Of Vampires and Dragons

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Night Thrasher, Black Panther, Bushmaster II, Eel, Unicorn, Tombstone, Jang Su, Feng Hung, Lilith, Dragon Tong Agents

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09/25/12 23:14

Seaport District, Manhattan

Night Thrasher and Black Panther are on hand to try and stop a conflict between the Dragon Tong and The Maggia

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Night Thrasher had received the call for rendezvous. Thrasher's own investigations led him to believe something was happening tonight, but he hadn't uncovered the location from his contacts. The founder of the New Warriors made his way to the shipping depots and to the rooftop selected by Panther. Standing a few strides away from the Panther, NT rests a raised boot up on a small, raised exhaust grate. His visor in his own helmet providing him with a telescopic and infrared view of what is going on at the area of interest.

Without indicating that the Panther was aware of NT's arrival. Yet he says quietly, "Thank you for coming, Thrasher.". The Panther continues watching the events unfold off in the distance. The ship is moored and soon hatches will be opening.

"No thanks required." responds Night Thrasher as he raises a hand up to his helmet and adjusts the focus on his enhanced vision. He tilts his head slightly to one side, clearly trying to focus in on something specific unfolding before the two heroes. Night Thrasher says, "Primary objective is to see what all the concern is about, I take it? That is, before stepping in and stopping things from getting out of hand."

With only a slight nod, the Panther affirms and comments, "Those twenty four Dragon Tong thugs are there to ensure the safety of their cargo. They are all heavily armed with mid to high calibre weapons. Notice how nine of them are forefront and of them one seems to be in control - that is Jang Su, one of Yi Yang's many heads. Now, see how the others are forming a defensive parameter. I suspect the cargo is something small and manageable by the eight. Not a full shipment of arms or armor as initially assumed."

As various aspects of the situation are pointed out to Dwayne, the New Warrior focuses in on them. He notes the armed individuals. He notes Jang Su. He then looks towards the hatches of the ship. Thrasher nods in agreement, "Solid assumptions." He steps off of the exhaust and gets closer to the edge of the building, kneeling down at the edge to not be so obvious to anyone who would happen to look in their direction.

The hatches begin to open and a gang plank extends from the side of the ship to be received by the Dragon Tong forward nine. Another point of interest is that the dock workers normally present are sequestered half a block away by two Dragon Tong thugs.

An Asian man descends the plank and greets Jang Su. The Panther does not comment as he is unaware of who the new individual is. Other Dragon Tong members are on the decks of the cargo ship as well as in the hold. The secret handshake is given and the two heads seem to be in agreement. They descend the plank and once on the harbor, the eight ascend and will enter the ship's hold.

Thrasher isn't silent; After a moment he says, "I do not have that guy in my database." in reference to the new individual that has come into play. Thrasher's eyes narrow as he tries, in a vain attempt, to see past the extent his helmet allows him to see. Thrasher turns his head away from the activity, and twists it from side to side while looking around. He humphs, "Now where's the Maggia?"

There's a slight turn of his head while addressing of the expanded environment. The Panther notes, "I suspect they are watching and waiting to see the shipment just as we are."

The shipment comes into view. It is a coffin. Nothing elaborate or fancy, just a simple dark oak box. Not even equipped with hinges. However, the Dragon Tong 8 are carrying it with the utmost care and trying to keep it horizontal even as they descend the diagonal plank.

The New Warrior grunts an acknowledgement of what Panther stated while continueing to sweep his gaze around the vacinity. As the eight individuals come out carrying the oak box, Dwayne swivels his attention back around to the ramp. There are a couple of muted clicks coming from Thrasher's helmet as digital pictures are made of what Thrasher is observing. Thrasher says, "Look at the angle they are holding that at... either respect for a body held inside or they are being delicate for another reason."

"Switch to thermal, can you see anything /alive/ in that coffin?" The Panther asks hoping that NT's thermal range is greater than his own.

The range is great, but NT will slightly detect a warmer something in the coffin.

Another blip on everyone's radar comes into view when a blast of yellow-green energy streaks across the harbor from a concealed location between warehouses. The energy strikes three Dragon Tong thugs and takes them down.

