Out on Bail

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Out on Bail

Xiu Lin Tseng (Yishi), Bride of Nine Spiders

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08/17/12 10:00

Xiu Lin's apartment in Chinatown

Finally out on bail, Xiu Lin gets home to find the Bride in her apartment. They talk partnership. Ew, spiders!

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After forty-eight hours in jail, a certain girl detective is finally released. In hock due to the bail bondsman, at least she's able to sleep in her own apartment tonight. An apartment that seems to have been broken into. Most wouldn't notice the signs. Just a little thing... the door almost fully locked but instead of resting neatly in its holder, the fob of the door chain swings free.

Tseng Xiu Lin tromps tiredly home, her left ankle heavy with a monitoring cuff equipped with GPS tracking, a condition of her bail bond considering she has little in the way of collateral with which to secure the hefty loan required for her release on bail. Apparently neither the American justice system, nor bail bondsmen, operate on 'I give you my word.' Cranky, stressed and tired, she stands at her door, noticing the tiniest things that are off. The door chain was set when she left, a trick of her agile hands that is second nature to her. The tiny hair she secures to the door frame has dropped as well. Her first suspicion would be that the police have been here. But they should have put the chain back on the hook; otherwise they are leaving themselves open to a lawsuit.

The diminutive young woman reaches into the bag she carries, pulling out one of her telescoping batons, holding it in her hand as she unlocks the door's standard deadbolt and turnstile. Then she opens the door and steps in, light on her feet, ready to defend herself from most anything. It could be allies of the men who were killed, here for revenge. It could be a vigilante out to nail the killer daring to get herself out on bail. A teammate here to check on her, either out of concern or out of worry she might be guilty. A PI hired by her attorney. Best to assume it's bad until it proves not to be.

"Je je je je je." It becomes obvious, very quickly, who has broken into Tseng Xiu Lin's apartment. Spiders are everywhere - not swarming in hordes but perched on drapes or crawling on bookshelves. The laughter of the Bride comes from the bedroom, where apparently the pale skinned martial artist has busied herself with riffling through Yishi's underwear drawer.

Ew. Spiders. Xiu Lin indulges in a shudder. Damnit, she's in her own home, she can shudder when she finds it populated with spiders everywhere. "So. No respect for the law. No respect for personal privacy or property. Got it." Xiu Lin comments, not even bothering to raise her voice so that the Bride could hear her with her own hears in the bedroom, knowing she'll hear what the spiders do, even if she doesn't quite know how that could be true. She closes and then locks her door and walks towards her bedroom, stopping when she passes through the beaded curtain to see the Bride checking her underwear drawer. Said drawer is full of quite an array of colorful athletic panties, and largely lacking in the frillier, softer, sexier and more expensive varieties. Not completely absent, but far under-represented. "If you wanted to know what size I wear, you could have asked." she comments, wryly, instead of complaining about the violation.

"More than one man has sought to own Bride of Nine Spiders." The woman says as she shuts the drawer. "Do you seek to own more than one man with your underwear? Je je je je." She smiles. "I am pleased to see you no longer jailed. If it had persisted, I would have freed you myself. It is a strange society that does not honor its warriors."

Xiu Lin eyes the Bride curiously. "I don't really seek to 'own' anyone with my underwear." Any /one/. Draw one's own conclusions. She isn't amused yet. "Thanks. I'm glad to be out as well, if not exactly free." She glances down at her heavy left ankle. "They weren't viewing me as a warrior. They view me as either being a murderer, or a witness who is withholding the truth to a multiple-murder case." And thank goodness they didn't view her as a warrior, or she might be in the next Neverland. Now /that's/ a thought even more disturbing than an apartment full of spiders. Yuck!

Bride of Nine Spiders hops up onto the dresser, resting there as if she were completely at ease. "In my own land, my actions would be considered just and right. Those horrors had captured women and forced them into slavery. It would be my right to slaughter them. Here, the authorities seem to care more for the slavers than the enslaved. I do not approve."

