Not So Good Friday

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Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Firestar, Gamibt, Mercury, Mirage, and Sandman

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03/29/13 14:01

Upper East Side - New York

The X-students have a field trip to the Avengers mansion and encounter an alternate version of Firestar and Mercury. An alternate Black Crow possesses Mirage and they fight the heroes. Black Crow and Mirage are taken by the Anasazi.

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It is a surprisingly nice Spring day and New York City is mostly empty as most people are at home or at church for Good Friday. For those students who opted to stay at the Institute, a field trip was created for them to head into New York City. Mirage stands off in the distance with a small group of students as she nods to Sandman who nods as he leads his group of students towards the gates of the Avengers Mansion, “So yeah, Earth Mightiest Heroes, of which I am a member, live there.”

A very different looking Firestar is en route to Avengers Mansion, leaving a fiery streak in her wake. There's something very different about her for any who happened to run across her, she seems older, more experienced, hardened in a way. The way she heads so casually to Avengers Mansion, she seems to think of it as her home.

Ambrose himself had a small group, walking along as he guided them, looking rather nervous still as he glances across to the other group, wearing white gloves and his usual uncomfortably warm getup. "Stay in line please..." he remarks, not that they needed to be told, itching a little at his neck.

For Ruth this was like show and tell without the show. Tapping her way along with one of the groups "Excuse me please, Mr sandman, may I ask why phantasm isn't an avenger if he's worked with the team so many times before that many others already think he's an avenger?"it made perfect sense to her so why not? Then she turns her head toward Firestar with a bright smile and waves "Angel, it is good to meet you again yes please!"

“Well, it is not just a matter of working with the team a few times. Someone has to recommend or sponsor Mike’s entry into the Avengers. Please he ahs never asked me to do it for him.” Sandman isn’t quite sure what else to say to that, so when Angel is mentioned, he lets out a sigh of relief. Looking up into the sky, Sandman spots the fiery heroine. And though she looks different, he presumes she is on her to Avengers mansion to seek assistance or something. Surely one of his teammates will be there to greet her as he is busy with the students.

Firestar descends down as she hears herself called by the name her closest friends use, coming to a landing by Blindfold as she looks at her through her yellow visor, "'re visiting Avengers Mansion? I was can come see me in my room later on," she extends an invitation which might sound a bit off to Sandman, as she turns to look at him oddly, "...right, you joined the team, didn't you?" She says as if not quite sure, and yet pulling the memory just as she was about to say something else entirely. "What's with the kids?" She should be considered a 'kid' herself but doesn't seem aware of the fact for the time being, holding the mannerism of an adult.

Glancing up, Ambrose blinks as the fire one descends, tipping his hat to her politely "It is a field trip ma'am" He explains, allowing Sandman to handle the other question at the same time as the man glances about, counting the number in his group yet another time, fidgeting with nervousness.

Hearing Firestar go on like she is Avenger. He looks her over and notes her costume. “Um. . .Angel. . .er Firestar. Did you get hit on the head or something? I know you kids in the New Warriors are pretty out there with the bad guys you fight. But you ain’t no Avenger. . .at least not yet.” Looking to Ruth, he taps his head, signaling for her to get into Firestar’s head to take a look around.%r%RShaking his head, “Hey, Ambrose, you are in charge!” The small group of students smile and their eyes glow as Ambrose is placed in charge instead of Sandman. The students are the class clowns and bullies and so the non-powered Ambrose should be fun. Some of the students start to hiss at him and make scary faces at him. Mirage across the street away from the others suddenly grabs her head and closes her eyes.

Ruth chuckles giving Firestar a hug "I'd like that thank you yes" completely unaware that Firestar doesn't look herself not does she catch the gesture from sandman...but not being told never get stopped her before and with the comments from sandman about changes in Firestar, Ruth went poking!

"No, I believe I'm quite alright," Firestar answers Sandman's question, brushing a hand through her hair, "but stick to Firestar for now, or Angelica," she has this mild recollection of Sandman reforming and joining the Avengers, but that doesn't make her too trusting of him quite yet. "New Warriors? Ha...don't be silly, that was years ago, Vance and I have been with the Avengers for quite some time now," Firestar relies what is true to her, from her own timeline, even as facts from the current one clash with what she knows.

Mercury sighs softly while following the team, the metallic guy quite... NOT entertained. Yep. The GUY is not entertained. "Ya got any game room here in the mansion, Sandman?" The the short-haired, redhead guy is quite non-challant in his speech pattern now, too, as he looks around, bored, his hands resting behind his head as he sigh. "Why are we here, again?"

