Pigeons In The Park

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Scarlet Witch, Aurora

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08/15/12 06:10

Central Park

Aurora goes to Central Park, trying to draw attention, and she winds up meeting the Wanda Maximoff

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A blazing streak in the skies paints in a very fast movement, before slowing down over the general area of Central Park, and the slower it gets, the more evident it becomes that's actually a woman. While not as famous here as she is in Canada, some may recognize Aurora of Alpha Flight, who has been seen more frequently in the US when she came to help the X-Men during the attacks. She reaches for a landing in Central Park at the moment. Easily visible by any in the surrounding area.

Wanda is, right now, feeding the pigeons by the Egyptian obelisk. Or rather, she was, when Aurora's appearance startles no few birds and quite a few passerby. Smiling a bit to herself as she shakes her head, she waves towards the costumed heroine, "Hello there!" She looks rather unfazed, though the very observant would probably recognize the Scarlet Witch outside of her costume.

Aurora isn't the most observant there is, unless of course she's considering herself in a mirror, or a guy she might fancy, neither of which is what Wanda is. "Hi," Aurora calls out and approaches Wanda, "feeding pigeons in the park? That's a nice relaxing activity after all the chaos..."

Wanda laughs softly, "When you do everything that I do... a break from chaos is exactly what's needed." She pauses, and looks at the other woman curiously, "You're... Aurora, yes? With Alpha Flight?" A slight smile, at that, "I don't think we've ever formally met, though I have heard a good deal about you."

"I definitely agree with that," Aurora says with a bright smile, "so, I take it you're certainly a hero yourself, huh?" Aurora asks before giving a curtsy with a flourish to Wanda, "that I am! Came over to lend a hand States side when I heard about what happened to the X-Men." Tilting her head slightly, Aurora winks playfully at Wanda, "hope you heard good thing...because people got mouths, and boy do they ever talk...lots of the nasty stuff is just not true, some people are just jealous, what can I say."

Wanda grins, "Well, I guess you could say I'm a heroine. I'm Wanda Maximoff, though you probably know me as the Scarlet Witch." She makes a twiddling motion with her fingers, a bit of green fire dancing about her fingertips before it vanishes with a *poof!* She then chuckles, "And I haven't heard much but good things about Alpha Flight, though I do admit it seems a little easier up north sometimes than it does here."

"Wanda Maximoff..." Aurora repeats, clearly finding a glint of recognition in the Maximoff part of the name, before she snaps her fingers as Wanda gives her code name, "the Scarlet Witch! I heard of you, hexing people and all that jazz, magic is definitely a useful toy, wish I could use it. So, ever made love potions?" Aurora asks what might not be the first thing people think of when magic is mentioned, but that's her. "Oh, don't even suggest that, just because the heroes in the US don't regularly follow what's happening in Canada doesn't mean we have it easy, trust me."

A blink, and then Wanda's cheek color a bit, "Er, yes, well, no, that's not something I actually do. I mean, I never really learned how to brew potions or the like." She coughs a bit, as her mind seems to wander a little, then she shakes her head, "Oh, I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side, then. I know when I tried to retire from this, I had villains crashing by my house almost on a weekly basis."

"Oh really? Well, you should take it into consideration, you'd make a killing," Aurora offers light-heartedly, going as far as to nudge Wanda playfully with her elbow, "but I want a cut of the profits, my idea!" Shaking her head, Aurora preaches, "it never ends, once they know who you are, they'll insist on dancing with you."

Wanda looks at Aurora a bit wryly, "I think that would be rather unethical of me, and I have enough of a shady reputation as it is." She sighs a little, "But yes, they do enjoy seeking me out sometimes, though not so much lately. I have to wonder how much of it was part of a greater scheme, and how much wasn't... but, I suppose it hardly matters now."

"Come on, Wanda, don't you ever listen to Joan Jett? I don't give a damn about my bad reputation," Aurora moves her head as if she was hearing the music, getting into a little bit of a dance, before getting a hold of herself and stopping. "That reminds me, I have to go clubbing, badly. All this hero stuff really clamps down on your schedule, doesn't it?"

Wanda can't help but laugh a bit, "Well, I suppose it does, at that. I never really noticed it before, but..." She hrms, "I don't know, it seems like most of my life was either being a supervillain, or then being a superhero, and there wasn't a whole lot inbetween. Even being a housewife, I was looped into doing Avengers work more often than not."

"Really?" Aurora asks with genuine curiosity, "so how was it like being a villain? Did you actually wish to harm people? I mean, every now and then there's a tool I really want to punch in the face, but I can't honestly say I ever wished harm on anyone without knowing them."

Wanda hmms, "I normally don't talk about it, but..." She looks over at Aurora, and smiles, "The first time, when I was with my father... well, I can honestly say we didn't know any better. I mean, we were just kids, my brother and I, fleeing angry villagers when Magneto saved us." She considers, "The second time was a bit more recent, and, well, I wasn't entirely thinking clearly." Which is really an understatement.