Rushing out from another location is a pasty white muscular guy (Tombstone) who yells as he rushes into a small group of Dragon Tong thugs and starts wailing.

Leaping out of the water near the aft part of the ship is the Eel, his body has a slight electrical glow to it as he lands on the harbor deck.

Then emerging from the shadows, the Bushmaster yells, "Hand it over, or else!"

The Warrior nods and focuses in on the coffin, "Well, it isn't a dead body..." he informs Panther, "Or rather, if it is, the body started out an inferno and has cooled to a warm temperature." Any further elaboration is, however, cut off by the sudden action unfolding area the Dragon Tong. Thrasher's HUD paints the hostile new comers instantly. Small, summary profiles scroll up and down his HUD of each of them in turn. Thrasher slowly stands up from his kneeling position, "Whatever is inside, they want it bad..." He looks to Panther, "Let them fight it out for a second or two, thin the numbers and then leap in? Or..." Clearly the Warrior is giving Panther the lead.

The Panther leans forward, a hand touches the partially raised ledge of the warehouse and he says, "We hold, but not for the weeding, but to see what the Tong have in mind.

That's when Jang Su and his companion split from one another. Jang Su stands his ground and begins to emit a cool white flame about his body. He rebuts the challenge of the Bushmaster, "Think not to take what does not belong!"

The other head (Feng Hung) has taken five steps from Jang Su and then leaps toward the Eel. Lightning from his own hands spark as he descends and engages the Eel in a kung-fu spectacle of rapid blows that the Eel never expected.

Another blast of yellow-green energy is shot through the crowds (from an unseen location). Those crowds are albeit slower than the powered individuals on the scene and they are just now taking aim and pulling triggers. Bullets will go in all sorts of directions hoping to hit their marks.

The Bushmaster rushes forward, he's not afraid of Jang Su and seems to have full intention of going hand to hand with him.

NT may notice that the box shifts in the hands of the 8 who have now reached the harbor concrete.

Thrasher shifts a little in anticipation of no longer holding his position. The action erupts and unfolds in front of them, but he tries to keep his attention on the eight people apparently charged with handling the oak box. When those individuals get to the concrete, Thrasher swears he sees the box shift in their hands. He focuses on the infrared image his HUD is providing him of the box, but its not telling him anything apparent. Thrasher warns, "Something happened with the box."

Automatic gunfire provides considerable racket. The dock workers that were sequestered all begin to evacuate and head for safer ground (they are not in the line of fire). Many of the Dragon Tong thugs are taken down by the yellow-green energy, yet there are still over a dozen left.

The Eel gets the crap punched out of him and finally he's able to swing back. It's dodged and then Feng Hung draws back and with an open palm strikes the Eel square in the chest, knocking him back many yards, over the ledge and then into the harbor waters beneath.

Jang Su and the Bushmaster go head to head. Su isn't as strong or as tough, but for a really old guy he's fast. The Bushmaster is super strong and slow. He swings several times and misses only to find that Su is on his shoulders/back and striking him about the head; in an almost comical sense.

Tombstone continues to wail on 7, now 5 Dragon Tong thugs who have difficulty shooting him because he's so close.

The lid of the coffin bursts off flying to parts unknown. Then a woman is suddenly standing atop the coffin, atop the 8.

The Panther says, "Lilith.", thus identifying her with some anxiety in his voice. Only to add, "We must act quickly, Thrasher." Then no sooner does he suggest that, the Panther has leapt from the rooftop and will bound off a lower level to strike the concrete below and start running toward the fray.

Thrasher continues to observe the fracas unfolding before them. When the top of the box erupts to reveal a woman standing atop the box, Thrasher arches an eyebrow. After Panther identifies her, Thrasher does a quick search through the Warrior's database for information on this individual. As he pulls up information, Thrasher moves to follow the Black Panther. He unhooks his skateboard from his backpack assembly and tosses it down below. He leaps down from the building, lands on the ground and then gets a running start before leaping onto the skateboard. He skids across the concrete towards the excitement.

Lilith moves probably faster than the normal human eye can track. She's off the foundation of 8 and the coffin and is out of immediate sight. Those that have tracking abilities or heightened senses will know she went immediately for the origin of the yellow-green energy blasts.