Firestar does return Ruth's embrace and ruffles her hair playfully. "Great, I have some chocolates I can share with you. How is your art progressing? Have you created anything new lately?"

Ambrose glances at Ruth, and then to Firestar again as he states aloud "The tour should be starting soon no doubt. Will you be joining us then, Miss Firestar?"

Mirage coughs a moment as a black crow with a mixture of black and red wings flies down from the sky and perches on her shoulder and bites her. She and her group of students are far from the other group wit FIrestar at the gates outside Avengers Mansion.

Looking over the fiery heroine, “Wait a second. You got older. . .” He has an idea and when the male Mercury asks him a question, “Shit. . .Ok ok. Ambrose, take all the students except Mercury and Blindfold.” Sandman uses his body to suddenly create a thin wall with himself, Firestar, Mercury, and Blindfold.

The students rush towards Ambrose appearing menacing. “Quick. . .get him!”

Glancing to the older teacher, Ambrose nods, glancing from one to the other as he notices the separation. As the first students rush towards him the thin, but tall man tenses, and turns to simply /STARE/ at them a moment, his voice abruptly sharp and harsh "Let's CONTINUE with the tour. Everyone inside." a bony finger pointed at the mansion, held so rigidly it would have been impossible to bend.

The students stop and are dumbfounded by the show of assestion from Ambrose. "Yes, sir. They follow him to go on the tour."

Ruth smiles, chuckling as she reaches into hey pack to pull out a sock monkey resembling Firestar "Though please forgive me miss Firestar, in this're still with the new warriors, but I bet in your world you kick butt with the Avengers, yes thank you. In this world sandman had been an avenger for some time, yes sorry I know it must be confusing, conflicting memories and all" then her head turns toward mercury and the most inelegant and blunt thing comes out of her mouth "Cessily, if I might ask please, what happened to your boobs?"

Mercury doesn't react much, still looking bored, as Sandman erects a barrier between the four of them and the rest of the group. Then he looks at Ruth and arches one eyebrow. "Name's Celso." he says, "And I never had boobs. Are you saying I'm fat?" he asks, arching one eyebrow, not exactly thrilled that implication.

"Older?" Firestar looks concerned, as she reaches to touch her face, and then looks oddly at Sandman, "wait? You mean since I was a New Warrior? Of course! That's a silly observation." Looking at the sock monkey made in her own image, Firestar smiles at Ruth, "well done, that's not bad at all. Looks just like when I was with the New Warriors." Then she gets bluntly updated by Ruth on how things aren't quite as they should be, leaving her confused. "Wait, I'm still a New Warrior? I don't get it...I've been accepted to the Avengers some years ago..." she looks at Ruth in confusion, pondering the possibility of merging timelines. As an Avenger it's not entirely an alien concept for her, then again, she's not even supposed to be an Avenger.

Even he cannot help but laugh at Celso’s comment. “Yeah, ok. In this timeline, dimension, alternate reality, whatever. Mercury is Cessily a girl. And Firestar is younger and not an Avenger. You two are displaced or something.” Sandman has encountered and fought alternate reality versions of himself and others so he is not too shocked.

Some of Mirage’s group of students rush off to follow Ambrose as the Native American heroine mutant seems to be in conversation with the bird perched on her shoulder.

Had Gambit bothered to read the announcements for, oh the last few weeks, he would have known that several of the students were going on a field trip to Avenger's Mansion today. He didn't read the announcements, and he didn't know. So as he happens to walk down the street of the Upper East side, it takes him by more than a little surprise to see several of the kids at the Mansion. Of particular note, he spots Ruth and two others he does not recognize surrounded by a wall of living sand. Bursting into a run, he cuts his way across the bust avenue dodging, sliding over, and rolling past cars. As he does, 3 cards drop from somewhere within his sleeve. The air begins to crackle around him as the tale tale pink glow of his mutant ability flares around his hand. "You lay one hand on dem kids," he shouts as he approaches, "An I'll 'ave a nice glass sculpture ta decorate ma room wit, mon ami." Had he spotted Dani, he might have reconcidered this course of action, but it's a little late for that now.

