Pilot Not Picked Up

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Pilot not picked up

Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar

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11/21/12 16:25

The Bronx

The conclusion to Dagger and Shatterstar's adventure

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-----==[ Bronx - New York ]==-------------------------------------------------

The Bronx is the third largest borough of New York City, as well as being the third most populous. Heavy industrial areas lie besides residential districts in this borough. Because of this, the sky is usually grey above this section of New York, giving it an ominous feeling. Trees seem not to grow here, and if they do, their leaves are dried and dark. Shae stadium is located within this area.

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[8B] - 8-Ball Willie's - Bronx [AB] - Main Floor - Abandoned Glass F
[AT] - Abandoned Tenament Building - [DP] - Deadpool's Palace of Funk - Br
[EP] - Edge, P.I. - Bronx [JY] - Junk Yard - Bronx
[KP] - King's Park Shelter - Bronx [MD] - Mel's Diner - Bronx
[S] - Queens - New York [SU] - Subway System - New York
[SW] - El Barrio - New York [VI] - Vulcan Ironworks - Bronx
[W] - East River - New York [WH] - Warehouse - Bronx
[YS] - Yankee Stadium - Bronx [YT] - Yankee Tavern - Bronx

Scenes from last episode:

And then... *blip*. None other than Spiral appears, beyond the doorway out in the corridor. Behind Grice. And she's angry. "CUT! I don't believe it." she mutters, two hands on hips, and two more pointing accusingly at Shatterstar and Dagger. "You ruined the climax! Weeks of work!". Now she knows why Mojo is so surly.

Shatterstar gapes for a moment, but then his expression turns to one of anger. "Spiral! This is all some sort of...some sort of show?" His mood lightens, then his tone changes from surprise to one of...complaint? "You should have told me. I could have rehearsed appropriately!"

Dagger glares at spiral feeling weak and worn out with the healing and quite angry "you did this? You tortured people! You lied to them! You blackmailed them! People have died! For what? Your amusement? You're sick and evil! This is not how you treat people!"

A show set up involving brutally murdered people, mutilated people, and blackmailed people - she wasn't lying when she said she was busy. She does expand somewhat at Shatterstar's words though. "I think it worked better without rehearsal. I will remember the value of surprise in combat in the future." she says with a wide smirk.
And then she scowls at Dagger. "This was going to be the latest hit in the Mojoverse; Noir York City! Until you ruined it, anyway. You were even going to be the stars! Though I think the pilot episode is probably salvageable..." she muses, thinking. "I hope so, that fat blob wants results for giving me my memories back.".

Shatterstar frowns. "Mojo gave you your memories back?" He takes a few steps closer to Dagger, staff seperating once more into the slightly more offensive twin batons . "All of them...?"

Dagger looks over at shatterstar, well this can't be good if even he's going on the defense. "Then it sounds to me like I did exactly what I was supposed to. My job! I'm Dagger" mustering up a couple healing knives, she throws them at shatterstar to help him recover. "How are you feeling jake?"

"Not all of them." Spiral concedes to Shatterstar. "Enough to know I can't stand him, but what choice did I have? Wandering around like a pathetic innocent.". She scowls some more. "Twisty turning Spiral got straightened out, just a little bit. I should be grateful for His Corpulence for that." she mutters, voice dripping bile. "I guess he got bored; it's more fun for him when he knows I know how much I hate him.". Spiral could go on about how much she loathes her sometime boss all day.

Jake is groaning, but at least he's not dying, and the groaning says as much. . If anything he's in shock, staring at his blade-hands, and thinking. No doubt about those Baldies who he killed in that rainswept alleyway a few weeks ago now, the memory cloudy through a mist of rage, but there nevertheless. "I'm... still alive..." he gets out.

Dagger nods to jake with a smile "yes you are, I couldn't let you die but I couldn't let you hurt people anymore either. I hope you understand, and I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone, you were trying to stop yourself, to protect peole from yourself. It's alright, you'll be ok. We can you fixed, trust me" there had to be a way if it could be done it could be undone! She just knew it! "there's always another option spiral, plenty of peole with mind abilities could have helped, but what you have done...is simply wrong! So very horribly wrong! People aren't toys for your amusement they're living creatures that deserves compassion and respect!"

