Pick me ups and pickups

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Pick me ups and pickups

Rex, Phantasm

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06/25/2012 17:00

Bellvue Hospital

Mike stops by to pay a visit to Rex in the hospital.

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-----==[ Bellvue Hospital - Midtown ]==---------------------------------------

This complex is the largest of the Manhattan Area. It offers health care to cover many needs. The broad field of this facility offers helipads, ambulance bays, as well as parking for many thousand within immense parking garages. Various buildings from this area are open to service the differing needs of the patient. Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can be seen throughout the area.



Rex Gregson

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[HL] - Hematology Lab - Bellvue Hospi [O] - Midtown - New York

Rex Gregson is currently in the recovery ward. She managed to nail a private room, even while not really asking for it. Right now she was sitting at a small table, one arm in a sling, trying to eat spagetti. With limited results. "... Mrrrr."

A nurse walks in, setting a grotesqely yellow smiley face shaped coffee mug vase with overly cheery, yellow roses and white daisys sprouting out of it. Without a word, she sets it upon a table directly across from where Rex's bed is with a card sticking out on a plastic stick teasingly too far away to read. The nurse retreats quickly.

Rex Gregson glances up and over, blinking a few times as the Nurse leaves before she can say anything. She peers at the mug, then snickers. Swallowing the pasta and then wiping her chin, she stands to shuffle over to reach for the card with her good arm. "How nice! if weird...

The card turns out to be more like a print out, with the florist's watermark lining the bottom edge of the paper. The words are simple, and somewhat brief. 'Well I can't tell you what to do; but at least you're not feeling blue.' Despite something beyond the usual 'Get Well Soon.' It does not have a name attached to it.

Another blink of confusion "... ookay. Mystery message from an adoring anonymous fan. " she smiled though, always charmed by it... unless it was a creepy stalker. She sniffed the flwoers, happy and her mood definitely perked up "I'm surprised they FOUND a flower shop that's open right now! That's dedication!"

"Well, that's the perk of the online florist services." A voice speaks up from the doorway. Seemingly having materialized from there during the time Rex was eyeing the flowers, Mike is leaning against the doorway. Although dressed down in his usual street attire, Mike's at least had the forethought to take off the knitcap and tuck it into one of his pants pockets. His hair, although pulled back in a ponytail, has a small bit of frizz courtousey of the knit cap he removed, "You put the order in. They have a list of the nearest ones that can fill the order."

Jumping in surprise, Rex looks up at the doorway. Then her face,s till a bit pink-splotched from the acid, splits into a smile "Mike! you sent these then? How sweet of you! Did you uh, survive that incident okay? " she paused, to look him up and down "Well you did better than i I suppose.

Mike nods, tucking his hands in his pockets. "Yeah." He shifts to put all of his weight on his feet before stepping in, "Wade was out of town and I was crashing with friends this week. "I ended up staying with friends while Wade was out of town. Turned out to be a good place to hide out for that kind of stuff." He pauses, looking over at Rex, brow arching, "I heard you got shot. But, what happened to your face?"

"Come and sit down. I'm still eating." encourages Rex, returning to her seat. Then she nods "Yes. I ran into one of the worse mutants down in Mutant Town. While Ironically, putting on a small show for the kids there on father's day. And ... I dont know if 'shot' is the word. The guy was electrocuted and the gun went off."

Getting the explanation as he walks over, he finds another chair in the room and drags it over to the table, turning it around he sits upon it backwards, leaning against the back of the chair with his arms crossed around the top to make a nest for his chin as he looks over to Rex, "Still getting shot, even if it wasn't intended."

"True I suppose. I'm glad you're doing okay. " she sighs "This has been a.. rough month. You know I'm almost tempted to move back to England." she confesses quietly

Mike frowns. "Well... New York does have it's ups and downs," he comments, eyes looking down to Rex's food, "A lot of them. To an outsider it would be odd to see so many people sticking around the city with the frequency of stuff going on. But, you can never say this city is boring."

Rex Gregson nods "Very true, although I hope I dont get held up, shot, or spit on by acid again any time soon. Otherwise I will start wearing my mask in public all the time." she admits, half seriously. "How do you handle it? You dont have a bodyguard..

The frown deepens, "Yeah, no bodyguard..." Pushing himself up, he starts to move over to a hospital window, glancing out, "I lived here most of my life." He looks over to Rex, "The form may be different, but I'm not a stranger to violence or getting hurt."

"I suppose so. Perhaps I should look into self defense." admits Rex, finishing her pasta up as she settles back in the chair, watching him acutely "I guess its culture shock. Is that what I can blame it on? " she chuckled.

Mike is quiet for a few moments before he gives a slight smirk, "Whatever works for you." He looks back out the window, scanning the view, "Self Defense lesson number one. Don't underestimate the defensive power of a hot cup of coffee you have in hand."

Rex Gregson laughs a little bit, nodding "Most especially if the mug is ceramic." She remarks, glancing to that smiley-face mug. And then smiles again brightly. "Oh, is THAT why ninety percent of the people buy Starbucks in this city? Not for drinking but for self defense? It all comes together now!"

"Well, that or they use the caffiene high to fuel the running for their lives." Mike replies, "I prefer drinking the coffee. Hell, that's my life's blood there, but I have had to resort to using it for defensive reasons before."

"I dont like Coffee. Then again, I dont like tea either, even if I was raised mostly in England. I actually prefer Soya milk." she admits "Or hot cocoa. With Soya. Its not as thick or creamy as regular milk."

"And this is why we could never date." Mike comments with a sigh, "So many differences. I drink my coffee black." The smile weakens a bit as his eyes settle upon something outside, "But...yeah, self defense training might not be bad. Go with one sponsored by the local police departments. They're less focused on the money and more focused on their students actually surviving."

Her eyes widen a bit like that in surprise "... You wouldnt have to give up coffee for me though." she nods in agreement "I'll do that. Sounds like a good plan. Thank you for the advice. I get out tomorrow - maybe lunch, somewhere more relaxing?"

Mike doesn't respond immediately, still looking out the window, gaze still set upon what he's looking at. "Yeah- Lunch." He blinks, stepping away from the window to look over towards Rex, "Something of high contrast to what you're likely getting served here..." He pauses, cracking a smile, "Hospital cafeteria?"

"Actually its not as bad as those rumors saying. They feed you quite good. Its not burgers and fries but its not 'plastic' either." remarks Rex.

You say, "That's because you got the upper room." Mike comments, "Although I will say they're not stingy with the styrofoam cups and ice when you want something to drink."

"That's because you got the upper room." Mike comments, "Although I will say they're not stingy with the styrofoam cups and ice when you want something to drink.

"Upper room but I insisted on standard fare." she remarks tartly at that, folding her hands in her lap "I did request a PLASTIC cup though."

"Then it's settled." Mike replies, "Hospital Cafeteria for Lunch tomorrow." He starts to head to the door, "Just give me a call when you get out."

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