Party Pooper

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Spider-Man and Arachne

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Upper East Side - Manhattan

Spider-Man ducks a party and Arachne chides him for it…amoung other things

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==[ Upper East Side - New York ]==

The Upper East Side is one of the most expensive residential areas in the entire United States. Here you will find high rise apartments,
overpriced high rise condos and the occasional mansion - though most are no longer private residences, occupied instead by exclusive clubs for the
immensely wealthy, or embassies such as Latveria's taking advantage of the proximity to the UN. The businesses in the area are suited to that clientele
- elite boutiques, expensive restaurants, art galleries, and so on. Most buildings in the area reach 20 to 40 floors, and the more expensive boast views of Central Park or of the river. Limousines are regularly seen among the taxis that crowd the streets - as, closer to the park, are horse-drawn


Flashing across the skyline this early evening, the Spectacular Spider-Man is moving and moving quickly. He's making one of those marathon runs

in smooth motion, darting over rooftops, leaping off the sides of buildings, firing weblines and seizing momentum to accentuate his speed. It's almost

as if he has somewhere to be and he's booking it.

In mid leap he twists around smoothly, firing a webline and snaring the lip of a rooftop. His angle of movement is snared abruptly and he fires
another line to zip forward with a snap of tension. For a moment he runs along the side of the building, almost completely horizontal, then pushes off
and falls down to the apartment building rooftop below.

It's there that he halts, drawing up short with his gloved hands resting on the small wall that borders this particular rooftop. He casts his gaze downwards towards a particular prominent Italian eatery that is doing a brisk business. For some reason when he sets eyes upon it, even though his
spider-sense wasn't tingling... he seems relieved.

Well if you are going to be hanging out on rooftops for hours at a time, this part of town is where to do it. A number of them are tall for the

views of the skyline and others are better for the view of the zoo that is the streets below. Perched on the ledge of one of the former buildings

Arachne catches the aerial movement through and across the rooftops.

Curiousty piqued, she makes her way in similar fashio to where the other wall crawler has stopped. Her first thought is that something must be
going down, or about to, if he is in such a rush.

From where she's observing him she'll see a bit of tension go out of him, body language relaxing for a moment. Then he lifts something to his
ear, looks like a cellphone of some sort and he drops back behind the wall as if taking cover.

Should she close the remaining distance though she'll see him not really hiding from snipers or hoodlums, but from something even more
dangerous. Social responsibility.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. Just things slipped away, I lost track of time." For a moment he holds the phone at arm's length, then sighs to
himself. He brings it back and nods his head and she'll hear his voice again. "I know, and hey we can watch the movie another time. Just, you know,
things have been crazy lately. Well, ok they're always crazy it's just..."

There's a pause and then his shoulders drop a bit, he takes a deep breath and then adds. "Yah I know. No I understand. Hey sure, I'll see you

Landing on the buildings ledge she surveys the area below taking note of the fact that isn't any proverbial or even literal fires to put out.

Arachne gives a brief shake of her head as she crosses the roof to where she hears the single voice. She makes no effort to be quiet about it, no use
sneaking up, even if she could. Crossing over to where she can be seen, but far enough away to give at least a modicum of privacy, she will wait until
he is done with his phone call before addressing him "And here I thought some armed robbery was going on, instead you're late for a date." she shakes
her head in what may be disappointment.

"Huh?" Spider-Man looks up and it's clear he's still not all in the here and now, thinking about something else apparently. Those mirrored
lenses snap over towards her and then he offers a half-hearted wave even as he replaces the comm unit back on his belt under his costume. "Oh, heya

He straightens up and looks back down at the restaurant, then back towards her. "Oh this? Nah. I thought there might be another assassination
attempt so I ran out here..."

He pauses and crinkles his nose behind his mask, "Elektra's back in town, in case you didn't know. Had this suspicion from something she said
and thought she might be hitting here... but yah I totally bailed on a friend's party thing."

There is a brief nod from the woman "I have heard she has been seen in her old haunts." Arachne gives a dismissive wave, "I'm sure she has
enough going on at the moment to bother hitting any place for the next few days." how she could be sure of that is anyones guess.

"I dunno about that," The wall-crawler hops up onto the edge of the building and perches there on the balls of his feet. He rests his arms upon
his knees and uncurls a hand towards her as he speaks. "She was pretty intent on taking out these handful of guys. I think I 'scared' her off as it
were, but you know that never lasts. And, of course, the whole ninja thing. So she could be like here hiding under a newspaper or something."

"At least for the time being." Arachne leans over the ledge next to where he has perched himself and looks to the street below, "Did she give
any reason why these guys were her targets?" she turns her head to look at him "Did she seem to have a problem with them personally or was it just a
job?" she seems to have little concern as to where the ninja woman could be at the moment.

"Think it was a job, but you know her. To call her inscrutable would be understating it." Spider-Man frowns as he perches there, though she
might only pick up his general displeasure from his body language. He frowns and rubs the back of his neck, then glances her way. "So what are you up to

tonight? Other than following me around and eavesdropping on my phone calls." He tsks lightly as if admonishing.

Arachne laughs at the suggestion "That's pretty much it." she makes a hand gesture toward the southern part of the island "Been pretty quiet
this evening. There was a brief scuffle in the Financial district with some carjackers, but other than that it's been a yawn fest. You would probably
have more excitement at the party you are missing if the streets continue to be dead.

"Ehn, you know how it is." Spider-Man opens his other hand as he closes the first, as if asking for her to take the words from his grip. "People
ask you to do things and you can't really tell them, 'Oh sorry, no can't make it, I plan to be tangling with a fifty foot tall octopus robot tonight.'"

He hops down off his perch flipping over the side of the building to hang from the wall partially upside down. He extends one hand and a webline
/thwips!/ out to catch upon the building across the way. "I used to agonize a lot more about making social commitments and things, and to be fair I
still do... but I think I've moved on to the acceptance part of it."

Having said that he casually swings over to the building across the way, hopping up onto the lip of the other rooftop, probably assuming she'll
follow him.

Hopping onto the ledge she flings an arm out and her own form of webbing unleashes to the same building. Arachne swings across the wide gap that separates the buildings. As she swings the line of web shrinks and slingshots her upward before disappearing so she can flip to land on the ledge beside him "Yes I can relate to that in a manner of speaking." in this she has an advantage, she is an Avenger and has been on other teams so to some people she can say things to that effect. She cants her head slightly, as if listening to something that only she can hear "Looks like it won't be a quiet
evening after all, Avenger's duty calls. Enjoy your party free night." she then leaps off the buildings ledge to swing away to where ever duty calls

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