Petites and Rhino

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Petites and Rhino

Energy and Gogo

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2013/06/03 13:25

El Barrio, Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC

Rhino tries to make a withdrawl. Energy and Gogo object and interfere.

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Bordering on the East River, El Barrio is the overwhelmingly hispanic neighborhood of Manhattan, a 'Spanish Harlem'. Of course, Harlem is no longer really quite Harlem anymore, not like it was years ago. But the name, the persona, still sticks out in the mind of popular culture and expectations. Yet as rough and tumble as El Barrio can be, one still doesn't expect that a grocer's storefront will explode outwards with the likes of the Rhino emerging from the billowing smoke and debris, a large sack over one shoulder.

But for anyone concerned that Rhino is about to get away unopposed, have no fear! No, no. It's not Spider-Man, though surely the webslinger would be happy to have found his oft-time foe for a rematch. Instead, beams of golden light come streaking out of the grocer's storefront behind Rhino, slamming into his massive gray bulk from behind. "You don't get away that easy, ugly!" comes a younger woman's voice, as a black-clad form comes sprinting out through the hole, another golden glow building around her fists as she does so. "I'm pretty sure Mister Escobar didn't hire you for renovations. And that means you owe the nice man an apology. And repairs!"

"Oh yeah?" Rhino yells, turning around. He's a bit perturbed but doesn't seem like he was too hurt by those blasts. "And what? You gonna make me or somethin'?" As soon as the girl in black gets close enough, he ratchets back one massively-thewed arm and hauls off, cracking her a thundering blow that sends her hurtling sideways into a crumpled (now) mailbox. "Back off, kid, b'fore I step on ya."

The meeting with the UCWF suits had gone on and on, but it was finally over. Annie was riding back towards her hotel in the back of a Hummer limo. She was kicked back, listening to music, pondering whether she was a horrible person to be riding around in such a stupid vehicle. The driver was chatting over the music, telling Annie about how he was shaving time off her drive by avoiding some street or the other, where they were busy rebuilding after a superhero fight. That's when a car blindsided them, but who could blame the guy driving the car for his panicked yank of the wheel? Rhino was a pretty scary fellow, and he was blocking the road up ahead. Better to bounce your car into a limo than to crash it into the Rhino.

"Crap!" The word exploded from the driver a moment or two after the worse cursing that came when the cab hit him. "Rhino! One second Annie! I'll get us out of here..." he was already starting to gun the limo into reverse before he noticed he was missing his passenger.

Annie had already hopped out of the car in her lilac skirt suit and pumps, and was taking ooff the jacket while she walked towards the action, "Hey handsome! You going to pay for that?"

Rhino is stomping over towards the girl he just backhanded into the (formerly) big blue mailbox, as she hops and rolls to her feet, then hops /up into the air/, hanging there like it is the most natural thing in the world, while glowing with that same golden energy. Rhino swings for her, but she dodges, then blasts him in the face a few times for good measure. This is about when Annie starts in on him.

Rhino turns, looking at the tall orange woman in the pale purple skirt and blouse, a bit wonderingly. "What? Rhino pays for nothing!" he shouts, but he can't help glancing beyond Annie, trying to figure out what it is she wants. Which is when he spots the limo with the open door, the one she just came out of. And the car that side-swiped it trying to get away from him. So far, he seems to be ignoring the girl pelting him with energy blasts in favor of paying attention to Annie. "What'ju gonna do about it?" he bellows.

Annie bends and takes off her shoes, then she removes her suit jacket, dropping it on top of the shoes. "Well. I guess I am going to kick your grey ass all up and down the street." She unzips the skirt and lets it fall about her ankles, stepping out of it. A walk becomes a jog and a job becomes a bulllrush. A running head butt is Rhino's gig, but if he lets her deliver her own version she'll happily do so, though she's just trying to close the distance to get those massive arms on him.

