestar insists as Daimon ignores her and proceeds to take her into an embrace which under different settings and perhaps with a different person might have been pleasant for her. "Enough!" Firestar says more loudly as her fiery aura lights up around her and she tries to shove Daimon away from her, "stop making fun of me...if I ask you not to touch me, I mean it."

A smirk crosses his lips as he releases and steps back, giving her the space she intones, "Far be it from me not to honor the request of someone as enrapturing and alluring. But know this, Firestar of the New Warriors, we will meet again and upon that day, I will know the taste of your lips."

Hellstrom will then turn and be engulfed in a brilliantly bright flame that consumes him such that when the flame is extinguished, nothing remains. He is gone.

It's a good thing Firestar finally manages to act on her thoughts, because she most certainly doesn't want to get involved with the son of the devil. She is about to give him a piece of her mind as he finally withdraws, only to once again be taken off guard by a flattery, "why are you saying those things? I'm not trying to be alluring or anything," Firestar points out, before he makes her that final disturbing promise, and not even given her time to respond as he vanishes in a burst of flame. "Wait! What!?" Firestar fumes, "you can't say that! Argh!" Firestar groans in anger as she takes to the air, she doesn't know what to do, was it a threat? A promise? She clearly needs to talk to her friends about it, but then how does one brings up this topic of all things?

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