Not Quite April Fool's Day

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Empath, Manifold, and Wolfsbane

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03/31/13 23:58

Graymalkin Lane - Westchester County

An alternate reality version of Empath shows up to the mansion expecting to be let in.

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It is almost midnight on April Fool’s Day oddly enough. Easter has ended, but they say new life starts. Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn’t. The alarm goes off on the mansion as a slightly familiar looking mutant is at the entrance. Though he is dressed oddly. He is dressed in the old black and gold New Mutants uniform. Manuel de la Rocha is at the gate and cursing in Spanish, “Why can’t I get in?” He pounds on the gate, “Hey Mom! Dad! Let me in!”
An alarm around midnight? Wolfsbane's been unable to sleep since the earlier events of the day ended, leading to extra time spent outside with her thoughts. With the alert sounded she answers over her comm unit that she's near and will see what the fuss is, headed over that way with a wary look about her, still in costume from before. As she nears the gates a frown sets in. "Oh, really," she deadpans.
David was having trouble sleeping himself, for different reasons. He sets out to investigate as well, when he hears the alarm, and looks very confused to see a semifamiliar face in an old uniform. He spots Wolfsbane as well, and nods to her, and watching the man warily.
Spying the wolfgirl, Manuel smiles innocently, “Rahne? Rahne, girl. Let me in. Why has the code changed? My id won’t work and I’m trying to reach Mom mentally. I guess she’s not in.” Manuel peers about, “Are the X-Men out on a mission?” As Wolfsbane approaches she may notice Manuel appears slightly younger, early teens about the same age as she was when she joined the New Mutants. He notes David and nods, “Hey David. One of you let me in already.”
"Oot past curfew?" Wolfsbane asks David, though she knows exactly what time it is. It's Empath who gets the main focus of her attention. "Manuel de la Rocha," she begins. Oh, full name. "I dinna know where ye got yuir hands on tha' costume or why ye think any o' us are daft enough tae fall for this, but I've had a verra long day an' I'm /na/ in th' mood for games. Go on back home before I bring Jean or Illyana oot."
Quirking an eyebrow, “Rahne Sinclair Ramsey! You let me in this instant! You may be all high and mighty since you married Doug. But I’m still leader of the New Mutants!” Manuel shouts, “Jean and Illyana. Why the hell would you summon the White Queen and Black Queens of the Hellfire Club?” He looks to David, “David? What’s happened here? I was on a mission. Is everything alright?”
Wolfsbane's eyes narrow on Empath, David briefly forgotten. "Ye'd best be verra careful what ye say, Empath. Ye know full well Doug died when we were students. I'm an X-Man noo an' we've /never/ been married." She certainly looks annoyed, sounds it too. That's when a thought crosses her mind before she does anything else, and she rubs her forehead. "Good Lord..if this is na some sick, cruel joke then I think he's switched oot with another version o' himself."
David couldn't look most stunned if Manuel had picked up a giant Cyclops plushie and smacked him with it. "Umm..." he says, uncertainly, then, "Last time I saw you was in a diner in New York, and you messed with my head. I'm not inclined to trust you."
“David, you are in my squad of the New Mutants. Let me in right now!” Manuel shouts as he looks to Rahne, “What’s wrong with you? Doug isn’t dead! You’re his wife. I am Manuel de la Rocha, Codename Helper. I use my powers to heal others emotionally. My adopted parents are Scott and Emma Summers. I lead the New Mutants squad with Manifold, Radiance, Surge, and Blindfold. Now let me in!”
"An' in this reality ye're a Hellion an' associated with th' Hellfire Club, yuir codename is Empath, an' ye do nothing but make others cater tae yuir whims by toying with their emotions," Wolfsbane answers coldly, having decided not to listen to what he's saying about Doug or much else. "Ye couldna be any more different. Ye're na coming in." She says this from the safety of the other side of the gates, though she paces slowly back and forth in agitation.
David looks even more stunned. "How.. what.. He knows my codename??? I haven't even told anyone yet!"
“Enough of this! You’re lying. It must be Mastermind or Psylocke using their powers on you? Something must have happened!” His eyes begin to glow as he points his fingers at Rahne and attempts to make her more pliable towards him, “I don’t know what’s going on in the school. But I intend to find out.” His eyes tear up a bit, “How dare you make me use my powers like this?”
Wolfsbane frowns at David, shaking her head. "I'm na sure. It must be a huge coincidence, but.." She trails off as the eyes glow and the old effects she hasn't felt in a long time begin. "Ye..stop it. I'll have th' whole school on ye in another moment if ye dinna knock it off. I'll have th' security systems on ye tae." She's squinting, gritting her teeth.
David reaches out and suddenly there's a duplicate of him on the other side of the gate. He charges Manuel, "Don't make me hurt you!" He says, his voice cracking with nerves. Robots are one thing, people are something else.
Still on the other side of the gate, “David, please. I am your squad leader. Do you really think I don’t know how to take you down.” Manuel does not even look at the duplicate. He maintains an emotional grip on Wolfsbane, but scans her. I cannot read her mind, but all that she has said. He can at least see if she is telling the truth, see if she has any emotional connection to what she has said. He does the same to David on a lesser scale.

Wolfsbane's hackles are up from the invasiveness of Manuel's powers, jaw still clenched as she attempts to build up her defenses to fight it off. If he's able to 'see' that much, it's clear she's completely sure of everything she's said so far. "I'm..warning ye.." she says, voice a low growl even as David seeks to take action of his own.
"I'm not even in a squad yet!" David replies, charging at Manuel. The one inside the gate bounces off of it, and they both momentarily look disoriented. The one inside the school grounds disappears, and the remaining one focuses on Manuel. "I don't know you as well as she does, but all I've ever seen of you is manipulating people into giving you free meals."
“You’re. . .telling the truth. . .” He unflexes his hand and releases Wolfsbane from his powers. Manuel lets out a sigh and it does not take an empath to note the look of sheer horror and sadness that crosses his face. He looks up at the mansion wistfully and then just begins to walk away. He walks past David and away, saddened and alone.
"I told ye," Wolfsbane says, her voice still on edge. "There's been..some kind o' rift in reality since Genosha was brought back. There are others who have turned up as different versions o' themselves as well." Why is she telling him this? She can see the effect on him, hear the way he sounds, especially telling his body language. "Everyone's trying tae figure oot how tae make it right, but one o' muh friends has already returned tae normal. Ye will tae, an'.." Seems this part pains her to say, "If ye're really th' way ye say ye are, I almost wish th' Empath I know never came back."
David stares. "Umm.. Wow.. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news," he finally says.. He turns and slumps against the gate. "I don't suppose you feel like a total heel too, do you?" he asks Wolfsbane.

Wolfsbane rubs the side of her head, as if feeling the aftereffects of the momentary influence. Much more and he'd have had her. The wolfen mutant's frown is deep as she turns away from the gate, voice low. "I feel like getting inside noo an' letting someone know," she says in a flat tone.

David nods and sighs. He stands up and sticks a hand through the gate, a double appears, and the one outside disappears, leaving the one inside the gate.

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