Peace Talks Over Fries

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Peace Talks Over Fries

Vaughn Blindfold Armand

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07/13/12 235:15

Peter McManus Cafe, NYC

Vaughn and Ruth discuss why he was upset with her.

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Armand watches Ruth eat with a polite fascination before he pops a tater-tot in his mouth and nods slowly. "Forgive my language mademoiselle." He grins and continues his meal with enthusiasm but a wary desperation as well, you never know when you'll get another one and that habit/fear hasn't yet been removed.

Blindfold smiles as she munched delicately on a mozzarella stick across from Armand "Oh no, it's quite alright, thank you, I've heard much worse. Is perhaps another time and place that would be more comfortable for you to speak of what Mike is concerned about, if you don't mind my asking, please?"

Surely this place, of all places, NO ONE that he knows would be here. Vaughn is in oh so desperate need for a break from everything that has been going on in his life in the last little bit. He steps in and almost immediately his sensitive ears hears and recognizes Ruth's voice. Actually it's the speech pattern as much as the voice itself. He hangs his head for a second, then walks on in. Apparently as she was talking to the waitress, as there is no one there by the time he reaches the table. "Hey Ruth... funny running into you here... "

Blindfold turns her head up to smile at Vaughn "Hello again, it's nice to bump into you, thank you. Would you like to join me? I think I might have more food then I can eat by myself"

Vaughn sits down, waving to get the waitress's attention. "You sure?" He grins, "So, you just get everywhere, huh?"

Blindfold smiles "Yes, thank you, I am sure, please help yourself." and chuckles "I like exploring the city, yes, thank you"

When the waitress comes by, Vaughn orders a large vanilla malt and a side of potato salad. He sighs softy, "Look, I'm sorry if I haven't been exactly nice to you lately..."

Blindfold grins with a shrug of her shoulders "It happens and you had your reasons I know, it's alright, thank you though"

Vaughn sighs softly, "Okay, I'm going to do something so don't freak out. It's just so no one can listen in one us while we talk... " He concentrates and bends the soundwaves to form a bubble around them. "Okay... look, I know that you're a mutant... and I know that you know that I am one too. Thing is, I don't let anyone know that I am... and I was mad because you told Scott about me... and he just started questioning me about it and I kind of freaked out."

Blindfold nods at the cautioning and turns her head this way and that as the sound of the restaurant disappeared but she smiles and nods to him "I'm sorry, it was not my intent to upset you or out you, my apologies, I'm sorry. Scott does that questioning to alot of teens, he was asking me questions and asked me if I could see things around me. I was trying to answer him as best I could. I can't see thru people's eyes but I can pick up their thoughts and I saw how you see fireworks, it is the only time I have gotten to see fireworks...for that I'm grateful, I had no idea how pretty they were. I can't send my thoughts telepathically yet but I can receive them. I'm sorry, my apologies but...even non telepaths broadcast unintentionally. The mango soda the other day...was not so much that I was poking in your head, you were upset and I was not going to invade your privacy, I saw you purchase a mango soda though, yes, I'm sorry. I see visions of the past and the future, but I am not registered and don't want to be registered so I'm afraid yes I do try to pretend I'm not a mutant. I am still working on trying to gain control of my abilities though, I'm sorry, I apologize"

Vaughn chuckles. "I'm not really sure what upset me more you seeing in my head or tellng. No, definately the telling part." He gets a bite of Ruth's food. "Bad things have happened when people found out about me before... and I'm just starting to feel like normal.. I don't want that to end. So just don't tell anyone else about me."

Blindfold smiles shyly "I won't, I promise. I wouldn't have told except that I needed to explain it toanswer Scott's question. The last thing I wanted to do was upset you, I'm sorry, my apologies. I know alot about almost everyone I meet, some I don't meet. Sometimes it's of the past, sometimes it's the future, but usually not with my control. May I ask what Scott was talking with you about, if you don't mind?"

Vaughn smirks slightly, "Like you don't already know." There is a growing fatigue in his voice from keeping up the bubble that is beginning to show clearly. "He wanted to know about me and my powers... and he wanted to do some damage control about what you and Seth tried lie to me about the other day. You know about the school.. and to see if I might be interested in going there."

Blindfold grins with a soft chuckle and nods her head "Well, I was trying to cover for Seth, he got in trouble anyway for it. It's a good school, very helpful with learning control. With the students that go there...if there's one place you're going to feel normal it's there. And yes, I won't tell anyone you're DJ V either. But you are tired maintaining this bubble, I'm sorry, my apologies"

Vaughn chuckles, "Well, good.. for a lie that bad, he should get in trouble for it." He nods and sighs softly, "Yeah... it takes a lot out of me to maintain it like that... I'm dropping it. Got anything else to say that no one else should hear before I do? And I know that Scott and Cyclops are one and the same."

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "It was the only one I could think of, though Seth's ptsd is real, David goes to the school and Keith will be going...and just between you and me cuz it's so obvious...Keith would have a pin up poster of you shirtless above his bed if he could, he likes you, /both/ of you. Beyond, nothing top secret, yes thank you"

The sounds of the diner return to the table. Vaughn cocks his head, "Keith... Which one is Keith? Please tell me you're not talking the math guy." He pauses, "Oh wait... you're talking about the preppy brat with the monumental ego?"

Blindfold smiles with a soft chuckle "Well, cocky but yes, thank you, he's nto so bad, but he just about sighs dreamily over you, more so over DJ V, but he's nice and polite, yes thank you"

Vaughn smirks, "You don't have to be able to read minds to know that he'd probably drool over any cute guy and not just me." The waitress drops off his malt and potato salad, which he starts digging into. He also reaches over and grabs a few tater tots.

Blindfold chuckles and nods as she munched on a couple french fries "Specially if they go shirtless" and gives him a grin

Vaughn cocks his head, "So, has Keith met Seth yet, cause I'm betting that his infatuation with me will disappear..." He continues scarfing down his food, as he tries to judge what Ruth is not going to eat as well.

Blindfold shakes her head with a smile and pushes the mozzarella sticks toward him "Nope, but then Seth has been grounded lately"

Vaughn smiles, "Thank you," as he takes the deep fried cheese stick. His mobile goes off, announcing he has a text. He looks down at the number and sighs softly. "It's work... looks like they need me to come."

Blindfold nods with a smile "I have to get back to the school for studying before lights out if it's the time I'm thinking. Problem with being blind, no watch or clock that speaks" chuckling softly

Vaughn slurps down the malt and the groans. "Oh god... I gotta drive with brain freeze... " He nods, dropping the money for his stuff on the table. "Well, knowing you, I'll see you around. Bye, Ruth."

Blindfold giggles and nods "That you wil, thank you, yes"

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