Ogling Daniel Craig

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Ogling Daniel Craig

Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Mockingbird

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11/26/12 19:00

Den, Second Floor, Avengers' Mansion, Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC

Three Avengers ladies gather for a movie night and some relaxation.

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Wanda is currently lounging on the couch, going through a few Blu-Rays as she has several chilled bottles of what /looks/ like champagne, but actually are just sparkling apple ciders. She also has a rather impish look on her face as she hums under her breath, having sent an invite out to several of the other Avengers for a movie night.

One would normally figure the Chairwoman of the Avengers far too busy for invites to DVD - or Blu Ray, now - nights. But Carol Danvers does show up, if not right away. Dressed casually and looking pretty darned relaxed, the tall blonde strolls in barefoot and nods to Wanda. "Hey. You full up already?"

Bobbi pads down the hall from her room into the den a little before showtime. Gray sweatpants and sweatshirt are complimented by slipper socks in rainbow stripes. Heading for her favorite corner of the entertainment center, Bobbi half-falls into it. "Evening, ladies. Anybody bring popcorn?"

Wanda grins, "Hey, glad you could make it Carol. I was just thinking, with everything going on..." She waves over at Bobbi, "Haven't made it yet, but I think we can manage something." Then, she reveals her movie pick, Casino Royale, "Anyone care to see Daniel Craig scantily clad? I know I do." Her eyes dance at the thought.

Carol smirks and shrugs. She's in soft grey sweats as well, though hers have been clipped off into baggy shorts and an equally baggy, loose-fitting short-sleeved top that ends short enough to flash those golden, toned abs of hers. "Mmmm. I wouldn't mind a chance to oogle Mister Craig, if that option is available." She looks for a spot and gets comfortable, if not quite as eagerly as Bobbi managed. She studiously does not bring up 'Thanksgiving' with her teammates, given both have personal lives at least as pretzel-twisted as her own.

Bobbi chuckles softly, wriggling to snuggle into the cushioned-corner. "I second the motion. Cue up the beefcake!" she declares. On the subject of personal lives, it's pretty well-known that Bobbi spends ALL of her time either at the Avengers Mansion or teaching at Xavier's. And equally well-known that, while her divorce to Clint isn't final the two are definitely in a 'separation' phase.

And Wanda... well, we won't go into that. But she does use a little bit of telekinesis and a bit of magic to float the disc over to the player, getting it started, "Works for me! And Carol, I think we all tended to sit around here. Though, this year I was invited up to Xavier's mansion, so I spent it with the folks up there." She gives Bobbi and Carol a wry grin, "There should /always/ be the option to ogle Mister Craig."

Carol glances towards Wanda at her explanation, before the movie starts and she might miss something. "Well ... I wasn't going to ask. I know I went nowhere. Nowhere to go." Carol has family, it is true. And her emotional connection to them has been restored, thanks to the aid of Amora, the Enchantress, whatever that worthy's reasons. But that doesn't mean they get along. A lifetime spent out of their company is not reversed in an instant. So Carol was here; or rather, she was on duty. She even did Thanksgiving Day Parade duty. "This was a pretty good idea, I think. Thanks for inviting me."

Bobbi stretches her legs out, crossing her ankles as she gets -really- comfy. "Couldn't agree more, myself." she offers. Peering over to the collection of bottles, she adds. "Um, Wanda, would you mind serving drinks?" Yes, she -could- get up and get a glass herself. "And would anyone like some popcorn? I can make some real quick."

Wanda reaches up and pats Carol's shoulder, "I understand. Well, Carol, you're always welcome to hang out with me. I mean, more than anything else, the Avengers /are/ my family." She smiles a little, giving Carol's shoulder a squeeze before she pours herself a glass of sparkling cider. "Pretty used to it, especially lately." She then grins at Bobbi, "Certainly, if you do the popcorn." She winks and then pours two more glasses, handing one over to Carol, "Here. We are going to have fun, and watch a lot of scantily clad British actors." A wry smile, as the Witch settles back on the couch.

