On Target

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On Target

Penny Lane, aka., Energy, and Kate Bishop, aka., Hawkette

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2013/06/01 19:30

Ditko's Guns & Ammo, Hell's Kitchen, Manattan, NYC

Kate and Energy run into each other on the practice range.

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Ditko's Guns & Ammo ... A quiet little gun shop set in the heart of Hell's Kitchen. Security is high enough that there hasn't been any thefts in jquite awhile. This could also be due to the clientele that seem to be coming in and out surreptitiously. One of those people takes a step inside, lavender jacket is light due to the weather, but the dampness makes it a requirement. She nods to the proprietor as he lets her into the back where the practice range is. Kate is incognito tonight, at least as far as heroing goes. No costume, just another of the purple outfits that she seems to be so fond of. Kate reaches into the duffle that she walked in with and places the quiver over her arm. Next, she pulls out a compound bow, releasing it to full size at the press of a button. The music is quiet. Kate gives the proprietor a wink and a nod, and the music gets louder and faster. "That's more like it." She says to herself, as she sends off five arrows in rapid succession.

It will be a while later that another customer appears. This one walks in wearing a black mask that covers the lower half of the face, and the sides and forehead. It leaves a significant mane of red hair, with a curious blonde streak through it, free and uncontained. The mask flows down into a bodysuit that isn't quite so body-hugging and clinging as some. The only mark is a golden sunburst emblem on the chest. She's pretty darned tall - over six feet - and seems very solid.

Energy steps inside, and turns to regard the proprietor patiently. "I'd like to visit the range." she offers, before coming up to where he stands and sliding over cash. It's as much as she was told to bring, and no more. But since she no longer has access to SHIELD facilities for training and practice, she has to make other arrangements. Over two months allowance better get her a decent 'membership' here for the range privileges.

The proprietor looks over at Energy and shakes his head as he takes the money and lets her in. "We run a quiet place here. Next time you might not want to be too... in-con-speec-quious... eh?" He mentions of the costume. "No cameras when you types show up. Jus' keep my place safe." He says with a smile and closes the door behind her.

Kate notices the door open and someone walking in on her periphery, but is too busy playing Robin Hood. After sending one arrow dead center, she tries to split it in half with the next. Mythbusters couldn't do it, so Kate says, "Challenge Accepted" and sends the second one flying.

Energy glances at the proprietor, and just shrugs her shoulders. She's not going to point out that he only has control over his own cameras, not anyone else's surveillance around here, or that she has a secret identity to keep. If he doesn't like her wearing her costume, that's probably just going to be 'too bad' for him. It's just the way things are. Her Dad would ground her for life if she starts going around showing her abilities while NOT in costume.

Once she walks into the range, Energy stands quietly by, watching the archer girl take her shot without interrupting. It would be rude to do otherwise. Assuming the shot succeeds, she'd applaud softly. "Wow. Awesome shot." she'd comment, before moving over to her own stand position, tapping the controls to bring up a few targets. "Hi." she offers, before starting to make noise. Her abilities aren't tremendously noisy, but they make more sound than Kate's bow and her arrows do.

Kate Bishop wings it slightly. The arrowtip knocks into the shaft before finding it's place nearby, however it didn't split the arrow previously. She shrugs it off before looking over to the other girl. "Thanks." she says, humbly before noticing the costume. Is this what it felt like for her when she started? The non-stop classes that Daddy kept paying for without actually caring about her ab ility? She puts her bow down for now and makes her way over to the lane where the young girl is. "Not bad yourself. You generate that on your own?" She asks, not trying to distract the girl, but she figures she should lend some input, now being a 'veteran' in the realm of teen heroes.

The costumed girl glances up and over her shoulder, down at Kate. "The costume? I designed it, yeah." She turns, waits for her targets to assume position, and then Kate can hear her breathe, hold just a second, and exale as she lifts her arm in time. A golden glow builds around her fist, then travels down to her extended index and middle fingers, then zips off to strike the target. It's a solid chest shot, but she missed the bullseye. "Supposed to use the name 'Energy'." she offers, by way of introduction.

Kate chuckles. "I meant your powers, but the costume is nice too." She smiles. After watching the shot, she cringes. "Not bad, not bad. Been doing this long?" She says, crossing her arms as she examines the young girl carefully. "Is it a mutant thing? I've got friends who are mutants." She leans up against the wall. " 'Energy' eh? The name's Kate. I can help you with aim, though unfortunately I have no experience with energy manipulation." She mimicks Energy's pose. "Next time, hold your breath until your about to make the shot. Release your breath at the exact same time you release your energy. It may even give you a bit more power."

"The energy? Yep. It's not the costume, that's me." the girl admits to Kate with a nod. "I've been doing it a while. About five years' practice. Three since I developed the energy blasting thing." She admits, then shakes her head. "I'm not a mutant. Mutants are cool and stuff. Mine is ... I got changed." She ought not to explain about the serum, the agents said. She tries to remember the rules. "Nice to meet you, Kate." Energy offers. "Yeah. That's how my Dad taught me to shoot. Rifles and pistols, but the principle is the same. It's a force of habit, now." she offers, a crinkle at the eyes and a tone of voice about the only clue she's smiling right now. Darned lower-half masks. "You're pretty good at that archery thing, hunh?"

Kate Bishop nods. "Any field experience though?" She nods at the explanation of her powers. "Oh, I get the whole 'secret' thing. I'm not trying to snoop." She looks back at her bow. "That old thing?" She says with a wink. "Yeah. Pretty good. Took me some time as well. Throw in a few years of field experience, and you get good rather quick. You either get good, or you get dead." She says solemnly.. "So make sure you get good."

The other girl nods. "Some field experience. Not a lot. Just enough to keep my toes in, mostly. I was training for the Initiative a few years back. But before I could get a placement on the team, Osborn took over, and my Dad took me overseas. We only got back a few months ago." So a lot less field experience than she could have had, but she's alive. That's a bonus. "I know the field experience is important. But it kinda has to be the right kind, at the right time. Hasn't been a lot of that, yet."

Kate Bishop nods. "Yeah.. A friend of mine was in the Initiative. Kinda lost track of her since it got split up. It's a good thing you got out during the Osborn thing.. It was... ugly... in a word." She grabs her things, stuffing her bow and quiver back into her duffle. She pulls something out of it, though. "Here. If you want some one-on-one training, some sparring, maybe even the 'right' kind of field work, gimme a call." The card is official-looking and everything, with Kate's full name and cell number, even an extension to leave messages at the Tower. The coolest part is in the top left corner. The stylized 'A' that many have come to realize as the mark of an Avenger. "Us teen heroes need to keep an eye out for the up and comers." She says with a wink. "I'll run into you later, Energy." She says before gathering up her jacket and duffel.

The girl accepts the card, nodding as she listens. "Hey, thanks, Kate. I appreciate it." Then she sees the A. An Avenger? Holy crap! She was talking to an Avenger?!!!!! But before she can start asking a whole bunch of questions, or explode with curiosity and fangirlishness, Kate is gone. Oh, pooh. But she holds that card close, like a priceless treasure. "Wow."

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