"I also have a brother!" Aurora practically beams at Wanda, finding this to be a funny coincidence, "though we never really got to know our parents. He got put with some boring family, and I got put in hell." Aurora nods sagely, "but none of that matters now, we both came out alright, and I guess you and your brother are fine too," and that's how one oversimplifies things like a pro.

Wanda chuckles, "Fine... yes, I suppose that is a good word for it. Pietro is doing rather well, from what I understand, though I don't see him as often as I'd like. And my father, well, I really shouldn't talk about him too much." She looks over at Aurora, "Your brother is Northstar, right?"

"Yes, and he'll have you know he's a 3 times Olympic Gold medalist, handsome, sexy, and utterly gay. Oh, he's also a bit of a bitch, if you want me to be honest about it." Aurora certainly isn't shy with words, or speaking her mind, "but he's my brother, and I try to love him as best I can. God knows he loves me a bit too much."

Wanda gets a rather wry look on her face, "Well, aside from the utterly gay, I think he's almost a clone of Pietro." She nods and gives Aurora a grin, "And I can completely relate to that. I lost track of the number of times he yelled at a teammate that he thought was getting 'friendly' with me. Talk about overprotective... but still, better that than him not being around at all."

"That's possible, I guess, though I doubt he'd ever admit to the sort. You have to admit he's god's gift to mankind, literally, or else Jean-Paul would think you're illogical." Aurora grins. She didn't get to spend too much time with Quicksilver at all, but from what she knows about brothers, there's a good chance Wanda is right. "No kidding! Why do they have to do that? Sooooo boring! Plus, it's not like we're 6 year olds that can't help ourselves."

Wanda nods, "Exactly! Well, at least you're as fast as he is. Speed is not one of my powers." She looks at Aurora with an expression bordering on exasperation, "He yelled at Cap, he yelled at Hawkeye, and you do not /want/ to know what he said about the Vision when we first started seeing each other."

Aurora grins as she quips, "I'm pretty sure I'm faster in the air," nevermind that it stems more from Northstar not being quite as reckless, so he tends to give her some space when they fly together, it's likely Northstar catering to his sister so she feels all better about herself. "I bet that gets annoying for you, the fact you can't really lose him if he wants to bother you." Aurora laughs, before wearing a very curious expression, "oh, girlfriend, you got me all wrong. I definitely want to know what he said, come on, spill it out!"

Wanda chuckles, "Honestly, I don't exactly remember. It was a few years ago, but well... I guess he was right in one way. It didn't really work out between me and Vision. Just..." She shrugs, and sighs, "I'm not exactly sure. Life, I suppose, is what happened."

"What is Vision, anyone? I only ever saw a clip, and he looks odd," Aurora points out, "not that I wouldn't give him a shot, just to see what he's like, so was he fun in bed?" Yes, she just met Wanda minutes ago, and already she's comfortable enough to go there in conversation.

Wanda blushes a /very/ bright red at that last question, and says, "He's a synthezoid, a kind of android. And a good man." She looks over at Aurora, "Nothing is really off-limits with you, is there?"

Aurora crosses her arms as she ponders, "android? Hrmm...is he really equipped for, well, you know....love making?" Aurora asks curiously, grinning at Wanda's blush, apparently one of her pastime is to see how flustered she can get people more modest than her. "Oh, I don't see why anything should be off-limits between friends, we are friends, aren't we?"

Wanda isn't blushing /quite/ as badly, but simply says, "He is definitely very well-equipped." And she just leaves it at that, changing the subject a bit, "Friends? Well, we did just meet."

"Hmmm...synthezoids," Aurora murmurs to heself, and it seems like she's actually considering the experience itself, Vision better keep clear of her for the time being. "Oh?" Aurora arches a brow, "well, if we're not, then we're not, I'm just a very friendly person. I find it's a lonely world if we don't have our share of good friends."

Wanda hmmms, "Well, that's a good point. But I think we could be friends, though you are rather..." She pauses, then shrugs, "Flamboyant, compared to most of the people I know." Her expression grows a bit mixed as Aurora considers inappropriate things to do with her ex-husband, but she shrugs that off easily it seems.

"Mais oui, c'est Aurora!" The Canadian heroine grins brightly as she takes a theatrical bow before Wanda, "life would be quite boring if I wasn't around to make it fun," she says and actually sounds like she means it. No doubt, she is Northstar's sister.

Wanda laughs a little, "I suppose /that/ is true. But I should probably be headed back to the mansion before much longer." She pauses, and smiles over at Aurora, "I'm sure I'll be seeing you around, yes?"

"You can count on it, there's more to do in New York City, and I don't get bothered as often as when I'm in Canada." Aurora waves at Wanda, and then moves to take a little stroll about the park, seeing who is around that needs help, or is interesting enough.

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