Xiu Lin shakes her head, moving towards the bed and dropping her bag beside it, before she turns and sits down, slumping a bit against her pillows. "Not more. They don't care more for the slavers. But the enslaved were taken off of their hands. The enslaved are violating the law, too, as illegal immigrants. They are victims, and they will get help. It won't make it right, but it will make it better, and they should be able to stay here in the country. I hope so, anyway. But the law says no one has the right to kill another. If the law had come to arrest them for their crimes, and they had resisted and were killed, then that would be one thing. But they got no due process of law. No warrant issued by the courts based on impartial evidence. No testimony or inquest on the takedown. For all they know, those men would have surrendered given the chance, and they were simply butchered. So they were murdered, and they have to investigate. As the only viable suspect, they have questions for me. Some of which I am unwilling to answer, beyond what I have already offered. So, they consider that either I helped kill those men, or I know who did and have refused to tell them."

Bride of Nine Spiders listens. Perhaps she comprehends. "Those men were monsters. Monsters exist to be slain." She comes from a different world. A world where she is the greatest champion of her people, with all the rights and accolades that provides.

"They needed to be stopped, that much I'll agree with. The women needed to be set free, and helped." Xiu Lin admits. "I would not have killed them. But I will not weep for their deaths." It's the best answer she has. Obviously, she hasn't given up either Bride or Night Raven to the cops for this.

Bride of Nine Spiders leaps from the dresser and up towards the ceiling. She bounces off of it and flips, coming to a landing on the floor, in front of Xiu Lin. "We will be a team." She says, firmly. "Your skills will lead me to my prey. I will help the people of this Chinatown. We will help them, together. I will also train you so you do not move like a sow in milk."

Xiu Lin watches the display, and then looks up at Bride, curiously. "I don't move like a sow in milk. I'm pretty good for a normal human, quite a bit better than most." And her talents make her even better than that, but she isn't bragging. "I'm sure you have a lot you could teach me, and I'd do my best to learn. But I'm not sure I feel comfortable helping you hunt down people to kill. I'm not a murderer."

"Most humans in your world move like a three legged goat wallowing in cheese." Bride of Nine Spiders notes, "And you are not human. Not the way other humans are. Your aura speaks of chi that comes from inside of you. Down at the very core of your being." She taps Xiu Lin's breastbone.

Dangit. Knowing something's coming doesn't always mean she can move out of the way. Like when she knows Bride is fast enough to catch her anyway, so it'd be a pointless move, despite not /wanting/ to get poked in the breastbone. "I work with my chi to the best of my limited ability. The Masters were very diligent with me, and it taught me to focus my gift." She doesn't deny it. But she also knows that 'chi' and her gift are two different things. They affect one another, to be sure. But still different. "But that still doesn't solve the problem of the killing."

Of course they aren't different. Chi represents life force and mutation is part of that. "I will not respond to deadly force with anything less." Bride of Nine Spiders says, firmly. "That is tactical weakness. Begging to be hit from behind from a foe believed disabled. Or worse. In a world where so many have special abilities, a hidden power might allow healing or recovery from injuries. Too many can spit acid like a cobra or release their chi like arrows from their hands."

"I will not kill." Xiu Lin answers, firmly. "If you can disarm, disable, given your superior skill and speed, you should. Anything to avoid ending a life that need not be ended. They cannot learn, they cannot improve, they cannot seek redemption for their sins if you kill them. Special abilities are no excuse, anymore than special weapons or anything else."

"Je je je je je." Bride of Nine Spiders laughs, as if Xiu Lin's words amuse her. "Then you will not work with me." She nods her head. "This makes me sad, detective. I had hoped we would be a team." She turns and begins walking toward the door. Out of the bedroom and through the living area.

To tell the truth, Xiu Lin isn't at all sure what she was hoping. But she has her principles, and she won't compromise them, even for the chance to learn even more than the Masters could ever teach her. With a tired sigh, Xiu Lin kicks off the leather slippers she is wearing, and then walks barefoot back out of her bedroom into the living room, following her 'guest' with the intention to properly lock the door and set the stop bar before she takes a shower and catches a nap. "Feel free to stop by again, if you wish, Bride. Next time, maybe you can wait until I'm actually home, and knock? Like a proper guest?"

Bride of Nine Spiders glances back over her shoulder. "Je je je je." She hisses in laughter. Bride pauses, her spiders crawling down from their perches to find their mother. Climbing up her legs and resting on her body. Only when she's collected her wayward subjects, does the Bride of Nine Spiders leave.

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