Spiral hmphs. "Nobody would help a freak like me. Much more likely that they put me in a cage. I think that almost happened on at least a few occasions." she tells Dagger with a scowl.
And she points at Jake. "He said he'd do anything to be able to kill those street scum. All I did was give him the power." she says matter of factly. "And the right frame of mind, I don't think he'd /really/ be able to do it without my help there as well."

Shatterstar turns his head slowly between Jake and Spiral. Jake got a few licks in, true (lucky shot, a small part of Shatterstar's mind remarks helpfully). But Spiral is, well, Spiral. Shatterstar's swords are back to being swords again. Lethal weapons, for a situation that's become lethal. He raises them, one directed at each of the enemies in the room. "He said he'd do anything to get revenge on the Baldies..." Shatterstar repeats, mulling it over. Then his eyes lock on Spiral again. "And what DID he have to do?"

Dagger glares at spiral as she stay with jake "you know darn well being altered like this wasn't what he meant. People say alot of thins in the heat of the moment that they don't mean. Did it every occur to you that there might be reason people wanted to put you in cage while they helped you? You're insane and evil and of peole could help fix that then I'm sure they have secrets they want to keep and some major precautions would need to be taken with someone like you." Then looks grimly at shatterstar "sign his body over to her if I'd hazard a guess. Lord help her, she sure could use it" then looks concerned toward jake "stay with me ok? You'll be ok, we'll get you fixed, I promise....and I never break a promise"

Spiral laughs at Dagger. "How true. Be careful what you wish for." she says bitterly. "And of course I'm not sane! Sanity is simply the denial of chaos! You can't have multiple temporal existences in a sane universe!".
She then shakes her head though, while her arms wave around threateningly, when she sees Shatterstar reaching for swords, pulling three silver swords of her own out of thin air. "And yes, he agreed to do it, and so did the detective! I give people what they want is all, but then /I/ want something in exchange, that's hardly unfair. I needed this stupid show to work out.".

Shatterstar's eyes narrow at the sight of the three swords, and he adjusts his grip on his own so that both are held towards Spiral. Without taking his eyes off of Spiral, Shatterstar turns his head just a bit to give the impression of talking over his shoulder to Dagger. "Please make sure he doesn't involve himself..." he murmurs at her, then adds after a bit. "For either side." Next Shatterstar takes a step closer to Spiral, both swords raised defensively. "So your show is not working out? Perhaps it's not too late..."

Jake (and Grice, who is also watching) doesn't look like he plans on involving himself. After all, he's still messed up and lying on the ground - he'd probably be dead if Dagger hadn't healed him.

Dagger shakes her head "you poor thing, you must have been thru alot to become what you are....but" she says looking back determinedly at spiral "i hate to inform you that you've been canceled, time to return to your regularly scheduled program, spiral" nodding almost imperceptibly to shatterstar agee looks to jake "forgive me but you understand right?" Creating two light daggers she throws one at grice and hand the other into jake as she squeezes her eyes shut, a tear rolling down her cheek at the horrible necessity of her actions. No telling the healing rate jake had now.

"Gladiator games are boring, Mojo has those already. Police procedurals, that would be something new!" Spiral tells Shatterstar. And then she blinks her white eyes as Dagger puts down Grice and Jake, both of whom go down like sacks of potatoes. "Do not touch my actors! I will not warn you again!" she spits at Dagger, now incensed. "You're ruining my final act!".

Shatterstar watches Spiral carefully. "Boring..." he echoes. Then he sighs. "Perhaps you are right," he mentions, his tone thoughtful rather than belligerent. "This world DOES seem to have little use for gladiators. And now you say the same is happening on primetime?" He glances at Dagger and Jake, then focuses on Grice...or at least on his badge. "And that police are more in demand?" He looks at Spiral again, then suddenly straightens up from his combat stance, lowering the swords to his sides. "This show is already a lost cause," he assures her. "If it hasn't been ruined already, you can be sure we won't let things continue according to your script." He hurries on, "But it's not too late to salvage...something."

