Peeking To The Future

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Finesse, Blindfold

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12/03/12 11:26

Xavier Institute

Jeanne returns to her shared room with Ruth and finds her roommate inside, she decides to go ahead and consult with the pre-cog about her Pumpkin case.

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Jeanne steps into the room, twisting her limbs and shaking about to relax, before inching towards her bed and collapsing on it, groaning a bit, before turning her head towards Ruth, "hey Ruth, can I ask you a question?"

Blindfold took out an earbud as she pressed pause on her mp3 player and set down the book, seated on a bean bag chair with a fuzzy blanket draped over it "About 'pumpkins' Jeanne, yes thank you?" smiling toward her roomate

"Right," Jeanne says with a grin on her face, "there's an ability I'd love to have, it saves so much time, if I didn't know how petty that feeling was I'd be jealous." Turning over to lay on her back, staring at the ceiling, Jeanne mutters, "I did some research, and I narrowed my list of suspects down to a select group. I was wondering if you could help me narrow it down further. Or maybe, if you saw could help. Some of those guys are dangerous, and I'm not too sure if it's the best approach for me to take them on my own."

Blindfold smiles "You have nothing to be jealous of Jeanne, trust me yes thank you. We all have our abilities for a reason,we just need to put them to the best use we can, ys you're welcome. The man called the jack-o-lantern takes the heads of his victims and makes jack-o-lanterns out of them, has been since before he gained his name and mask, yes I'm sorry. He has killed everyone that has worn his mask before him, killed his parents and used their heads for jack-o-lanterns, his own calling card. I'm sorry forgive me Jeane but this isn't something you can do alone you'll need help"

"So...I guess that little Jack O'Lantern I got was a hint that he wants to make one from my head?" Jeanne doesn't sound as distraught as one might expect upon learning such terrible news. "That is an affront to science, I'd be too big of a loss for a stupid decoration. I wonder if he has a reasonable motive." Jeanne thinks a moment as Ruth tells her she would need help, "I was thinking about asking Wolverine to go with me...but I'm not quite sure yet where he hides. I've been thinking about trying to do some mayhem and leave his calling card, see how he likes that."

Blindfold nods "Sort of a warning I guess, sorry, my apologies. He's a sociopath by definition, skinned and tortured animals alive as a child, after his aprents he was raised and trained by master crime, calls him daddy. Shaw is enquiring about him Jeanne, I heard him, yes I'm sure. When this hits full blown Miss Grey just might dub you the new trouble magnet, yes please" grinning as she means the last as a joke

"You don't have to apologize because some idiot wants to turn my head into a Jack O'Lantern, his parents need to apologize for ever giving him birth." Jeanne has to make sure Blindfold realizes she's not going to hold her accountable for being the bearer of bad news. It's kinda what precogs tend to do. "Ha! That Miss Grey would dub me as a trouble magnet? She doesn't even know about 80 percent of the time I'm breaking rules," Jeanne laughs, amused by Ruth's attempt at levity. "So...I need to see Sebastian Shaw? I think he's a business man. I should be able to schedule myself an appointment with him."

Blindfold looks shocked at Jeanne "What? Nonono please, no! Shaw is more then a business man, the mere mention of him sets Miss Grey on edge, he's high up inthe Hellfire club Jeanne, please yes stay away from him" she understood though that this all wasn't her fault "Miss Grey put me under protective custody just about and named me a trouble magnet, you're next in line for the title, yes thank you"

Jeanne seems fascinated now as she sits up in her bed and looks directly at Blindfold, "is that so? I may have to talk to Ms. Grey first." Furrowing her brow when the Hellfire Club is mentioned, Jeanne asks, "you think they card you at the Hellfire Club? Could be a problem getting in there," is she joking or being serious? Not too clear, but then she offers the alternative, "I've been thinking of visiting Mr. Shaw in his company, not the Hellfire Club." Smirking at Ruth's warning about being dubbed 'Trouble Magnet' she reconsiders whether talking to Ms. Grey would be a good idea.

Blindfold nods "Talk to Miss Grey, yes please Jeanne but..just please promise me you won't visit the hellfire club, shaw's business or meet shaw, please, yes please please?" very worried for her roomate.

Getting on her feet, Jeanne looks mighty pleased with her conversation with her roomate. She has learned more than she could have with simply doing research. "I promise not to go to the Hellfire Club...yes," Jeanne agrees to that much, before adding, "I'll see Ms. Grey first, though, then I'll see about meeting Shaw..." clearly, Jeanne prefers to remain non-commital about not meeting Shaw, as she truly believes he could be the next step towards the solution. She also thinks, wrongly, that he is a safer person to deal with then the Jack O'Lantern. "Talk to you soon, Ruth," Jeanne says as she heads right back out of the room.

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