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Mirage Thimble

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Mirage's Office

A gift given 12 Years ago returns

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It is just minutes after the lunch break started, as Janie knocks at Dani's office. As if the smaller Chinese has not eaten before coming there. Even if it was her birthday.

As is usually the door to Dani's office is never completely closed, unless she is in with someone, so at the knock the door swings open. She is currently standing near the large freshwater aquarium sprinkling food in for the fishes "Come in," she looks up to see who is there "Janie.

Janie enters her backpack still with her. She had however brought her clothes back to her room. "You asked me stop by here?" she asks, looking around quickly.

"Yes I did." Dani indicates Thimble to have a seat, either at the couch or one of the other chairs "I have something for you." she moves to her desk, opening on of the drawers and lifting what seems to be a box wrapped in colorful wrapping paper with a generous bow on top. "Happy Birthday." she will hand the gift over once Janie is settled.

Janie took a seat on the chair, but she hadn't exactly thought she would get gifts at all. After all the last gift - the second last gift to be exact - was given to her almost 12 years ago. The next gift after it was just a few weeks ago. "A gift?" she asks, eying the box carefully. She was not used to gifts.

Dani continues to hold it out and will do so until it is taken "That is the usual birthday tradition. And it is your birthday." she shakes the box gently "And while it may not have been the norm in your previous life. In this new and improved life of yours, it will be.

Eventually Janie takes the box, eying it still. The last gift was given to her without a box by Richenda. and the one before... she can't even remember if it was wrapped up, but it had been a teddy bear. A bear she lost with all other possessions when she was taken into the child protection service. "Shall I open it?"

That's usually what you do with presents. Though it is your choice." Dani shrugs and drops into the other chair, instead of taking the one on the business side of the desk "Not opening won't make your birthday last forever though.

Janie nods slowly and without searching long she has her Balisong in her hand once again, flicking it open as she looks for the tape that closes the paper. With a careful cut she parts the tape, doing the same for each tape piece she finds before she carefully lifts the corner of the paper, as if she was searching for a bomb inside. Or she fears to rip the paper.

Dani is impressed by the patience the girl shows in removing the paper from around the plain brown box "Most people, myself included would have ripped into it. I'll remember this bit of restraint." probably to remind her off it when Janie isn't showing any, like in a fight.

It's just a sign of a short and careful planning, so the paper can be used again like that. Folding it back to a neat package she sets it aside, looking at the box. Unmarked. Pulling open the latch, she carefully tries not to damage the box, the knife held in her left as she works. Left handed. Opening the box slowly, she looks in, then at Dani and back to the box. "An old Teddy Bear," she says. She remembers her last present. It was similar. Just it was new then.

“How about taking it out of the box, Janie." Dani's face remains stoic, not wanting to give anything away and she leans back in the chair just waiting for the gift to be completely revealed.

Janie carefully grabs into it, looking at it unattached. A teddy bear. Likely old. What does it have to do with her? She seems to be confused about the choice of gift. She didn't tell anyone about a lost teddy bear and it was unlikely someone did make a note on one in her possession when she went to CPS. Unless... they did dig in her mind or history.

Well apparently someone at CPS was doing their job right that day, because it did get noted, maybe not repeatedly or in big bold letters, but it was there deep in the dregs of the report where it is listed all the belongings that the child came in with and if Dani is anything it is thorough when it came to getting all the paperwork relating to a student and she does have the connections to get all of it. "Class is going to be starting soon Janie." she nods to the door "I'm sure you'll want to take that to your room before you head to class." she doesn't seem to be concerned that Janie doesn't understand yet. She knows that will come, in time.

- - - Fade To Black - - -

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