Dagger smiles innocently at spiral with a cute shrug, unphased by the venom in spiral's voice "oops, too late. sorry looks like your scott's are quiting on you" getting to her feet and looking a bit tired, light daggers appear in her hands. Oh of only she could teleport...

Spiral lifts up her six arms, not too happy about the light daggers, or Dagger ruining everything - three of them now glowing with eldritch light. No, it's fair to say that Dagger has annoyed her - Shatterstar is merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Right now, In The Way.
But that's not a problem as she waves one hand, and vanishes, appearing right next to Dagger with a pop, on the far side from Shatterstar. The swords all lunge at Dagger!

Shatterstar blinks as Spiral disappears, then whirls at the sound of the pop. He has just enough time to utter a Mojo-world curse and raise his swords again before Spiral attacks.

Dagger looks with eyes wide as spiral appears and lunges three swords at her. throwing all get daggers at that moment at spiral. The moment her hands are empty....they're not. A sword and shield appearing in her hands she raises the shield to block the swords, using her light sword to parry one of spiral's sword.

SYS: Dagger rolls an agility FEAT. Result: 9 -- White

SYS: Spiral rolls for Remarkable: 30 (White)
SYS: Spiral rolls for Remarkable: 71 (Yellow)
SYS: Spiral rolls for Remarkable: 94 (Yellow)

SYS: Dagger rolls for STUN. Result: 51 -- Stunned 1 Round
SYS: Dagger rolls for STUN. Result: 31 -- Stunned 9 Rounds

Shatterstar charges in, his own swords flashing. Spiral seems to be too preoccupied with Dagger (with stabbing her repeatedly, to be fair) to pass up the chance for an unopposed shot. He knows it'll be hard to get a sword in through three parries otherwise.

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Amazing: 85 (Yellow)
SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Amazing: 17 (White)

SYS: Spiral rolls for STUN. Result: 39 -- Stunned 1 Rounds

Spiral practically runs Dagger through with a whole set of flashing blades. Not that Dagger is permanently damaged, but it looks that hurt, a lot, and Dagger might be out of the tussle for a little while.
But then Shatterstar is next to her and his sword cuts through the air, slashing across Spiral's body and sending her down to the ground. Though only briefly it seems as she's already struggling to her feet.

Shatterstar pushes himself between Spiral and Dagger, then remembers how well that worked last time. He needs a way to keep Spiral off-balance, so that those 3 swords don't get another chance to do their thing. He needs a way to keep Spiral away from Dagger, so that she doesn't get a chance to finish the job on the stunned heroine. And also maybe to give himself more room to operate, an opportunity to cut loose with his most effective tactics and powers. So then Shatterstar pushes again, this time trying to half-tackle, half-shove Spiral through the window and into the streets outside!

Dagger blinks as spiral disappears then snaps her head around at the pop...and throws all her daggers but misses, suddenly summoning a sheild of light into her head...that flickers anf fizzles out with a gasp from dagger. A scream of pain as she's stabbed not once but twice "God have mercy on you" and collapses across jake.

SYS: Shatterstar targets Spiral and rolls for CHARGE attack. Result: 43 -- Hit

Spiral is just getting up, mouth open to make witty remarks to Dagger, when she gets shoulder barged, all the way through Jake's apartment (stumbling over Jake and Dagger in the process, through the window, and down to the street outside. That sort of punishment would leave most people hurting, and Spiral isn't all that exceptional there, as she slowly gets up, eying Shatterstar up above. He certainly hits hard... And she's bleeding a bit from being battered so.
And she smiles at him. "I am glad that the one to dance Mojo from his throne is worthy of the challenge. You can have the ending of your little show the way you want it.". And before she gets hit again she waves a hand, vanishing once more with another pop to who knows where.

Dagger and Shatterstar are left with a wrecked apartment, a traumatised detective and an even more traumatised (and mutilated) Jake. The old woman from across the hallway can also be heard shouting at you all, to keep down the damn noise!

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