Undercover in Madripoor

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Nova gets a job

Nova, Cloak, Night Thrasher

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Madripoor Docks

Nova goes undercover but accidentally gets a job

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-----==[ Docks -- Lowtown -- Madripoor ]==------------------------------------

The docks in Madripoor are at least a century old. Before that, the raiders, corsairs and smugglers just weighed anchor and rowed ashore, but damned civilization creeps in whether wanted or not, and an actual pier was finally built. Ships from all over the world dock here, tramp steamers from Frisco, tankers from Kuwait, barges of trash from Kowloon Bay, shipments of Poppy from the Golden Triangle, freighters filled with Japanese cars en route to New York, others with sheep bound from New Zealand. If you're looking to find something on the cheap, or take a fast train out of here for a price, this is the place.

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[B] - Bay -- Madripoor [E] - Harbor -- Madripoor
[NE] - Warehouse District -- Lowtown [NW] - Waterfront -- Lowtown -- Madri

Richie Rider wanders the docks, reading the few markings on ships and piers that he can make out and occasionally consulting a scrap of paper he keeps in his pocket. He gives dirty, hostile looks to any locals who seem too interested in this caucasian out-of-towner. Richie might not be the most intimidating out of costume (or in it, for that matter), but he's lived in NYC for all of his life and has long since developed that 'East Coast tough' stare that wards off the casual thug or pickpocket.

Looming aboard one of the tankers, hidden in shadows, Cloak in his only guise of a cloak, watches out a porthole to catch sight of Richie as he stands out. He does not know him to be Nova, but either way, his eyes are drawn to the white man as he stands out. Cloak has remained to himself and hidding within shadows as Tandy does her thing with the New Warriors. He would interact with them, but for now he just waits. He is good at that though his thoughts are of Tandy, he cannot help but think that something will and should happen to Richie. . .why aren't people more discreet?

Dwayne Taylor is on the docks as well, he's not far from Richie and is here just because he's aware that Richie came to the docks today. Does he trust Richie to be here by himself? Sure! But this is Madripoor, Dwayne is here because he has Richie's back. Dwayne is wearing his Thrasher armor, but over the armor he's got a heavy, baggy trenchcoat obscuring most of it. Thrasher's helmet may be in the small duffle that Dwayne has slung over his shoulder. Dwayne is hanging out by the opening of a dock warehouse, he is leaning against the wall and attempting to appear like he's minding his own business. He's not trying to hide from Richie and, in fact, if Richie sees him a gesture of acknowledgement would be provided.

Richie Rider finally spots the ship he was looking for, by coincidence right next to the tanker Cloak is in. The ship Nova approaches is in contrast a cargo vessel, the kind that steam across the oceans carrying those generic cargo boxes. This ship has careful english lettering and seems somewhat cleaner and more well-maintained than most of the others at the docks. Probably one that goes to the US.

Richie glances around and spots Night Thrasher, returning the nod before he turns and heads for the ramp leading onto the ship. He has to stop halfway across because there's a short queue of people already trying to get aboard.

Dwayne continues to lean back against the wall of the warehouse. He casually casts his glance away from Richie and towards the vessel that has gained the other Warrior's attention. Dwayne reaches into one of the deep pockets of his trench and pulls out a clam-shell cell phone, nothing that looks too fancy or high tech. He flips it open and glances from side to side to his general vacinity. Someone coming out of the warehosue gives him a wary look, but Dwayne continues to act casual

Watching Richie make his way to another ship and having spotted Night Thrasher. Cloak has no idea who he is as well. Though, since these two are not natives to this area and from his vantage point seem to stand out like sore thumbs, Cloak opts to continue to spy on them. Using teleportation, he is gone from his ship and appearing within the shadows of the boat on which Richie is headed towards.

Richie Rider waits in line for his chance to board the ship. None of the people in front of him are holding luggage and somehow they don't seem like tourists or travellers. They look like workers, sailors, and a few of them seem just a little better than pirates.

When Cloak appears on the ship, he overhears snippets of conversation. The cargo vessel seems to be hiring - a lot of the crew has recently been jailed in Madripoor. Not exactly unprecedented, although it takes a lot more to get arrested in Madripoor than it does in most other ports.

The young man in the trenchcoat, when he sees that Richie is getting closer to getting on the boat, raises a foot up and presses it flat against the wall he is leaning against. He slowly pushes himself off the wall and walks at a comfortable pace away from the building he was leaning against. He's trying to get a better angle and vantage point to keep an eye on Richie.

Safely and unseen arriving on the vote, Cloak remains hiddne, but hearing about the influx of new workers to replace former ones, he now understands why the American is present. Feeling a bit better, or as better as one can feel in this island of theives, Cloak remains and watches.

Richie Rider finally makes his way onto the boat. There's still a few people ahead of him in a line that disappears out of sight through the door into the captain's tower. Richie tries to strike up a conversation with the people ahead of him, and now others who have joined the line behind. He can't seem to get through to anyone, so finally he gives up and just tries to endure the wait.

Using his porting and darkness powers, Cloak moves about the boat, hopefully unseen to see what information, if any he can glean from those present.

Dwayne stops his forward progress near the edge of the path he is on. Over the edge is the water of the harbor. Dwayne raises an armored boot up and rests it on a short pillar meant to tie down a boat that's at dock. He's got his clamshell phone out still and seems, to the casual observer, to be doing something on it; Texting or searching for something. He glances up from it from time to time to check on Richie's progress.

Richie Rider enters the captain's tower and finally comes to the end of his wait: the captain and his first mate, 'interviewing' the job-seekers. If the bored, monotone drone they use counts as an interview, that is.


"Uh...look, I really just needed to talk to you. See, I'm here to--"


"Huh? Oh, uh...Riiiicardo. Ricardo Roberts." Richard tries to think in mid-sentence, not his strongest skill, but manages to come up with a suitable fake name. "Most people call me Richie."

"Ricardo?" Cloak thinks to himself as he is finally within the same area as Nova. "Yeah ok. . ." Cloak would laugh, but remains silent and watches as he is untrustful of the Madripoorians present.

Richie Rider finds himself having to continue with the interview process, so he shrugs and goes with it. Which consists of answering questions. Nova doesn't have time to think through all the ramifications of the questions but he figures the truth is harmless enough, so he sticks with that at first. Yes, he is a US Citizen. No, he doesn't have a criminal record. No, he doesn't have any problems with long, hard and sometimes risky physical labor (he has to smile at that one). Yes, he does have experience on a ship (it was a space ship, but still). The final one that seems to seal the deal is that yes, he can read write and speak English.

With the interview done, Cloak thinks to himself that maybe he should leave and that the interviewee will be alright. But as he has nothing better to do as Tandy is on her own. He remains and for a moment thinks how nice it woul dbe to be normal and have a 'job'.

Richie Rider steps out of the captain's cabin with the simple instructions from the Captain that 'we leave in two days - bring your gear before then, and don't get arrested...or killed'. Nova heads down a second gangplank back to the pier. He doesn't seem to notice when three other scruffy sailors follow soon after.

Having opted to stay and be an unseen protector, Cloak does notice the scruffy sailors, but as they make no outright move against Rich just yet, he remains hidden, but teleports onto the dock itself still hopefully obscured by darkness.

Richie Rider heads down the pier to the waterfront street, then walks back towards the Warehouse District, his three followers not far behind. When Richie turns down a certain street, one of the three takes off at a run heading back to the ship. The other two continue to follow him.

Which way to go. The one running towards the ship or the two following the seemingly normal man. He opts to remain watching Richei and the other two.

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