The Bushmaster seems to be moving in slow motion as Jang Su moves all over him like a monkey on a high sugar diet climbing around a tree. Various nerve points are struck and the Bushmaster freezes (unable to move).

Feng Hung whips around from having struck the Eel and knocked him into the waters. His sharp bright green eyes peer at all the combatants and then he spies the approach of the Panther and Night Thrasher. He begins to run toward the heroes, leaps, uses the heads of the Dragon Tong thugs as stepping points and then closes the gap.

The Panther leaps to engage Feng Hung and they immediately enter hand to hand combat.

Dragon Tong thugs attempt to levy fire into Tombstone while he continues to take them down.

Jang Su turns and spies the approach of the Panther and Thrasher, though aware of their approach, he's already acted in this round.

The first of the Tong are taken down by NT then leaping toward Tombstone, NT will suddenly realize (if he didn't already know) that Tombstone is stronger and more resistant than the average thug off the street. Tombstone will welcome the assault by saying, "Break it up? How about I break you up, Skater Punk." Then will quickly engage with the full intention of fun filled hand to hand melee.

Jang Su has not forgotten and he will watch what transpires between Tombstone and Thrasher.

Now that the Thrasher is farther ahead in the scene, he's able to see within the shadows which once obscured the vision of the emitter of the yellow-green energy beams. It /was/ the Unicorn. Though not dead, yet, the Unicorn is facing the fray and Lilith stands behind him, feeding off his neck. He seems paralyzed and fading fast.

In other parts, the Panther and Feng Hung are going at one another, strike, counter strike, defensive strike, strike again. With neither getting ahead.

Thrasher's HUD displays some pertinant tactical information on Tombstone as he hurtles through Mid-Air. Superhuman resistance to injury and super strength? He realizes as he reaches Tombstone that this is perhaps the incorrect tactic to take. The New Warrior, however, is used to taking on people his physical superior! When he lands before Tombstone, his hands are already reaching for his belt. With a thought, his mouth and nose are covered by a rebreather mask. Why? What Thrasher grabbed from his belt were some smoke pellets, which he conveniently let slip to the ground below them. Thick smoke begins to obscure the immediate area around Thrasher. And though, he's at a good angle to see Unicorn and Lillith in the shadows; He doesn't react to them. His HUD, however, does paint them for reference.

"What tha?" Tombstone exclaims as he starts to cough and swing blindly hoping to make contact.

That's when Jang Su acts. The white flame about his body flashes as he leaps into the air and touches down amid the smoke - right behind Tombstone and strikes him 8 times in the back of the neck/head/shoulders. This causes Tombstone to freeze, then drop with a groaning thud. That also puts Jang Su within 10 feet of NT.

The Unicorn is dropped to the ground and Lilith moves at blinding speeds.

The Panther strikes Feng Hung in the throat, then the solar plexus with enough force to drop Feng Hung to the ground. The Panther calls out, "Thrasher, Move!" indicating that Thrasher should remove himself from his current location.

With the smoke billowing up from the twin pellets on the ground, Thrasher crouched and shifted into a fighting stance. Thrasher's infrared visually shows him the scuffle he heard between Jang Su and Tombstone. The New Warrior prepared to shift his focus from Tombstone to Jang Su, but Panther calls out his warning to him. Being that he is crouched, hydraulics within his leg joints activate and a tell-tale sound indicates that they engage. Thrasher leaps up into the air with hydraulic assistance and performs a backflip to clear the cloud of smoke and his immediate surroundings per Panther's warning. He lands several feet away from his former locale and slips out his battle staves from his backpack assembly.

As the Thrasher clears the area, he immediately notices a large metallic shipping crate landing exactly where he was (partially crumbled, damaged), feet from Jang Su. The crate could have crushed the Thrasher. Then just as suddenly as it arrives, Lilith is seen standing upon the crate looking up at the Thrasher, expecting him to land in her welcoming arms.

The Panther moves, trying to close on the crate as well, but he cannot move that fast.

Jang Su is no longer in sight.