Ruth shakes her head toward sandman "Not displaced, they are still who we have known, they just also are alternate versions of themselves, they have the memories of both, it had happened to Mike, Rex, and miss grey as well yes thank you. It seems when genosha returned it caused the boundaries between realities to be less then solid so other realities are blending with our own, overlapping it's in a way, at least that is the going theory presently, sorry yes" Then she hears the that of gambit and smiles with a cheery wave "Hello Mr Lebeau, it's nice for you to join us yes thank you, all is well" pointing toward dani "see, miss moonstar is over there, we're on a field trip and this...well sand is Mr sandman, thank you yes"

Mercury arches one eyebrow, "Are you alright, Sandman? Nothing's changed, everything is still the same." hhe points out, before looking at Ruth and then shrugging, "Whatever. Didn't get any of that. I'm still me." he says, non-challant, again. He uncrosses his arms from behind his head just to cross them again in front of his chest. "So, well, let's get this over with?"

Mercury arches one eyebrow, "Are you alright, Sandman? Nothing's changed, everything is still the same." hhe points out, before looking at Ruth and then shrugging, "Whatever. Didn't get any of that. I'm still me." he says, non-challant, again. He uncrosses his arms from behind his head just to cross them again in front of his chest. "So, well, let's get this over with?"

Mirage nods as she looks towards Gambit and the sand wall surrounding her students. The crow leaps off her shoulder and lands looking like Black Crow, but a more sinister looking version of the Native American mystic. Mirage’s clothes change from her Xavier uniform to a cross between Valkyrie and Native American ancestral mystical clothing. A rather larger sword in her hand. Her mind is no longer her own. She begins charging with her sword in hand

For his part, Sandman hears Ruth and with her being a precog and her theory making sense, he lowers the sand wall. As Remy, “Yeah right, Gambit. Your card tricks are cute, but a man who wears pink is nothing more than a . . .” A sword is run through his body when his body crumbles and Mirage runs him through and looks to the rest present holding her sword out.

Ruth smiles shaking her head softly to mercury "It's still you but the you we know is a girl with long red hair and wears a midriff top, yes sorry. Mr Sandman please that's not very nice, thank you" gasping as she backs away sensing sandman run thru...who would be next? one hand going to cover her throat as she turned a few shades paler. "Missed moonstar please, you must snap out of this, you're our teacher and friend, you took a vote to protect us, yes please!"

Listening to Sandman's input about both herself and Cessily or rather Celso, Firestar frowns, "this is a pretty bad timing for time streams to mix, I had a report to make about the Skrulls," when Blindfold further explains how the timelines are more melded then mixing up with switches, she becomes concerned about something very specific, "I absolutely have to go into space. Now." Firestar seems very alarmed as she zooms into the air, painting a fiery trail in the skies. Too bad she didn't linger a while more to see the impending danger when Mirage takes charge at Sandman with her sword.

Gambit was mere seconds from unleashing his handful of fully charged cards when Ruth and Sandman explain, somewhat. The explanation is, at least, enough to stop the Cajun. It's not long, however before that confusion is returned in force. Still several yards from where Sandman and the kids are, Remy watches as Dani eviscerates the Avenger. The cards still charged in his hand, he stops cold in his tracks, ready to strike. "Mirage," he questions cautiously. "Wha's goin' on, chere? Le's talk dis out," he says as he begins to slowly approach Dani and the children.

Mercury is taken by surprise when Sandman is impaled by Moonstar's sword, and his subsequent body 'melting', and then he frowns, "Hey! What's with you X-people being evil half the time?" he asks, seriously annoyed, as he starts running toward Moonstar, and he makes his arms into metallic tentacles and send them toward Moonstar in an attempt to hold the woman by wrapping his arms around her to bind Moonstar's arms to her sides.

Sandman is just pieces of sand on the ground as the sword goes through him. Gambit and Blindfold may have read the report of when Some Xers including Mirage and Wolf Cub were in Shipolo, the home of the Ansazi. Mirage is in her amped up near Thor level of power and so when the male Mercury tries to ensnare her in his testicles, she swipes her sword attempting to shred his testicles.

Ruth was glad she had started carrying a sling shot. Taking it out now she loaded it with a penny and took aim, not at where mirage was but where she would be and let fly. "Hopefully this snaps you out of it miss moonstar, I hope yes sorry"

"Merde," Gambit curses under his breath as the children try to get involved. "Get outta 'ere, kids," he says as calmly as he can muster. He never takes his eyes off of Dani, and continues to gingerly move towards her. "Dani, chere. Someone dun put a spell on you," he says trying to talk his fellow X-Man down. "You dun wanna do dis. You dun wanna 'urt da children. You love dese kids, non?"

Mercury almost has his arms cut off! But he pulls away before that happens. He frowns at Gambit, "Heck no! I ain't running from a fight!" he says. This kid would make Logan proud... In any case, he attempts a feint by again going with one arm to try to wrap around Moonstar, but that is just a distraction to try to get an opening and deliver a good uppercut to the woman's jaw with his other hand if it connects!

