PING - Spiral checks on Betsy

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Spiral drops in on Bets

Spiral Psylocke

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12/05/12 14:00

A Macy's in NYC

Betsy is out shopping the day after learning Spiral has been seen around the city. A revelation which involved a number of people saying Spiral's name repeatedly.

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Hm, no, wrong shade of color. Clink, clink, go the hangars as Betsy browses the sweaters inside a local Macy's. She's still a bit on edge after last night's revelation from Sandman and Kitty, and Betsy does two things to calm down, hit things and go clothes shopping. She already did the first, and decided to take a day trip into the city to do the second. The tall Japanese woman is dressed casually for the cold weather, a simple grey dress, black stockings and boots, and a double-breasted coat over that.

Spiral has been cured of her amnesia, and soon had become bored of the Thunderbolts base - not hard. And then... hmm. Her name is being mentioned in vain?
By Psylocke, no less?
She bides her time, in any case. No sense in dropping in to the middle of the Xavier mansion after all. But nobody lives in a fortress all the time... and so eventually Spiral makes her move!
There is a loud PING and suddenly Spiral is there, right in the shop, all spandexed up and with her vaguely samurai-esque helmet on. And more or less standing at Betsy's elbow, looking uncommonly serene. "I wondered where you had gone.".

Turning her head at the sound of the PING, Betsy's eyes widen and her body jerks in surprise, the small collection of hangered items held in one of her hands dropping to the floor. She parts her lips, but nothing comes out at first, and she moves to take another step back before she manages to respond in a soft hiss, "What are you doing here! L-Leave me alone!" The one thing the tall Japanese woman certainly doesn't do is reach out to even attempt touching Spiral's mind.

Spiral looks down at the puddle of clothing on the floor, and then looks back up at Psylocke again with her pupilless eyes. "I heard you were back in the city, and I was curious. New clothing, hmm?" she wonders, looking around the shop. "I suggest black, it works with any skin colour." she suggests, entirely innocently, though a smirk is beginning to form.
And to think that she had no base motives in dropping in whatsoever - in fact possibly fairly kind ones - but when it comes to meanness, Spiral just can't help herself.

Betsy follows the six-armed woman's gaze down to the clothing on the floor, then looks back up to her, outrage and terror clearly at war in the Japanese woman's expression, "You were /curious/? Stay away from me, Spiral. You have already ruined my life." She sucks in a sharp breath at the suggestion, her hands balling into fists as she resists the urge to scream at the white-haired woman or punch her. "I'm glad you're so pleased with your work. What do you want? At least now I can inform everyone that the story you told them about having amnesia was a lie."

"It was not a lie." Spiral tells Psylocke, a little aggrieved. "I would not willing act like some pathetic victim; fortunately I did not embarass myself too much while weakened. And how did you hear about that? Meh. I suppose half the city knows...". She swipes two hands angrily through the air, cutting. "It is irrelevant now anyway, I have recovered." she says in a slight truth bending.
"And of course, I am /very/ pleased with my work. Maybe I should drop in on Kwannon too, I did save her life as part of the process after all." she muses. "We did, anyway, I could not have done it without you. And I made you better into the bargain, as well. It is not so bad, is it?". She stretches out her six arms, glancing down at them momentarily, before looking back at Psylocke again.

"It's too bad noone took the chance to cut off your head while you were weakened." Betsy hisses quietly at the other woman, apparently not wanting to make more of a scene in the store than simply arguing with a six-armed woman does. She manages an angry smirk at the woman, "Your work is flawed, since we both think we're /me/." Which might not make a lot of sense. But then again, having two people in separate bodies who both think they're the same person doesn't make sense either. The JapaBrit's body quivers, wanting to spring at Spiral's comment about it not being so bad, "This is not /my body/, damn you! You didn't make me 'better', you crazy witch."

Spiral lets out a small laugh. "What makes you think the multiverse makes sense!" she wonders. "It doesn't make sense, I can assure you of that! And if you think my work is flawed...". She frowns, annoyed a little at such professional discourtesy - not to mention an implication Spiral is rather sensitive about. "Better than Kwannon being without a brain, now she has half a shared brain! And if you think /you/ are twisted, or flawed, you don't even know what twisted and flawed is! You are lucky, so lucky... ".

"Your work is flawed. Most likely because you're -insane-." Betsy repeats herself, muttering at the woman and then scowls, "I don't care about Kwannon, I'd be happier if I'd never known the woman existed and much happier if I wasn't IN HER BODY!" The tall Japanese woman finally loses a bit of control, shouting the last few words. Then she begins to laugh, "Yes. I'm so lucky! Go away, Spiral! Find someone else to torment! I am not your toy, nor am I here for your amusement. Go keep Mojo company, and stay there."

"Of course I'm not sane!" Spiral laughs, shaking her head in seeming exasperation. "You've not been listening to a word I said, lucky ninja." she mutters sourly. "You saved a life, I thought that was what you two armed heroes cared about. Now... meh.". She waves a hand dismissively. "Torment? I am not tormenting, this was just a hello, to see how my finest creation was getting on.". Her nose wrinkles a bit, and Spiral actually looks momentarily a little sad - but only momentarily.
And she was thinking of apologising for whatever slight hurt she may have caused, but... no. It would never work. And besides - regrets are for lesser beings. "Very well..." she says, after a moments consideration, and leans forward to pick up Psylocke's clothes which were hastily discarded. Holding them out to the ninja, she waves a hand, and abruptly disappears with another PING, leaving the clothes floating there for a brief moment, before falling.

Betsy scoffs at Spiral, "Just a hello. Nothing is -just- anything with you, Spiral." She bounces on the balls of her feet at the finest creation comment, clearly struggling not to lunge at the six-armed woman. She steps back when Spiral moves to pick up the clothing, and blinks as the woman disappears, not reaching to catch the clothes until they start to fall. She glances around the store, letting out a long sigh.

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