Oblique's First Friend

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Oblique's First Friend

Oblique, Rex Gregson

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01/05/13 21:30

Central Park, New York City

Oblique meets Rex

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Moving at a slow jog, a rather wandersome, twitchy young woman bounds across a trail. Possibly over-dressed for the middle of the city, decked out in an old fashioned, fancy red dress, this pale woman stops mid-stride, panting. She's been running like this for the last 15 minutes. She breathes deeply, lowering her head, mumbling something inaudible.

The concert was over, and right now, dressed in civvies, Rex Gregson sat on a bench, staring at the large, snowless area where it was. She looked happy, almost sleepy, when the red garbed figure comes into view. A blink, and she straightens, looking confused "Excuse me!"

"Fangled fangs of formidable..." Oblique mumbles, clearly not directed at anyone in particular--not even noticing Rex speak for a moment. Seconds later, she reacts, her gaze turning to meet Rex. A paradoxical mixture of piercing eyes and a disarmingly gentle smile. She stares a moment longer, and then, in a sweet (albeit disconnected) tone of voice, begins to muse, "Have you been more lovely today or yesterday?"

A blink of surprise, and puzzlement at this and Rex stood, carrying a hot coffee in one hand as she remarks "Yesterday I think, in stage makeup. I'm rather plain jane today. Why are you jogging in a dress? Is this one of those odd marathons that people like?"

Oblique blinks back, unconsciously mimicking Rex's response to her. "Whenever I run, the lines are smoother. Breaking and shaking the mud--floating into distilled peace. But a moment, sometimes." She adopts a strangely hopeful look in her eye as she continues, "This world is staged, is it not? Is the lack of make-up to make up for that which is made up?"

Rex Gregson tilts her head at the strange way of speaking, sipping the coffee as well. "You speak like Gandalf." she remarks simply at first "The world is a stage, they say, and we are all but actors improving ourselves along. " she agrees "Everything is showbiz I think the famous song went along." this was intriguing the woman, and a bit fun.

Oblique twitches a moment, in an excited sort of minimal surprise. And hops, quickly, starting to giggle, "But dwarves and elves are the least of worries in a cacophony of unsavory scenescapes..." she proclaims, as she pans her head across, as if to highlight the view of New York's skyscrapers. "The rough ways that diamonds hide, below. Pushed into blossom, the little lotuses..." Looking back to Rex, she's looking curiously happy. "Have you been improving, too?"

"Myself? I am taking a rest right now from a big show. Then I will be working on practicing and improving yes." she smiled, curiouser and curiouser "I'd love to meet an Elf though myself. Sadly they're rare these days aren't they? And yourself? Still improving as always? And what is the dress for?" she asks.

"The turncoats are lacking, and this but the only fabric I've left. A wince-worthy tatterdemalion, I know..." she says, trailing off. She considers the question, "Shackles removed, I do suppose I've found something brave, new, in this world. These concrete jangles of weatherworn jungles more a slide than a climb." She steps with a hint of unease, towards, and then away from Rex, as she continues, "This spurt of greeny is a vestige of solemn. Is this why you've found respite along the trenches of benches? Suited busybodies and dilapidated souls."

Rex Gregson stared now, utterly fixated. "What? oh. Yes, respite. Yesterday, a great crowd gathered here..." she licked her lips, trying to not get as verbose, as fun as it sounds "And now I am just remembering that, and marveling at the peace now found in this spot, and how it will not last once the snow returns. Your name? I'm called Rex."

Oblique repeats the name back to herself, "Rex. Yes." Thinking a moment, her expression seems to change a few times, as if she were shifting through different emotions. "Emily. I've been here before, earlier today. Not with you. Alone." She peers around nervously to the scene, and then puts the palm of her hand to her forehead, as if trying to get some composure. "And... I've not met someone like you before. Have you a spot of tea in your Rex?" She says awkwardly. If this is a joke, it's deadpan.

"A pleasure, Emily." notes Rex warmly with a smile, finding it getting a little unnerving. Then she blinks "A spot of. .. what? " she pauses, confused. Then it clicks, and she guffaws "Sometimes, when I am in costume, I definitely have Tea in my Rex! Such a sad Dinosaur I can be, the Sombre Tyrannosaur!"

Oblique bursts out laughing, apparently at the saying of the name. "Perhaps the tide collapsed. Waxed and waned, waving hello and goodbye in a glorious aloha. You perform, I can see. A sugary voice." Emily shys away after saying this, turning her head. She wonders to herself if she's being too sweet to a stranger.

"Sugary is a good way to put it yes." laughs the performer, nodding "And I am a performer, yes. I guess you didn't notice all the noise, fireworks and lights here last night eh? " she reaches into a pocket, offering a card "Here. For a free ticket to my next show. I always love showing people my music." she offers.

Oblique's eyes beam wide, caught in a sort of mesmerized stare, after pulling the ticket to her view. "An invitation to glorious sonic jamboree?!" she near-squees. "Have you no worry that I may sully such an affair?" she wonders, quietly... "To think, my third week amidst the slabs of cobbled stone, and I've a bona fide *acquaintance*!"

"Well, why would you?" asked Rex shakily with a smile "Third week? Welcome to America - or Earth I guess? So long as you don't try to set anyone on fire or anything everyone is welcome to my concerts." she explains.

Oblique grins and stifles a giggle. "Not everyone has felt comfort in my nearness, though I am not from a great distance. Nebraska, a homestead within fields of groomed flora, is what begat my form."

"Is this where I make a joke about Southerners speaking funny? " asked Rex with a smile. "A pleasure to meet you though Emily. I hope you make many more acquaintances with ease! There's so many folk in New York, its hard to find a group you don't fit in with.

"Luck hath not been my lady, alas," Oblique says dourly. Her eyes wander off, suddenly, and she tilts her head towards an off-road of the park. Her face slowly shifts to a more vacant expression, and she takes a step towards her turned head.... With the first step, she begins to speak with a particular, new monotone,
"Contact has gone appreciated, whirled and jetted to a yesterday-future pinpoint." She steps again, beginning to walk forward. "Conductive of kinetics and pierced prosthetics."

"... Wait, what was that last bit? " asked Rex, now gone from curious to 'what the heck? ' mode herself, stepping to keep pace with the woman. "Sorry that it hasn't. My first few weeks here weren't very good either."

Oblique seemingly lost in some sort of trance, begins mumbling inaudibly to herself. Almost zombie-like, she continues to step off into the distance--no goodbyes--just a lost, crazy-like wander into a shady road of Central Park.

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