Carol glances at Wanda and nods, appreciating the support. "I wouldn't mind popcorn, but I hate to ask anyone to get up and go make some." Carol admits. There's also the fact that she has that unfair advantage: she can practically eat herself silly and seemingly not gain an ounce. Not everyone is so lucky, so she shouldn't encourage everyone to eat when /she/ could nibble. "Thanks for the drink. Non-alcholic. I appreciate that." It wouldn't have to be, as long as /hers/ was, but she appreciates the thought.

Bobbi swivels her long legs around and rises smoothly. "Oh, I don't mind." she replies. "Back in a flash with three popcorns..." And then she jogs out of the den and downstairs with loose blonde hair fluttering in her wake.

Wanda grins over at Bobbi, "We'll pause it if there's any significant Craig-age you'll be missing." She then smiles over at Carol, "Of course. You worry too much, Carol... and I figured it'd be nice to just relax, all of us together. How often does that happen?"

"Thanks, Bobbi." Carol offers, with a smile for her friend and teammate. She does not try sending signal waves to the blu-ray player to make it skip the lead-in videos or repeat the menu. She leaves that in Wanda's capable hands for now. "It's my job to worry, Wanda. I just do the best I can. But thanks for this. It really does feel good." She pulls her legs up and snuggles into the cushioned sofa more, as they watch the previews and such, waiting for Bobbi's return with popcorn.

Even in the Avengers' kitchen, it takes a few minutes to make popcorn. Then she trots back up the stairs with her prize. Pausing just in the doorway to the den, she exhales sharply to catch her breath and slow up from the jog. "Alright, then. Three bags with extra butter. Pulling out -all- the stops tonight." Sauntering back over to the sofa the other two are occupying, she distributes the popcorn and settles close to the others this time. "Did i miss anything juicy?"

Wanda grins, "No, just the very beginning." She takes her bowl of popcorn and looks wryly at Bobbi, "Remind me to hit the gym a bit harder tomorrow. But so, so worth it." She leans back to watch, keeping the remote in easy reach as the opening credits roll for the movie.

"No swimwear in sight, yet." Carol offers as a status update for Bobbi as she reappears. She smiles and accepts the bag of popcorn, then tugs it open, inhaling deeply of the aroma. "Mmmmm. That smells entirely too yummy to be fair. Thank you, Bobbi." She sips her cider and watches the movie, nibbling at popcorn intermittently while she watches the movie with her teammates and friends.

Bobbi stretches her legs out and digs after a handful of popcorn, blue eyes glued to the movie now. "S'okay, I'm patient." she quips back. "And don't buy all that butter-fat guilt, Wanda." Settling back a bit, she spares the other two a glance before the movie gets into the good bits.

Wanda smiles wryly over at Bobbi, "Not guilt, just determination." She laughs a little, "Have to able to fit into my costume, after all..." Her lips curl a little as she sees Craig, and she lets out a woohoo! as yes, there's the dripping wet Daniel Craig. Mrowr.

Carol chuckles with wry amusement and nods. "Yes. Definitely worth watching." She too watches appreciatively. "A great idea."

"Stretch fabric." Bobbi declares sagely, munching on popcorn and giving a single nod. Ankles crossed, she wiggles her toes in the obnoxiously striped socks. And then the dripping-wet Mr. Craig appears on the screen and she echoes Wanda's cat-call. "Yeow! What beach is this again? I am -so- going there."

Wanda hrms... "What do you think the odds are I can get Steve to go to a beach with me next spring?" An idle thought, as she 'accidentally' bumps the chapter-rewind. Oh look, Craig is coming out of the water again!

"Mmmm. Nice touch of the remote there, Wanda." Carol teases, grinning. She sips, and nibbles at her popcorn. Her own private bag -- what a treat! But nothing compared to the beauty of what's on screen. "Getting Steve to a beach is easy, Wanda. Getting him there in bathing attire instead of his usual gear is the challenge." Carol teases. Hey, he's hunky. She can admit that, sure. But there's just no way she would ever try to date him. Or virtually anyone else on the team. Talk about a huge mess that would cause. "Still, it's a nice mental picture."

