Of Spyders and Snakes

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Shadowcat, Mirage, Havok, Nightcrawler

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11/15/12 14:44

X-Factor Tower/SHIP

The team discusses the spiders and snakes

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Back at the base and after the cleanup. Three of the four heroes meet up in the holding area to observe their captive, the spyder alien.

The creature stands crouched on the fold down bed of the cell. Between him and the team is an energy barrier (star trek force field). The heroes stand within the central hub of the cell block and Alex (wearing his uniform) asks, "Kurt, you get anything out of it?"

Shaking his head, Kurt replies, "Nothing, they moved in after the Snakes moved out, avoiding the local galactic authorities or something. Coincidental, but took out the institution when they launched their hidden spaceship out from underneath it." A shrug, thankful to Ship most likely for an assist with translation, now not sure what to do with the alien, seeing as his friends ditched him.

Now that she is suitably cleaned up and had all the webbing removed, hopefully painlessly, Dani has joined the other two in staring and studying there new guest. "I'm not surprised, in my experince they enjoy kidnapping people and selling them as slaves. Lila may be able to send him back, but I doubt we could get in contact with her and she would probably want to hand him over to those galactic authorities he is trying to hide from.

Ship interjects, "Lila Cheney can be found at 8738 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, California. She shares a home with Alison Blare and are neighbors of Guido Carosella."

Looking up at where ever Ship interjected from, Kurt shrugs, "I guess that answers that, could we get a number Ship, I mean, she could probably come to us quicker than we can get out there right?" He looks to Dani, best to get the alien up and out of here as soon as they can.

Dani hmmms at the clarification from Ship, "As always, I'm the last to know." though she realizes the is partially to blame for that one "So we can call Lila and have her take him away or call the galactic authorities ourselves and have them come pick him up..." she pauses a moment "Unless we want to take another trip into space and hand him over personally.

Shadowcat walks in blinking at the spyder "ok fuzzy elf, next time I'm with you. Lucky, you get all the fun. Havok here was boring" verbally ribbing alex

SHIP shares the phone number. Then SHIP interjects one more point, "What about Ariel? Can she not open a portal to the alien spacecraft and kick the alien through the door?"

Alex smiles and says, "Doh!"

Shadowcat says, "if we go back into space I vote we revoke havok's license""

Kurt nods as he listens, "Ok, Ariel, space drop, give him back to his buddies. Done and done." Looking to Kitty, "So, nothing at all from your area? No Snake assassins, or anything?"

Dani chuckles at Kitty's remark "It's either one extreme or the other, very rarely is it ever a happy medium." with the dispostion of the alien apparently decided and no space trips eminent for the team she turns to look at the captive once more, though can't tell if he is one she dealt with or not, though she highly doubts it. "Do I get to play bait now?" she asks, turning back to the other three.

kittu shakes her head "nope not a peep from anything. Just routine questions bit why we were there from the workers. Very boring"

Alex notes, "We were able to install the surveillance equipment. I say we give it a week. I'm like Kurt. I really do not want to use you as bait and play by their terms. I'd much rather take the fight to them and their base - when we find it."

"A week it is, does Dani need to take something with her, so we know if she's getting attacked," ponders Kurt. Obviously they have comsys of some sort, but in the event she's knocked out or worse, "Like a vital sign monitor or something?"

"Easy for you to say, I'm feeling like Rapunzel trapped in her tower." Dani glances around "Sure it's a nice, shiny, high tech tower, but still. And the mansion isn't the quite the escape you would think it is. When Kurt speaks up with his idea, she gives a sigh.

Alex notes, "I hate to say it, but we're gonna have to do some buddy system thing or maybe put her on a leash so she can be jerked back in case of emergency." It's humor, yet regretful humor.

Grinning then, Kurt shrugs, to Dani "Oh yeah, you're right, we don't want to go on alert cause Alex gave you a blood pressure rise and you punched him again." Then he looks to Alex talking about leashes, perhaps curious if a punch will be on its way.

kitty smirks and pats dani on the shoulder, she understood how being cooped up felt. "a leash? Anytime we can have ship lock onto her confessional and blink her back. Why are they interested in you though dani? Hmm maybe I should play decoy and pretend to be dani?" Yeah cuz that worked so wonderfully when she pretended to be ray

If someone was expecting Dani to blush or feel any embarassment at her violent outburst months ago they will be sorely disappointed. Though obviously she is not to that point yet. "Kitty maybe on to something. With a holo emitter," which surprisingly she hasn't used to go out yet, "it would be easy for her to do so.

Kitty grins "holo emitters are easy to whip up. I made kurt one as a belt with a slot for sd cards. Sides it's not a risk to me, they attack and I can just phase myself, no prob"

Alex ponders, "Holo emitter... that's thinking outside the box. We could totally rig up something, maybe put Kurt in your (dani) skin and have him walking around with a bullseye on his back."

Nodding, Kurt adds, "Ja, and I can start tagging all the buildings with Serpent Society Sucks too, just to make sure they see me ..."

"what, I don't get to have fun? I can rig it together no prob" kitty says, many gods reasons to set her up in disguise, sometimes even grownup she felt like the lil kid in the group.

Dani had one for a short while, though she hasn't worn it recently "If they are really after me that bad, I doubt you will have to go to such extreme measures. Has there been any other Serpent Society related crimes since the one we stumbled on in that alley?" obviously the question is to Alex.

Alex shakes his head, "No, nothing on the radar. And heck, the girl cut you good. She may not even be coming after you again since she may feel she got her payback."

"Wait a second," ponders Kurt then, "You two witnessed the muder, you know who killed the accountant right? Or did you save his life, I'm confused about that part now."

There is a shrug from Dani, she has in pretty bad shape at the end of that encounter "He was pretty much dead when we arrived." she is sounds quite confident in that at least "That thought crossed my mind as well, but it is still better to get them off the streets, even if I am not a target anymore.

"Which is why finding out where they live is one of the better ideas. It would better ensure their shutdown than random uncontrolled engagements on the streets where bystanders are at risk." notes Alex

kitty grins"why not send this guy we have back with a taking beacon attached to him?"

"And," says Kurt, "I'm just throwing it out there, but if you two can identify the killer in a murder, I'm sure they're not happy even with a bit of retaliation (sp)." Then he turns to Kitty, "He was just innocent bystander, that jumped Dani and me with his buddies, when we went to the institution the Snakes used as a hideout for a brief period of time."

"Or not so innocent bystander. We aren't sure why he and his kind were hiding there." Dani shrugs, then begins to head out to get a start on some of those plans.

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