Thrasher's eyes widen at the realization of what just happened. He silently notes to himself to thank Panther for the warning. However that 'note to self' is quick, as his focus turns to the woman standing on the crashed, offending crate. Thrasher's battlestaves are held firmly at his side as he stands out of the crouch he landed in. He remains cautious and spares a glance to his sides to see where Panther is, where the superhumans and the Dragon Tong are. Thrasher calls out to Panther, "Who is she??" Clearly his database hasn't pulled up any meaningful information.

Leaping atop the crate, the Panther moves to engage Lilith with significant prowess. His attacks aren't deadly, though he is trying to make a point very clear. "Daughter of Dracula." are the words that are uttered from Panther's mouth in response to NT's query.

She seems to move with the grace and agility of a deadly snake. Though his claws find flesh and she screams. The vibranium harms her skin and offends her sense of pleasure. She screams, "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" then grabs the Panther and throws him into the side of a nearby building - as if he weighed no more than a stone one would find near a babbling brook.

Feng Hung is scooped up by Jang Su and they leap out of the fray and onto a nearby building.

Police and fire crews are nearby.

Dragon Tong agents scatter in all directions.

The New Warrior grits his teeth and grumbles, "Daughter of Dracula? Jeez man, all I want to do it stop bank robberies..." To help out Panther, Thrasher stows one of his staves. From out of a compartment in his gauntlet, he palms a series of flat coin-like devices. Thrasher hurls them towards the crate. When the connect with they erupt into small explosions. These blast caps are meant for controlled explosions and Dwayne's attempting to shatter the crate and make Lillith lose her footing. He's seeking an advantage here!

The very nature of speed and reaction is something often forgotten by normal humans and regular speed metahumans alike. Lilith is able to leap off of the shipping crate and move around behind the Thrasher before the explosions take place. She will whisper, "Nice try, pretty." before offering him the same kindness she showed the Panther by attempting to grab and then throw Thrasher into the same nearby building with lovingly significant force.

The New Warrior barely registers what has happened by the time he is airborne. The explosions do exactly what he originally intended, shatter the crate. But Lillith is behind him in the blink of an eye. He has a witty retort for the Daughter of Dracula, but lacks sufficient time for its utterance. He careens into and through the wall of the building. His armor takes the brunt of the savage through. Night Thrasher is stunned by the impact and simply sits in the neat pile of rubble, propped up against whatever he stopped against. The word, "Damn..." slips out in a groan.

When the stars and birds stop circling, the area will be clear of conscious combatants. The police roll onto the scene and the Panther will be on his feet to greet them. Statements are given, criminals rounded up, and when all is said and done, the Panther and Thrasher find themselves upon a rooftop overlooking the former combat area, "This does not bode well for mankind. Vampires were erradicated from the planet when Doctor Strange read the Montesi Formula. Lilith's presence fortells that Dracula himself walks among the people's of Earth."

Up on the rooftop with Panther, Thrasher is standing there with one hand on his hip and the other rubbing at the back of his neck. He humphs at what Panther says, "Apparently, Doctor Strange is going to have to read it again." He shrugs, which is a gesture cut short by a burst of bruised pain, "Agh, And it reminds me that I am going to have to start carrying some garlic spray or garlic cloves... or something." He looks over to Panther, "I'll be sure, during my night time patrols, to keep an eye out for this Daughter of Dracula."

Footnoting, the Panther intones, "If you encounter Morbius, Hannibal King, or Blade, have them seek me out at my Embassy. I would care to speak with them. Otherwise, you handled yourself well tonight."

Thrasher humphs and nods, "Oh, yeah. I played wrecking ball real nice." He then lowers his hand from his neck and gives BP a thumbs up, "Yeah, no sweat. If I run into any of 'em, I'll point 'em your way. Pretty sure they'd be eager to know what's what when they hear about it." Thrasher removes his skateboard from his backpack, which he at some point he picked up, and tosses it down at his feet. He places a boot up on it and looks at Panther, "It's been real, Black Panther. I'll be in touch. Now, though, I need an ice pack for my back."

With a nod, the Panther states, "Good evening to you, Thrasher." and allows no further pause or engagement. Instead, the Panther himself will turn and depart into the shadows.

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