Part of her new look includes an ornate helmet. The penny strikes it, but does little damage. Before Danielle can reply to Gambit, Black Crow transforms into a giant crow and flies towards the X-Men, his claws out to snatch the X-Men, “Quickly, X-Man, come with me if we are to free your compatriot.”%r%rAs Mercury distracts her, Mirage is caught by the uppercut and falls back only a little bit. Her sword is held in defense mood and she charges towards the students swiping the sword two and fro.

Ruth could be quite brave at times and stubborn...our maybe just naively foolish! In any case Ruth shakes her head "Sorry Mr Lebeau I feel I must decline despite the danger, thank you yes. Applied combat training, please thank you" unsure what to make of the different black crow she aims another penny for dani's nose where it will be in a moment and lets fly

Gambit's brow furrows, disappointed in the insistance of the children to carry on attacking. When Dani begins to advance, sword swinging, Remy throws his cards at her feet. She may be possessed, but he'd prefer not to hurt her if he can avoid it. As the crow speaks, Gambit snorts. "Not so shur dat I can trust you, eitha. You got somet'in ta do wit dis," he questions impatiently.

Mercury smirks now that his hook connected, although it didn't do much to phase Moonstar, "Tougher than ya look huh? This will be fun..." he says, and cracks his knuckles... SOMEHOW, as he looks at Moonstar and her defensive stance. Confident from his last attack apparently putting the woman on the defensive, he rushes again toward her, "Just blast the damn thing, then, Gambit! I'll take care of Moonstar!" Confidence... over-confidence... he opens his arms wide and elongates them, moving them in an arc to try to catch Moonstar from either side to bind her.

@emit Black Crow snatches Gambit and starts it ascent, nearly flying hundreds of feet up in a second and still climbing as it speaks, “I apologize, Gambit, I do have something to do with this. The Gods have targeted Danielle Moonstar with connection to multiple pantheons. She is key to their victory.” The crow swoops around to avoid a plane as it reaches nearly. The mystical superhuman bird releases Gambit, a sinister sneer, “This Earth is not mine, but I can still affect things for the Anasazi!”

The cards released by Gambit at her feet and the penny thrown at her nose actually work to startle the powerful mutant infused with even more godly power. Mirage falls back out of Mercury’s potentially gripped elongated arms as the sword drops down. She falls into a roll and in one continuous movement a psychic arrow appears and psychic arrows are fired towards Mercury and Blindfold.

"Baise-moi," the Cajun sighs quietly to himself as he begins his freefall. Where's a flyer, or even a teleporter when you need one? For what little it might do to fix his current situation, he charges and launches a full deck of cards at the giant bird. He may go splat, but at least he can try and roast a crow on his way down.

As Gambit plummets, the man is a master with his deck of cards and despite the descent, his aim is true. The giant crow is struck and the bird begins to plummet as well, though the hit knocks out the crow and automatically shifts it to Black Crow’s human form. This time the costume is his usual, meaning this time it is the good guy, who in unconscious and falling to his death like Gambit.

Mercury's eyes shoot open when he sees that psychic arrow coming his way, and he leans his head back to avoid the shot, his head leaning all the way back, in a way that would surely break his neck if he wasn't made of liquid metal! Then... he is hit, anyways. Damn teleguided projectiles! The arrow hits him and his eyes go wide, and his mouth hangs open for a second, before he takes a faltering step back... and then falls back, on the floor, splashing into a metallic puddle.

The air rushing by makes it near impossible to be heard, but Gambit begins to call out to the unconscious Black Crow anyways. "Gotta wake up, homme. Only one'a us can fly, an it shur ain't me," he exclaims. Remy spreads his arms and legs in a nigh futile attempt to slow his descent.

Ruth frowns "I would prefer not to hurt her Mr Lebeau she is still our teacher and friend...somewhere in there, yes sorry but we can't let her turn on someone else either, something needs to snap her out of this" frowning as black crow proves himself to be evil "Merc, if you would please duck thank you!" moving to try to avoid the arrows as she tapped her cane along the ground but she's slower the a setting person and staggers dropping her sling shot and holding her head. She teaches out to poke into black crows mind poking and prodding him to wake up before she collapses into the ground from the arrows, whimpering in despair.

With mental coxing from Blindfold and physical coxing from Gambit, Black Crow opens his eyes and right before he and Gambit strike the ground hard, a portal opens and the two are gone. Into Shipolo. Another portal opens and this time just a few feet off the ground the two are spit out of the portal, but only fall few a feet.

