On top of his game

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Havok and Mirage

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01/03/13 16:00

X-Factor Tower

Alex and Dani talk about the day before's adventure time

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-----==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==----------------------------

The Penthouse level is three floors (45 feet high) subdivided into three distinct areas; the pool area, the gathering hall, and the lounge.

The floor itself is wide open and allowing flow between those areas without walls or major obstructions. Additionally, all four sides, including the roof, is made of polarizing transparent metal. This allows for sunlight to stream in from all directions, visualization into, out of, or one way, and of course total polarization preventing light completely.

The Pool Area - The swimming pool is a marvel of alien technology. It occupies all 45 feet including has roof access. As a standard pool, it is sunken into the main floor of the penthouse, but then has static and flowing water areas which allow for movement from the lower pool to the rooftop pool via swimming or back down via waterfall/slide. This is made possible by gravitational adjustments by Ship allowing the water to stand vertically, diagonally and horizontally. This means that if someone were to wish to swim from the penthouse floor to the rooftop, it would be possible. The pool area also offers a 'outdoor kitchen' area where one can prepare full meals.

The Gathering Hall - This area is malleable to serve whatever purpose deemed necessary. Presently it presents as a dance floor with stage. However, it can take the shape of a great dining hall, a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and so on.

The Lounge Area - This area is devoted to the relaxation part of the top floor. Where those can sit back, relax and watch a very large projection screen. The area is near to the pool. Walls can be constructed to block out light, noise, distractions and so on.


Flipping channels, Alex is found in the viewing area of the penthouse level where he seems to be checking the news. His chest still hurts, as he's seen rubbing it, but only lightly and with a minor grimace.

After the customary ding of the elevator, the doors slide open and Dani exits. Clearly the docs in medbay are done with her or she just left on her own, either is probable. Hearing the tv she moves in that direction "How's the burns?" she asks as she spots Alex.

"You know, it's funny. I've never had a sunburn - but I'm guessing it's what it feels like." Answers Alex and glances around to see her approach, "How about you? Feeling better?"

"I'd imagine it feels similar to any other kind of burn." with her complexion it is a safe bet that she hasn't had a sunburn either. Sure it is possible, just not highly probable. "I'm good as new. Though I cut my last regen session short. I can only stand being in that thing for so long." instead of going around, she climbs over the back of the sofa. She is still wearing what she was earlier and barefoot on top of it.

Receving her on his side of the sofa, he is eyes forward for a moment as he changes to another channel that features Cash Cab. It's not that loud. Alex then looks over and says, "How'd you like going against Omega Flight?"

From the frown that comes to Dani's face at the question, the answer is plainly obvious "Not my idea of fun. I don't like having to stop supposed allies from mass destruction. It was a confusing mess there at the start. Lucky for you though the river wasn't iced over.

"Oh yeah, that woulda hurt." Alex reflects upon the iced option. He then adds, "I mean, it was a lot less crazy than going against the Marauders or the Savage Land Mutates. I mean it was like a real super battle. To me, it was a nice change and felt different. Like they were slow or something."

"I suppose, if beating on who you thought were friends isn't crazy." Dani is silent a moment at his slow comment. She is probably going through the encounter once more in her head, she then gives a slow nod "Yes, you were on top of the game yesterday."

He lets it drop as he gets distracted by her attire (or lack thereof). Alex can't help but glance over her form and then back to her dark eyes, "Hey, so you wanna make out?"

Dani chuckles, at both his distractability and the fact that he asked instead of just going for it "Okay," she turns toward him as she answers, "and afterward we can take a swim." after her short answer there probably won't be much in the way of talking for awhile.

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