Big, and orange. Female. Not rocky like the Thing. It doesn't take much for the flying girl in black to recognize a fellow former Camp Hammond trainee. "Hey, Gogo!" she calls out, taking flight to clear the way behind Rhino as Gogo charges the big grey behemoth. She thinks better of this, though, and flies down, actually to the ground where she kneels behind Rhino's legs.

Rhino sees no reason to avoid Annie's charge, so he just hunkers down, thinking himself ready for whatever she can throw at him. When Annie impacts, grappling with Rhino - who is not much of a skilled grappler, really, and has one hand busy - he loses some footing and goes backwards. Of course, backwards brings his knees up against Energy, kneeling behind him, and she pushes into those joints, compromising his solidity and bringing Rhino tumbling down in a heap over her back and onto the sidewalk with a resounding crunch!

The lightweight top is ruined by the impact. Two tanks don't collide and chiffon survive. But the understuff is made of tougher stuff. Annie topples Rhino with Energy's clever trick, and as she lands on him she grows to full size, the last remnants of the blouse gone in an instant. She moves to cover Rhino, so she can maintain control. "Hey! Energy right? What the hell is he taking?" If she didn't know better, she'd think the Rhino just came out of a grocery store!

Hey, cool! Gogo remembers her! All excited by this, Energy almost starts babbling. She does manage to scoot out from under Rhino's thrashing legs, but not until she has been pounded into the pavement a time or two herself. Apparently, she's resilient enough that she's not crippled by this, which is saying something. "Let's find out." she offers, jogging around to grab the now-fallen bag past Rhino's shoulder. "Looks like a lot of money. I wouldn't think a grocery store would have this much cash on hand." She waits for an opening, and then hauls back and hammers Rhino in the jaw while Annie is still holding him down. "Great to see you, Gogo. How've you been? You look awesome. Doing something cool, I take it, given the limo and stuff?" She can only hold back the babble reflex so long.

The codename had stuck with her, but when Energy starts yammering, Gogo remembers her. Or rather she remembers people talking about how Energy could have been called Jabberjaw. Annie laughs while swivelling about on Rhino to try and lock him up in a choke. With that big armored suit it isn't an easy thing, but then again, she's got arms like tree trunks now that she's a big girl. Bigger girl. "Dang! They must be running a heck of a special. Superheroing for Dummies would call that very suspicious." She cranks on the hold while she looks over at Energy, "Thanks. That suit was brand new. And nah. Not very cool. Just lawyer stuff. The UCWF is worried about my image with all this crap going down. They don't want me to become political."

Awwww. Poor Energy's enthusiasm would be all bruised, and there would be sniffles. Good thing no one told her about 'Jabberjaw.' The black-suited, masked girl hauls off and hammers Rhino in the jaw again, while Gogo twists around and gets him in that massively-thewed chokehold. His one weakness is that Rhino still needs to breathe, and before long he's having trouble with that. Energy zots him a few times for good measure, right in the unprotected face, until the huge grey behemoth finally gives up, zonking out. "I think it probably is suspicious. But we can let the cops sort it out, now. Right?" She bends her knees a bit and offers a hand to Gogo to help the orange woman up, bracing a bit as she should. She's strong, but she only has so much mass to go around. "Well, most of the suit is OK, right? Just have to replace the blouse. That was pretty, though. What's political about helping out when some creep starts busting up the neighborhood?" Yeah, that confuses Energy. She's an idealist, not a realist. It's the 'teenager' thing.

"Oh. There's nothing political about fighting the actual badguys. Just you know, the anti and pro stuff. UCWF wants me to avoid that, which hey, that's fine by me. I don't want to get inolved with that anyhow." When Rhino finally goes out she disengages from him and stands up with Energy's help. A few tugs at her outfit to make sure she's decent, then offers her hand to Energy again, "IT's great seeing you. You going to be working out of New York?"

