Not Quite An Interview

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Rush and Mirage

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Lobby - X-Factor HQ

Rush comes in to inquire about XF auditions, runs into Mirage

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==[ Lobby - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==

Rising magestically into the sky, X-Factor Tower is an eye-catching skyscraper. Dominating the area around it, it is seemingly made of nothing but glass, reflecting the surrounding landscape with surprising clarity. The lobby of the building is positively immense, boasting a five-story waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a clear pool filled with fish of every hue, their colors dazzling the eye. Near the front doors is a very large, semi-circular mahogany security desk, usually staffed by four holographic/hard light guards watching over monitors that are tied to cameras on every floor. The floor is seemingly made out of one large piece of marble, light in color with veins of violet and emerald running through it.
Elevators line the wall opposite the front doors, leading to almost every floor. Near the elevators on each floor is a receptionist's desk, where the holographic/hard light employees on duty are very helpful and polite and fields questions, though almost all have been 'trained' to be very firm and check to make sure that no one from the media goes where they aren't supposed to be.
The lobby also offers doors to various offices, a security hub, and public restrooms.

The X-Factor Tower is the same structure that dominated Midtown several years ago when the original X-Factor claimed the Celestial Ship (AKA: Ship) as their own. Now, the Celestial Ship has returned to once again take the role of X-Factor's Headquarters.
The building/ship is 1,880 feet in length by 630 feet across, and contains multiple levels, access ways, and portals. 900 feet of its length is burried into the ground and the ship now rises approximately 1000 feet into the sky. The ship reconfigured itself to match the needs of the team and offers many levels and areas. The external structure is mostly metallic with various window accents and the top 10 floors are dominated by a large X on two of the four sides. The top floor appears as transparent metal.


Rush steps into the lobbly, turning his head to take in the walls, doors and finally the receptionist desk. He walks over to the 'receptionist' and says, "Yeah, I'm here to try out for the opening on the team? Mutant Brick?"

The receptionist looks up a the young man on the other side of the desk, "Of course." she offers a smile and hands over an application attached to a clipboard "Fill this out, auditions are tomorrow and are on a first come first serve basis." as the receptionist explains the process, the elevator dings signalling its arrival to the ground floor. Seconds later the doors slide open and Mirage steps out.

Heading over to the reception desk she is about to speak to the woman but pauses when she notices that she is taking care of someone. Waiting patiently a moment she of course overhears and glances at the application and then gives Rush an appraising look "So, looking to see if you have what it takes to join us?"

A tall, solidly build African-American. He seems cut like a dedicated fitness buff, with muscles subtly larger in his legs and core which is usually a sign of someone who plays a lot of sports. His hair is short and collected in a series of twists, that mostly rise up and back from his head.

Rush takes the form and peers at it with a slightly confused look, but then turns towards Mirage. "Uh, yeah. But what does it take...? The ad said..." He reaches into his pocket and produces a slightly battered smartphone, a large model that's sealed in a protective transparent case so thick that it looks even bigger - the size of a small diary maybe. He quickly thumbs to a message and begins reading slowly and carefully. "Ability to press more than 50 tons..." he goes on to read the entire classified add if you let him.

Mirage's gaze goes from his face down to the phone in his hand. Nodding she leans forward to look upside down at the screen "Sounds right." she comments as he starts to read it outloud. She doesn't cut him off, she probably hasn't even read it word for word "All that? Really? That is a start for sure. But there is also the personality part. I mean we have to be able to at least tolerate the person who we are counting on to keep our butts from getting killed, and vice versa.

Rush is so intent on his reading that he doesn't notice Mirage looking at the phone until he's done and he looks up at her. Then he tries to hold it up and slightly sideways to make it easier for her to read, but of course it's too late. He mouths a silent 'oh' when she explains what else X-Factor is looking for. Then he nods. "Got it...well I been on teams before, I know how to get along with people."

"We aren't expecting that right away of course. It's hard to predict personality clashes just from one audition." Mirage takes a small step back after scanning the ad from a better vantage "Or from what is written on a sheet of paper." she taps the application, "The current roster is pretty friendly, and we all are using to working with a wide range of people, even ones we would rather not work with." she nods at the comment on his past teamwork "An experience that will certainly put you above some of the others.

Rush nods and takes that in. "I've done some investigating too," he offers, clearly trying to make himself the best shot at winning the job. "I asking around on the street when I needed to find someone, or learn the 4-1-1 about something goin' down." He lowers the phone to his side and looks around at the polished, high-tech decor in here. "Not like a detective or nothing," he adds. "But I'm learnin'."

Mirage gives the man a ressuring smile as she leans against the reception desk "None us fit that description, officially." she lowers her tone as if she were sharing a secret "We pretty much wing it when it comes to actual investigating." holding a hand out she finally gets around to introducing herself "I'm Mirage." though he probably already knows that, assuming he did his homework before coming to audtion.

