Pizza Break

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Blindfold, Magik, Thimble, Radiance and Mirage

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Penthouse - X-Factor Tower - New York

After a trying day, a pizza break is called for, Magik crashes, chaos ensues.

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----[Penthouse -X-Factor Tower]----

It had been a trying morning and eary afternoon, literally. Dani, Janie, Ruth and Seth along with other staff and students, had been in court most of that time in the State v. Westport Orphanage case, giving initial testimony against the people that ran the place. Thankfully it is a huge case and there was a log going on that morning, so the judge let all the plaintiffs go they defendant's could have thier turn.

Dani decided that her small group needed to wind down time and brought them to the X-Tower and ordered pizzas.

Blindfold was tired and frazzled add she yawned tapping her cane along the way and then pulled a sick monkey from her pack to offer out toward thimble "happy late birthday, yes you're welcome" but then reached out to feel for mirage's hand

The beauty of having your own personal scrying pool is that you can always know what's up with those you care to keep up to date with. It's also so much better than facebook. This is how Illyana learns about a pizza party and invites herself in, a flash of white light, and she's already by the table with a slice of pizza in hand. "Very nice inviting me," Illyana says as she takes a bite and waves at people present with her free hand.

Blindfold waves to Illyana "Hello there it's nice to meet you again. If you don't mind my asking please, are you your usual self?"

The minibar has been divested of its is supply of soda, which is now set out for anyone wanting a non-alcoholic beverage to go with thier pizza. "If anyone wants to swim the pool is heated. There is also stations on the TV that you wouldn't ever be able to get at Xavier's." her hand is pretty easy to find, though she gives a concered look to Ruth, not that the blindgirl would be able to tell. She hasn't grabbed a slice yet, she is letting everyone else do so first. "Illyana!" she exclaims when the limbo queen makes her appearance.

Illyana laughs at Blindfold's question, bits of pizza fly out of her mouth as she laughs with her mouth full. Luckily all it takes is a wave of her finger and the mess is again, as she reaches for a napkin to wipe her mouth, "you're funny, kiddo, vhen haf I ever been my usual self?" Illyana sighs and reaches for a soda, turning to smile at Dani, "Chief! How haf you been? I hear there are gods I need to spank."

Seth could use a break, certainly after hearing a few of those charges against Westport. A lot of that stuff reminded him of the last case his father had worked on. So, he's been a bit quiet, biting his lips. But he wants to put all that past him, right now. "Man, I could really use a dip and pizza..." He looks at the already present Illyana, to whom he nods. "Hello there."

Blindfold grins toward Illyana add she steps closer to mirage holding her hand tightly "gods gone bonkers...empath...reality going wrong...normal would be nice please thank you" but as she lets her cane dangle from her wrist she raves into her pack taking out two sock monkeys, one resembled mirage and the other resembled Havok

Janie had been silent quite some while untill now. Westport Orphanage... the case can likely take another year or several, if the judges don't come to a quick conclusion or the jury decides to cut some corners. Even as Ruth did offer her gift, she had stayed silent, staring in front of her. Thinking that justice was something loke an illusion maybe. Eventually she woke out of her trance, looking around slowly. Her hand had ended in her pizza, and pulling it free from the cold cheese was yuck. "ehhhw."

Illyana nods at Seth in casual greeting, before casting her half eaten pizza aside along with her soda. Luckily they find their way to the counter instead of dropping on the floor. What caught her attention is Ruth's summarizing of what is wrong, particularly one aspect that intrigues her more than crazy gods. "Ruth...I chear rightly? You say Empath...? I chappen to be goot friends vith Manny! You mind tellink ol' Magik vhat Empath do?" As she approaches Blindfold, she reaches to brush her cheek comfortingly, "all of it, please."

Dani eyes the sock puppets that Ruth is pulling out, until the mention of Empath. She nearly does a spit take with her soda, but manages to shallow it instead, but not without a lot of coughing. Needless to say she doesn't particularly care for Empath, okay she totally desipises him, especially after what he did to Amara.

Seth observes the reactions the older New Mutants have at the mention of Empath, more specifically Illyana. "Aaaaand, I think Manny's going to get rearranged Hellraiser style for this one...", he makes the observation as he calmly gets a slice of pizza and drinks a soda. He approaches Mirage, and comments in a whisper to her, "I think she just grew horns..."

