Of Course You Can Stay

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Thimble, Ambrose and Mirage

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03/20/13 06:00

Dining Hall - Xavier's Institute

It's Thimble's 18th - Dani and Ambrose convince her to stay at the school

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==[ Dining Hall - Xavier Mansion ]==

The dining hall of the Xavier Mansion is quite large. Extending most of the width of the main structure, it occupies the eastern aspect of the mansion and has the ability to serve 150 without issue. The tables all have the ability to fold up and chairs are moveable. Thus giving the ability to clear the room if need be. Especially when waxing or cleaning.

The room itself is akin to being a fish bowl. The eastern ceiling and northeast, east, and southeast walls are curved paned glass allowing for a semicircular design. Beyond the glass to the east is the patio area (which offers more seating for those who wish to eat outside) and views to the courts and pool. Also visible to the northeast and southwest are the dormitories which one can easily access from here by crossing the patio.

To the north is the kitchen and to the south is a video game room much like the old video game arcades. There are also access points to the male and female public restrooms.


Janie seemed to be a bit cold blooded a bout this day. 18 years ago she had been born, but the last 12 years she hadn't had a real celebration that was worth to be talked about, and in the last 6 she hadn't had any at all. On her plate she had just the usual breakfast - some cereals and a bit of bread and cheese, and apparently there was no difference to any other day.

It's not totally uncommon to see Dani in the dining hall at breakfast time. It happens a few times a month, on those rare days when she wakes up later then she usually does. Of course her waking up late is still considered Oh My God O'Clock to most of the students. As soon as she makes her appearance any morning rowdiness stops immediatly, no one wants a repeat of last time. As she wanders through, going straight for the coffee, she greets an occasional student as she passes, gets her coffee and begins to head through another part of the dining hall toward the patio "Morning Janie." she greets as she passes the girls table.

Janie looks up, nodding at her coach "Morning Miss Moonstar," she answered, eating her cereals. If there wasn't the fact that it was the 20th of march, the day seemed just like any other day. Just another day, another birthday passing as any other.

"Big day for you today. Officially an adult an all. Happy Birthday." Dani smiles cheerfully, seeming quite sincere in her birthday wishes "As of today you are no longer a ward of the school and you can choose whether to stick around or try to make it out in the "real world." she takes a seat across the table "I think I can speak for both myself and the rest of the team though, We hope you decide to stay."

Janie looked a bit puzzled on the question and request "What does it matter?" she asks eventually, looking down to her cereals. "I can't afford it." At least now. The lawsuit against Westport was still pending. She was virtually broke.

Dani stirs her coffee with the little plastic straw, it looks liberlly doused with cream and sugar. She sits with Janie at one of the tables near the patio entrance. Janie is slowly eating breakfast, while Dani has coffee. "Because we don't want you feeling like a prisoner here. You have choices in life, most of them will be hard ones, some will be easy. I guess the choice to stay here is an easy one." at least her she has a roof and three meals a day, even if she has to put up with classes and noisy teens and teachers.

Shuffling in a little late for breakfast, Ambrose looked somewhat... hung over. But he smiled wearily to Thimble and Mirage on his way by to the coffee machine, calling back over "Anyone need a refill? " he asked, not realizing the conversation currently going on was a little of a seruious nature.

"I did look up the prices. I can't afford the school," Janie answers, eating her cereals as if nothing is special. Simple monetary inability. "The time here was great, but I can't stay. You named it. The ward time is over." Glancing to her side, the backback she uses to carry her things around seems stuffed. As if all her clothes and stuff is forced into it.

As Ambrose passes, Dani gives him a nod in greeting but then shakes her head at the coffee offering. "I would think that is why you would stay here." Dani looks a bit puzzled at Janie "None of the students here, or thier families are required to pay tuition. The website is just a fake, to make this place look like a legit private school and not a school for the unusually gifted." she is at least sensitive to Janie's dislike of the M-word.

Nodding back, Ambrose glances to Janie quizzically. He had opened his mouth then to ask some questions, only to have it fade as Dani explains the sham, eyes comprehending now "Indeed, what she says. You've a better chance here than... what? On the streets? " he tches "Dont look a gift horse in the mouth, and dont turn down an opportunity to learn while doing it."

"But I was able to download the forms of application and all." Janie explains, eying Dani carefully "It can't be all fake. And I can look after myself." she claims then.

"You can also download an application to join the Justice League, but that won't make you a 'Superfriend." Dani points out. "No one is claiming that you can't take care of yourself. I'm sure you would survive well enough. But don't you want to do more than just /survive/?

Wandering over to join the other two, Ambrose waves a hand dismissively "So you downloaded an applicatnoi off the webpage. Will you believe the Internet which has had HOW many false-celebrity-deaths, ducks-quacks-dont-echo myths, and 'if you do not pass this on it means you hate jesus' chian letters... or a teacher, who works at the school, telling you you dont have to pay one penny to be here?"

Janie nods slowly on dani's sentence, then looking at ambrose "I am glad I know how this google thing works." she mutters, looking at Dani "Then it means... I don't need to leave?"

Taking a sip of her coffee Dani gives a shake of her head "Not if you don't want to. You will always have a home here. Whether you are 18 or 80, Xavier's takes care of thier own." most of the faculty is proof of that. Many have come, gone and come again, many times over "I am proof of that. I was brought here an orphan, left a Valkyrie, and returned to become teacher and Dean of Students." of course if the debacle in Disney is any proof, she is still a Valkyrie.

"What she said. And honestly? I think staying here does you more good. " remarks Ambrose "Where would you go? The streets? Hardly worthy of yourself - you can do much better. I'd suggest not throwing it away. It would be stupid to leave and just scrape by, when you can take what is offered, and make the best of yourself." he pauses, awkward. Not good at these motivational things..

Janie nods slowly. "I see... so... I can just stay as long as I want?" she asks, almost feeling tempted to give Dani a hug.

"Yes. We've even been known to give those students that apply themselves and show potential in certain skills a full college scholarship." Dani starts to show a grin as the combined efforts of Ambrose and her change Janie's mind about leaving.

Ambrose shifts impatiently "No, you do not have to go. You can stay as long as you want. Really. If we didnt want you to stay we would hav told you to leave already! Simple as that!" he guestures, furrowing his brow, and TRYING not to seem expaserated. He was really no good with children

As if Janie was a child. Nodding she resumed eating her breakfast "Thank you." she replied, eying Dani as she ate the cereals. This was not too bad for a birthday. Not getting kicked out as you wer 18 was a good thing - she totally had all prepared to leave after breakfast.

Getting up from her table, she lifts her hand but then drops it remembering Ambrose's aversion to touching "Drink more coffee Ambrose." she suggests. "And Janie, come by my office later. I have something for you." it could even be a birthday present. She will than head out the patio entrance.

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