"Anti-super stuff? Oh, that crap's over with now." Youthful idealism rears its beautiful head. Energy shakes Annie's hand. She's smiling, but it's impossible to tell that with the lower half of her face masked as it is. "Great seeing you, too. Yeah, I'll be working around New York for a while. I'm back in the States, at least, and this is where I'm hanging my hat. So darned glad that asshat Osborn is done with. I can't believe everything they let him get away with. It's pretty sad. You stayed in the country, hunh? Did they get you on a team? Or did you go underground?" She has heard rumors about how things happened while she was away. Her dad being SHIELD helps, though she tries not to make that part open knowledge.

"Oh yeah. I know. They are still worried about me being in the Initiative. So you know, a lot of discussion about stuff that I don't control. But me and some of the other wrestlers needed to be there for some reason." She gives the woman's hand a shake after holding it for a bit, then she heads over to pick her shoes and clothing up off the the ground. "I tried to stay out of the States as much as possible. I was in the south of France and Charleston. Which nothing really important happens in Charleston, so it was like being out of the country. So you left the country too?"

"Wasn't my idea, but yeah. France, mostly." Energy admits. She sounds a tad bit ashamed about it. Given all that went down in the states, which she missed out on, it's not hard to see why she might feel that way. "Charleston, hunh? South Carolina. Pretty state. But I guess they all are, aren't they?." She reaches to her belt, and taps a button on her phone. "One sec. Hello, Operator. I'm calling to report a crime in progress. Rhino burst out of a grocery store in the Barrio, carrying a big bag of cash. We need police at my location. Two metahuman heroes on site: Gogo and Energy. Thanks." She looks back up to Annie, smiling. "You were pretty awesome. Glad you were around, he seemed to keep ignoring me."

"Are you super strong as well? You might have tried giving him a shot in the chops with your fist. Either way, I'm sure you would have got him eventually. I mean, he's not a chump. He's like...a real A list villain." Annie brushes at her legs then takes a moment to shrink down to her normal size so she can pull on the skirt. "France is really nice. I loved the south of France. I tried Italy out too. I could have spent the last few years in either and been happy I think."

"Oh, I was happy. Just feel guilty about it, especially now." Energy explains. She shrugs a bit, and nods. "I'm pretty strong, yeah. That's what I ended up with, first. I did try hitting him. It didn't seem to accomplish much." Then again, she tried popping him on the chin, and his armor probably protects him from that. "But we did good, together. That's cool. I like that." she offers.

Annie smiles at the large woman, and reaches out to pat her shoulder, "You shouldn't worry about that sort of thing. You can't be everywhere, and everyone deserves to lead a life. That doesn't just go for the people you save, it goes for you too. So France was a little extra safe for a bit. I mean, Ben Grimm was over there. So, you had good company. If I'd known you were there I would have totally gotten together with you. It would have been nice to have a friend along when I went walking through Italy."

Energy chuckles a bit, and reaches up to pat the big orange hand on her shoulder. "Well, I was supposed to be keeping a low profile over there. You probably wouldn't have found me." Then again, how many female teenagers can there be who are six foot two, with red hair and a blonde streak in it? Would she really be that hard to find? "Regardless, thanks. I'm glad to know that you would have invited me if you'd known. Can I help you get your limo taken care of? I have to stay until the cops show up to take Rhino and that money. But only one of us has to stay, if you are needed elsewhere."

Annie turns her attention to the accident, helping to clear it up by hoisting things around. She likes to help out like that. While she's doing that she says, "Well, I do gotta get running. But hey, we should get together and exchange notes on France or something. We petites need to support each other."

"Petites." Energy can't help giggling at that. "I like that." she offers, nodding. "We'll have to get together. Maybe I can give you a call or something? I don't exactly have a number for this identity." Much as she wants to be a professional, she's still a teenager, darnit. She has limitations. But she helps hoist cars and move things around, getting order assembled out of chaos. It'll help the cops get here faster too, right?

Gogo smiles and says, "Sure. My number is listed. Annie Ritter. My machine will pick up if I'm not at home." She chortles along with the teen, then offers a parting handshake, "So, it was great seeing you again. Nice to see you made it through the whole nonsense unscathed."

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