Once, Twice A Charm

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Exodus Nightcrawler

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Massachusetts Academy

Exodus welcomes Nightcrawler to the Massachusetts Academy

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OOC: 'Mind Zotting' was discussed between players prior to this brief interlude.

If there was anywhere safe, Kurt felt the Admin Building was it. Seeing that, after all, it was a real school with the hidden element of the Hellions, the Admin Building would be mostly normal school. Choosing a regular Errol Flynn look through the Stark Image Inducer, he makes his way to the school. Despite the no contact that had been in affect, he felt a personal responsibility to at least inform Selene of this, least she come to find him pondering his hesitance - even if she would know that answer. Regardless that circumstance, he finds himself at the Administrative Building of the Massachusetts Academy and after greeting the receptionist/administrative professional, he was directed to the Sitting Room to await further instructions. Thusly, winds his way into the room and begins looking around with some interest simply to pass the time.

Monsieur du Paris is known as a history instructor at the school. A radical, impassioned man who lectures as if he were present in the period he teaches (medieval history). Mentally, he is presented to the normal students as a fit man who wears a business suit, but seen by the Hellions and mutant staff as Exodus. So it's a given that he's a telepath. Or he too may wear an image inducer - likely not.
Entering the sitting room, Exodus steps in, addresses, "Mister Wagner." And as he takes steps to close the distance the door automatically closes behind him (a TK trick that Kurt's seen Jean use). He offers his hand, "I am Exodus, known to the student body as Monsieur du Paris."

Rising to meet the man as he TK closes the door, he takes the hand, "A pleasure, I'm Nightcrawler." Given as he thinks Exodus sounds more like a call sign or code name. Continuing nonetheless, "I don't think we'll have the pleasure of working together I'm afraid. I've come with regrettable news for Ms. Gallio." Still taking in the accent of the other and coupling it with his own German-Bavarian, he offers, "A shame that we'll not get to know each other."

With Kurt's hand in his, Exodus begins to smile, his eyes glow purple and he states, "Nonsense. You'll fit in nicely. Now listen very carefully as I have instructions for you."
Insert Brain Zotting Here
What may have been seconds were actually minutes to an hour. Kurt will come out of his trance feeling refreshed and assured that all is well within all the world. It's only a spark, but it will grow over time and through careful continued manipulation.

With that said, Kurt recalls himself and smiles to the man. "Really though, a pleasure Monsieur du Paris, it will be an honor to work with you." A curious scratch for a moment, "I'm just here for the students, hopefully I can do some good. I believe my topic is intended to be religion and an occasional training session." Considering there was some evidence of TK prior - the door trick, he presumes they'll both work with the special student body, the Hellions. In his mind, even prior to assisted thinking, a new group of mutants meant to be given more choices than the prior group. "It all depends if Ms. Gallio still has the offer on the table, I'll most likely pick up a weekly course in the fall semester."

"I'm sure it will all work out to everyone's advantage.", Exodus states confidently. "Now, if you would excuse me. I've a class to get to. And please, stop by my office sometime, we can have lunch."

Well, this, potentially his first day, couldn't of gone any better. Still, seems like he forgot something, oh well, it will come back to him. Kurt nods to the man, "Don't let me keep you ... and I look forward to that lunch." He lets the man take his leave.

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