Mirage looks over the two students, “I failed to sacrifice Radiance and Thimble. But you two will do in their place.” She holds her sword out as she stalks over to Blindfold ready to behead the child.

Gambit hits the ground after being spit out of the portal. The force is still enough to knock the wind out of him, and cause him to cough. He rolls over onto his back, and pats at his chest. "Mon Dieu," he croaks. His eyes open to see Dani moving yet again towards the children. He struggles through the pain to roll towards the pair. As he does, he reaches into his coat and pulls out his collapsed bo staff. With an audible click, the staff extends to its full length instantly. He comes out of the roll, resting on a knee, and extending the titanium rod to try and block Dani's swing towards Ruth.

The bo staff stops the sword from beheading the blind girl, “What is this? Black Crow? You were stop the man who questionably wears pink in his outfit.” Mirage steps back away from the students and holds out the sword out as if to challenge Gambit. The effects of the psychic arrows starts to wear off the children. As this realm’s Black Crow speaks, “Mirage, this is not you. Once again, the Anasazi have taken control. Fight it! Do not sacrifice these children. You have already taken one life today.”

Ruth sniffles rubbing her red nose as she tries to wake up. Reaching out to poke round mirage's head searching for the real her and prod it. "miss...miss moonstar...please..."

Mercury's puddle form finally quivers, and then starts to slowly coalesce itself and Mercury's form starts to arise from it, looking none too pleased, "Ugh... what the heck, that sucks..." he says as he slowly reforms, "Ok... no more 'mr. nice guy'..." he grumbles and frowns, looking at Moonstar as he backs away a bit to have enough room to react should he need to while still slowly reforming.

As Mirage and Black Crow exchange words, Gambit sees his opening. He spins around behind Dani, placing his bo staff firmly against her throat hoping to choke her out. "Je suis desole chere," he whispers to her, "mais, you ain't actin' yo'self and I can't let you 'urt les enfant."

In her god-given form, Moonstar is far from weak. Her strength increased when Gambit places the bo staff around her throat. She attempts to try to shake him off, which she finds hard to do. “Mirage, still yourself and let those who love you assist you.” He starts to speak an incantation in a language unheard on this planet in millennia. Blindfold may find some snippets of Mirage in there, but the Anasazi are in there too.

Ruth shakes her head as she gets to feet, insistently poking at mirage trying to wake the teacher up. l miss moonstar please listen to us you have to break out of this thank you"getting her cane in her grasp and feeling for her sling shot.

Gambit holds the bo to Dani's neck as best he can. He may not be able to put her out, but maybe he can keep her occupied and focused long enough for Black Crow to talk her down.

Stepping forward as Gambit continues to ride Mirage with the bo staff around her neck. “Release her when I give the signal.” He commands. He continues the incantation and his body begins to glow. He holds out his hand and signals to Gambit to release Mirage as his body glows.

You don't have to tell Gambit twice. He releases his grip, and rolls back away from Dani. Without skipping a beat, he moves to where Ruth is, grabbing her in his arms to move further away still. "Come on, petite," he says, "dis is outta our weight class."

The glowing Black Crow moves forward and grabs Moonstar and when he holds her. She is gone. Moonstar is sent to Shipolo. Black Crow looses his glow, “I can undo the possession in Shipolo, pending that I am not caught. . .” A fire arrows shoots out hitting Black Crow square in the face. He screams wildly when a rope is whirled out from the portal tied around his neck and he is pulled back into the portal. Before it closes, “We have them both. . .Your world will soon be ours.” The portal closes.

Mercury pulls himself together and shifts his shoulder as Black Crow finishes his incantation. Then he gets an arrow to the face and is pulled through a portal. "What the f*ck?!" Celso none-too-nicely exclaims before running toward the portal, "Come back here, you f*ckers!!" he says, rushing toward the portal, which closes just before he reaches it, "DAMN IT!" He curses, hitting the wall with a punch. "Who the HELL were those!?"

Ruth nods holding onto gambit, a frown given at the last words "We need to tell Jean, please yes, thank you very much for what you do" she owed him her life no one could argue that.

Gambit yells over at the boy that he still has no idea is Mercury. "Come on, kid," he says, "You be filled in later." Looking back down at Ruth, he lets her stand on her own, and smiles at her. "De rien," he all he says. "Now, both o' you, back ta de Mansion, pronto. Looks like t'ings aren't over just yet."

Well, Good Friday was not so good. With the death of Sandman and Moonstar and Black Crow at the hands of the Ansazi. Alarms go off at the mansion as the students touring are quickly escorted out and sent back to the Institute.

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