Bobbi giggles at that, even snorting softly at the 'accidental' rewind. Not that she objects, of course. "If you're looking for input on dating team-mates, Wanda, I'm afraid I'll have to disqualify myself as an objective opinion." Thank you, Hawkeye! Of course, no one ever REALLY came clean with whether Bobbi or Clint initiated things in -that- relationship. "But Cap's butt WOULD look nice wrapped in a speedo."

Wanda rolls her eyes, "Yeah, I'm /definitely/ the prime person to ask... though, Steve and I have gone out a few times, lately. And I think that /would/ be a very nice image. Think I could get him in one if it was red white and blue?" She laughs very softly, unable to help herself.

"I am most definitely not the person to ask about dating. At all." Carol offers. She has the absolute worst dating history of any Avenger, bar none, and she knows it. It's why she doesn't bother anymore. Doing so would only be asking for more pain, for herself and for others. "Definitely a better shot, I think, if it were patriotically-colored."

Mockingbird rolls her eyes, groaning and shaking her head. "Well first of all, we need to keep in mind who we're talking about, here. This isn't just some guy down the block named Steve, it's Captain-friggin'-America. Not to say the guy doesn't go for chicks and doesn't have a libido, but I don't think he makes the time. Not for any of us or even all three of us at once."

Wanda sighs a little, "Yeah, I try not to dwell on that." She gives the television a bit of a sour look, then narfs a rather large handful of popcorn.

Carol makes a bit of a face at Bobbi's thoughts on the matter, but that's largely becquse she agrees. She nibbles at more popcorn, and then shrugs. "I believe a bit part of that, for a long time, was because Steve was also our leader. He could not allow himself to build interpersonal bonds with others of the team that would create bias or exclusivity. You might have a bit more success now, since he is not Chairman and does not even hold a post as the field leader." Which doesn't mean others would not take his orders or suggestions in the field. But his authority is a choice of others, not a position he has accepted.

Mockingbird grabs another handful of popcorn, nibbling deftly while Carol hypothesizes. And she nods slowly in agreement. "It's lonely at the top, I suppose." she offers. "But yeah, old habits and all that." Offering a knowing smile, she adds. "I suppose that means Carol's the one who's beyond dating teammates now, not Steve."

Wanda snickers, "Well, it's a little late for that if she meant Steve... but it's only been a few times. Still, well..." She sighs a little, "Wish it wasn't quite so busy sometimes going back and forth between here and Westchester." Translation: She is in smit. A deep deep smit.

Carol shrugs. "I'm beyond dating, teammates or otherwise. But that doesn't mean I can't live vacariously through others, or enjoy a nice set of wet washboard abs." She makes no bones about it, really. But if there were a guy on the team who could really get Carol to reconsider her feelings on that? It would be Steve. She can admit that, privately, just to herself. "At least you had some nice dates, Wanda. That's a lot better than it could be."

Mockingbird raises her glass of sparkling cider in a toast, first to Carol and then to Wanda. "To nice dates and living vicariously." she offers, before tossing back the stuff. "Hell, anymore I'd be ecstatic with a slap on the backside."

Wanda gives Bobbi a wry look, "Well, you do have your admirers, don't think that you don't." She winks, not saying anything as she raises her glass in a toast, then finishes off the rest of her cider, before looking at Carol. Looking like she wants to say something, but she decides (probably smartly) against it.

"I'm sure we all have our admirers." Carol comments. "None of that necessarily means that we should acknowledge those admirers, at least before they manage to work up the courage to make themselves known on their own."

Mockingbird raises both brows, giving Wanda a curious look. "Having admirers goes with the territory." she replies, sitting up and reaching to refill all of the glasses. "And yes, I'm very much in favor of following nature's course, myself." And with that, she gives WAnda a very 'natural' look with a silent 'we should talk later' twist to it.

Wanda gives a slight nod to Bobbi, then smiles a little, "You're quite right. I'm pretty sure I've had quite a few myself, and not all of them wear white hats." She shakes her head as she remembers her 'encounter' with Exodus, then glances at the others, content to watch the rest of the movie as Bond looks oh SO good in that tux.

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