Peace Talk

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Blindfold, Finesse

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12/16/12 3:18

Xavier Mansion

Ruth tries to make peace with Jeanne after having gotten her grounded by Jean Grey

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Jeanne is sitting Indian style on the ground, her back turned to the fountain. She has her laptop in her lap, and as usual, she seems to care little for the outside world while her eyes are glued to the screen as her fingers dance on the keys. Such rapid pace of typing should be hint enough for Ruth that her roomate is about if she happens by.

Blindfold had made a snowman with three parallel slash marks across the chest and the head on it's side on the ground. A snowman Logan was nearby sniffing rahne's tail and there was a big pine tree all lit up with lights in the center. Along came ruth rolling a snowball that was quite large "Hello Jeanne nice to meet you again."

"I'm sure," is Jeanne's brisk reply, she doesn't seem all that interested in the snow, or anything else for that matter. Ever since her 'talk' with Ms. Grey and the following exercise with Ms. Braddock, she barely even left the room. Spending most of her time on her laptop. "I'm still grounded, in case you were wondering."

Blindfold sighs sitting down on the large snowball, there was a bag by the tree with scarves and mittens and hats "Yeah..I know...but I'm sure Miss Grey would let you to a few christmas events, please sorry. I know it wasn't certain that you'd get hurt but I didn't wwant to take the chance and I told Miss Grey you were planning to speak with her first, I'm sorry, yes I really am"

"I don't care about Christmas events," Jeanne says in a rather emotionless tone, "I'm not going to get with you into the full details of why it's silly to begin with, but I have more serious matters to be concerned about than Christmas events." Looking momentarily towards Ruth over her laptop, Jeanne sighs, "Ms. Grey didn't seem to care I was going to talk to her, and you really shouldn't be feeling guilty about it still. No matter how much you apologize for it, it happened, nothing that can be done about that."

Blindfold nods "But you're still mad at me and you don't trust me anymore, so I do feel bad, yes I'm sorry" fidgeting with her gloved hands, looking like a sad puppy dog.

"Correction, I am no longer mad at you," Jeanne quips, though she doesn't say anything about trust. "Don't feel bad on my account. Actually, don't feel bad on anyone's account for that matter. If you let your emotions get dictated by others you will be easily manipulated, and you will never be happy. You cannot please everyone, that is a scientific fact."

Blindfold shrugs noncomittally "You can pleaase all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the can though keep your friends' trust and keep your friends close cuz in a pinch friends are the only ones you can count on for help, yes thank you. Jean gave me lessons with Psylocke and Bill, yes please"

"That's just wishful thinking, you get pleased facades, but they are not truly pleased. That's a lie," Jeanne seems to have her mind set that what she stated is an absolute truth. "Bill? Don't know a did your training with Psylocke go?" Jeanne asks, her eyes sinking back to her screen as she starts to split her attention. "Well, trust is a fragile thing once it's broken. But don't worry, I'll have your back when you need me."

Blindfold nods "that might be true if I couldn't pick up thoughts, sorry, my apologies. Bill, Beta ray Bill...he tried to feint a strike at my head with stormbreaker, I blocked and then he programmed the danger room for lasers and gave me a shield to block, thank you yes. Psylocke was trying to glean anything of how I perceive thing from my mind but she couldn't pick anything up and Bill was using the computer to calculate things from the randomization of stinging laser attacks and mere light laser attacks, yes please. Is there anything I can do to make things better between us, please if you don't mind my asking?"

"What thoughts, Ruth?" Jeanne asks while not sounding actually interested in the answer. "I would focus on an entirely different approach if I had a say in helping you train for fighting. It has been done throughout history by people who were not precogs, you can do it too." Going right back to clicking, she mutters, "use your powers to tell me where I find Mr. Jack O'Lantern would be a good start. Getting at him is probably the only thing that will make me feel better these days."

Blindfold grins softly "I just pick up people's thoughts, think of it like everyone broadcasting like radios stations and I'm the radio receiver, yes thank you" then sighs "I haven't seen that yet, I'm sorry no, if I had I would've told you. If you don't mind my asking, how would you teach me to fight?"

"I guess you're more than just a precog than, Ruth, maybe you will be able to achieve a wider range of telepathy in the future," Jeanne murmurs with some level of interest in her tone. She then closes the lid of her lap top and walks up to Ruth, "seems like everyone around here is so focused on powers, they want you to see telepathically...but there's other ways, there's intent. You'd be surprised, but like everything around us, there's energy in that...and it can be sensed. I would work with you on identifying that. Of course, apparently I'm just a kid, so I need to be grounded to stay safe, and nobody cares what I have to say about anything."

Blindfold smiles bashfully "I can't talk telepathically or anything, just pick up thoughts, see the past and future but can learn anything, you're a mimic and that's pretty cool, yes thank you. Really? Can you...teach me, any help would be nice...if you don't mind please?"

"You may one day, I'm sure you're far from your full potential." Jeanne states matter of factly. "I can learn anything that's not a power, it's useful, but then doesn't seem enough to allow me an autonomy over my actions." Standing up and taking her latop under her arm, Jeanne quips, "I could, but that might get me in trouble without Ms. Grey's explicit permission. I'm going to the room, I'm starting to get cold," Jeanne says as she walks back inside.

Blindfold nods "I'll ask her but I don't think she'd mind you helping me, might get you off grounding sooner, yes thank you. Would you mind if I joined you, please thank you? I'm not sure how to pose Dr McCoy, scott and Miss Grey, I been out here a while."

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