Rush shakes the hand quickly (and carefully, not using too much or too little strength - almost like someone who's been coached on a good handshake before a job interview). "Andre. Andre super-hero name is The Rush. Or just Rush. But I only picked it a little while back, so I might change it."

"Sounds more like a speedster to me." a shoulder lifts into a shrug "But code names don't necessarily have to reflect a persons powers." Mirage grins "I went through a few myself before I finally settled on Mirage." she looks him up and down once more "Have you decided whether you will be going for a masked costumed persona or not?" she doesn't, though some in XF have in the past. Nor does she do the whole costume thing, unless the XF uniform she is wearing counts.

Rush nods in agreement. "I'm fast too," he says to Mirage. "But I don't know about a mask. You think I should?" He traces the side of his own face with two fingers, as if imagining how it would feel to wear one. "I got family in the city. But nobody else really knows me. I been out of town for the last three, four years."

She gives a shake of her head in answer, "I don't think so, no. Secret identities are hard to juggle and can prevent you from stepping in fast enough." Mirage gestures to the lounge area and begins to walk in that direction, "In situations where time is of the essence, you might not have time to run off, don a mask, and come back. Some have managed it, with varying results, but it sounds like a lot of work and hassle to me.

Rush nods as he listens. He follows her gesture towards the lobby with his eyes, then hurries to catch up when she walks that way (it only takes him a few long-legged strides). "Makes sense to me. 'sides, might be nice if people know who you are. Like being famous."

"If you are into that sort of thing I suppose." apparently Mirage is not. She rarely is seen in public outside of XF business and certainly hasn't been the featured in any tabloids since joining the team ten months ago, "I prefer my privacy and don't care for everyone to know my business." she drops into an armchair provided for waiting clients Any potential team member will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement since they will have access to sensitive information."

Rush remains standing near Mirage's chair, occasionally shifting his weight but seemingly quite comfortable. It also makes it easier for him to look at this part of the SHIP. "For sure," he remarks. "Don't worry, I know how to keep my mouth shut. But I'll sign anything you need me to." He pauses and then ventures, "What kind of information? Do you mean like, clients and information from the police and such?"

Leaning back in the chair she looks up at him, which is really no different from before, since he is a good ten inches taller, but at least now she can do so comfortably, "Yes let's go with that." it's doubtful Mirage will say more on that particular subject, "You can sit down." she gestures to one of the chairs "All of the furnishings are built to deal with people of a much larger and hetier stature than you.

Rush takes a chair, though he sits on the edge, one knee bouncing up and down slightly as he twitches that foot with what seems to be nervous energy. "Bigger than me, huh?" He laughs nervously, spreading his elbows and legs slightly as if he's trying to fill up the seat. "How much bigger?"

Her gaze follows as he sits "We had some pretty large people auditioning for us. One woman stood easily 7 foot tall and was a bit wider in the shoulder and hip than you." she waves off the woman "She was taken away in handcuffs. She had a rap sheet, several warrants and a attitude.

For the most part the lobby is pretty much empty save them and the receptionist, occasionally someone from the streets will drift in speak to the receptionist and leave again. "We still have another round of auditions to go. Then there will probably be a few call backs and team discussions. Unless of course we are so impressed by someone that we can't say no to them." she pauses for a second, "So far that hasn't happened."

Rush blows out a breath. "Got it. So, guys ever gonna want a demonstration of my powers? Or a try-out or something? I don't really keep in touch with any of my old teams, but there were some news stories about a shooting I stopped in Atlanta, and there was this fire in Houston..."

"Oh yes, you will be demonstrating your abilities and we will throw everything and the kitchen sink at you during your audition." she grins at her jest "We will be doing background checks, very throrough background checks." she gestures to the application again "So if you have anything to be ashamed of you may as well fess up on the application and save the embarrasment of it later.

Rush returns the grin, seemingly more confident about his abilities than anything else. At the mention of background checks the grin falters. "Uh...well, I don't have a record, I've never been arrested. I may have run with the wrong crowd for a bit, but that's ancient history now." He pauses a beat. "Not like Magneto or the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or nothing, just some 'bangers and a couple of crews out in LA." He holds up a hand quickly. "Ancient history."

A gesture is made, one that is to imply that he has nothing to worry about, "Typical teenage stuff? That's nothing to worry about. We don't expect you to be spotless, just that you are up front and not trying to hide anything that could come back and bite us later."

"Sorry to interrupt," the receptionist states loud enough to be heard across the room, "Mirage you have a call from the school. Line four."

"Thank you Alice." she gets to her feet "It was nice meeting you Andre. I look forward to seeing you in action." she then heads down a short hall leading to what is probably office suites.

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