Ruth smiles letting go of mirage's hand to reach out and hug Illyana, even as she tried offering the sock monkeys(stuffed animals, similar to the one on the pier1 commercial) to dani again. "empath seems to want to conquer topaz, and there ess what he did to miss pryde at the diner, and now he blames me for something that isn't my fault and he first made a kitten out of Dr McCoy then a literal monkey out of him. yes sorry. Dr McCoy went feral in central park while chaperoning me and tie his clothes off leaping into a tree then snapped out of it and was very embarrassed, yes thank you. He blames me for either what happened with ballista or Armand leaving the academy, sorry it's hard to tell which one he was referring to, yes"

Janie slowly cleans her hand of the cold cheese that stuck to it, looking over to Ruth "Sounds less bad than having to remember Westport," she comments. Her first weeks there were the hardest, but not the worst. That were the weeks where when her supervisor tried to get her to do sexual favors to him. She did manage to decline still, but the idiot was hard. Wiping her hand clean eventually she picks a piece of still warm pizza to smell at it. Anchovis. Yummi.

While Seth may have spoken in jest, the moment Illyana hears 'what he did to Miss Pryde' in relation to Empath, she does suddenly grows horns, and then there's also this spade tipped tale, and her eyes that glow a very infernal red fiery glow. One might say she could probably be just a tad mad, as she hisses venomously and urges Ruth with a poke, "don't brush over vhat che dit to Miss Pryde, if dat sleazeball dit anythink to Kitty I want know right now, tell me everythink!"

Ruth nods and takes her hand away from hugging Illyana to reaching into her pack and pull out three sock monkeys, one resembling piotr in tinsel and grey, another was evident supposed to be locked in purple, and one of magik herself. Tada distraction! offering them out to Illyana "At the mutant diner, miss pryde filed a report about it I believe. He manipulated the workers to try getting miss pryde kicked out because of her pet and to make the heroes look bad, yes sorry"

With nod to Seth Dani gives a few more quieter coughs and clears her throat "The less I say about that particular person the better." she wipes the pizza grease off her fingers then takes the stuffed sock monkeys from Ruth, looking at them again, a sad expression coming to her face for a brief moment as she wonders where she got them and why. A look is given to Janie when she finally speaks "I don't know, Empath could give those at Westport a run for their money." when Illyana changes, she doesn't bat an eye. These are things she has seen before.

Seth looks at Thimble, "Empath, a.k.a. Manuel Alfonso Rodrigo de la Rocha, is a mutant who can manipulate other people's emotions, Janie. He could make you love him, for instance, and maybe even make you kill others for him, or just make you kill yourself for him, while he comes out laughing."

Janie shrugs, eating her fishy pizza. She likes these tiny fishes. "Can he manipulate people not to shoot at peopel with beanbag guns when they make a wrong move or go to toilet after lights out? Can he stop the broken, sociopathic minds of Ex-Marines?" SOme of those have very, very twisted minds. They shoot people for fun, and the more powerful their target is, the more thrill they have. "They would enjoy killing him for he exist."

Illyana's tail whisks around and smacks the sock monkeys she's offered before she even had a chance to see they are in the likeness of herself, her brother and lockheed. Under normal circumstance she might have cherished them and been quite touched, but at the moment, she's consumed by the darker side of what's left of her soul. "I vill not tolerate dis! Not from Empath! Not against Kitty! Not against Lockheed! Empath must pay!" As she's taken more and more by anger, Illyana whirls around and starts pacing about, her legs becoming cloven hooves and her skin reddening. "Shall I burn him? Tear him apart? Make him live an eternal nightmare?" Illyana muses for herself, but seems willing to take suggestions as she looks around while naming the different options.

With the talk of that particular Hellion, Dani has lost any appetitie she had for pizza. "Yes." she says to all the suggestions, they all sound good to her "Who is this woman he was trying to conquer? And what prevented him from just making her fall head over heels?" anyone that can stand up to Empath's mental machinations is worth knowing about.

Janie glances over to Mirage, pulling out her Balisong from where she had hidden it. She had to give it away for court, but she did place it back in the hidden sheath right agter it. Her Pizza ended in the box again, as the blade flung open "I don't really like where this is going," she remarks coldly. Demons? Sure, next thing is a chinese Monster coming in through the roof and the evening is completely a horror movie set.

Seth dares take a few steps, "Whoa, lady! Cool your..." He looks at Illy's lower extremities, "...hooves!" He grins, "I had actually suggested something yesterday to Ms. Grey, but she wasn't in for it. But it's not like she'd need to know, is it?" His grin becomes rather wicked as well.

Ruth backs up a step from the scary Illyana. ok distraction didn't work! "I'm not sure...he focused on her and blocked everything else out he tried to ask her out but she turned him down not that he took no for an answer he still plans to try, yes sorry. She's pretty though and he seems to like something about her but more like a cat hunting a challenging mouse, thank you yes" then frowns toward seth "Don't even say it seth, please, I don't think you'd want to find yourself in a pink frilly dress either, thank you" edging toward mirage. no telling where the sock monkeys for Illyana were...lest Ruth couldn't see them to know where they'd landed

Illyana seems rather pleased that Dani agrees with her suggestions, and is of the mind to try all of them, not necessarily in that order. She pays no heed to Janie's remark, it's expected that others wouldn't be as used to her more demonic look, not the way Dani is accustomed to it. But Seth does aggravate her a bit, as with surprising speed she closes the gap to him and reaches to grab him by the collar of his shirt, trying to lift him so his feet are dangling above the flor in a show of strenth that Illyana normally does not possess when in her normal human form. "You speak to me vith respect," Illyana leers at him, "now vhat did you suggest? It best be goot!"

Dani quickly grabs the back of Seth's shirt and pulls him back "Seth, you really need to learn when to keep your mouth shut." to bad it doesn't keep Illyana from grapping him, guess he has to learn the hard way, "Janie stand down. It's not going anywhere, at least not with you three." she puts a hand on Illyana's shoulder, 'Yana." she uses the short form in hopes it will get her attention better "Put the boy down. You know where Empath lives, he isn't going anywhere, you can have your revenge at anytime. Save your energy for more powerful enemies, namely those native gods you were wanting to spank.

Ripping apart clothes is an easy task for Janie - and so instead of getting lifted up too much, Seth would likely end on his behind quickly, but at least not getting chocked, if the hand does not close around his neck. Plus attacking someone incapable of defending himself is not nice. Still she stopped on Danielle's order, keeping the blade in her hand however. "no need to spank them. We better take some of their testes as trophies. Ruth Boyfriend deserves to get a hold on those of the dog-head."

Seth gahs! as he's grabbed by the demoness. "Sorry... It's not everyday I see this sort of transformation..." He raises his arms in surrender. "Put me down, and let's focus on that obnoxious f*** that is Empath?" Assuming he'll be put on the ground, he continues, "The guy has a kick manipulating emotions, right? He revels in it, right? Then, I think his worst nightmare would be him having no powers at all."

Ruth facepalms as seth explains his idea "miss grey already said she was against such an idea and the the professor and miss ororo would be add well, yes sorry" reaching into her pack again and pulling out a sock monkey resembling thimble she tried offering it the girl again "happy late birthday Janie, yes you're welcome" then turns her head toward mirage "genosha is apparently back but something is wrong realities are mixing, miss grey had parts of a alternate self in her, thank you yes"

Lucky for Seth, Dani is quick to act, and as she puts her hand on Illyana's shoudler and reminds her of bigger things out there, the demonic sorceress supreme of Limbo nods, and releases her hold of Seth. "Lilttle boy, you mind your tongue arount demons, yes? Much better for your health," Illyana shares a tip with him, before looking at Dani, "you're right. I vant to get even vith gods vho play vith Rahney...and I vant make visit to Empath." Looking over at Seth when he makes his suggestion, she smirks, "dat is possible...for a time, I need to relax. I'll be back." With that a stepping disc opens underneath Illyana's feet and she sinks into it before disappearing.

"Don't look at me." Dani says before anyone gets the idea that she should try her powers on Empath "I've never tried to show Empath's his." with his mental prowess she isn't even sure if she could. Shaking her head as Illyana puts Seth down and disppears. "Yes, Ruth I know. Ship has been running scans of the fluxes, trying to see if there is a pattern that can be recognized so we can know where the next effect will be." she rubs her temple amount "You guys finish the pizza, enjoy all that the Tower has to offer. I'm going to go get an aspirin." with that she makes a less dramatic exit by using the elevator. (and takes the sockmonkeys with her)

Seth looks at Ruth, and now it's him that gets angry, "He's a /criminal/, Ruth!" He sighs, struggling not to have the voice of reason lost. "This guy uses emotions for his sick pleasure and goals!" He scoffs, "All former opinions factored in, the fact remains that to have powers is to have the moral obligation to know when is the right and the wrong time to use them." He adds, "Same thing with a criminal with a gun. Police officers don't leave the people they apprehend with their guns in their hands, do they?"

Janie shakes her head and flings the blade closed again as the Demoness vanishes. "I better get some thing." she mutters as she picks the monkey and gives it a strange look, muttering a short thanks. What she needs a sockmonkey for?

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