Not Quite a Job Interview

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Ambrose and Mirage

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Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Mirage offers Ambrose a job

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==[ Mutant Diner - Mutant Town ]==

The Mutant Diner is a refirb of a former establishment called Mel's which was an expansion from the original Mel's in the Bronx. It still has most of the original fixtures with some minor updates or recoverings.

From it's vinyl booths that stick to your thighs if there's no layer of cloth between it and your skin, the laminate topped tables and chrome finishing it's as if the 50's never quite died here. Even the waitresses look like throwbacks (or maybe it's their mutation gone horribly wrong), some even look like they might have even been here when it first opened. The cook in the back can be seen through the opening, slapping together your meal, and sock hop music plays over hidden speakers. You may not want to eat here when you walk in, but if you take the gamble and sit down, it's the best greasy spoon you'll ever have sat in, and makes some of the finest simple, no frills coffee this side of the Hudson.


It's late morning and things are pretty status quo in Mutant Town. Same goes for the diner. The breakfast rush is over so the diner is relatively empty save a few people hanging out after coming off the graveyard shirt. That is except the lone woman who sits in a booth near the window. She is easily recognizable as on of those X-Factor people, they have thier HQ just a few blocks down. She is dressed semi-casually, black slacks, red blouse and some funky leather boots. She sips a cup of something hot as she goes over some paperwork laid out on the table in front of her.

A slightly eye-sunken man steps into the door just after one rush of early morning go-getters. He wore a worn but clean suit, slightly scuffed shoes and a floppy hat. The scarf was the most ragged, but it too looked like it had been VERY carefully tied and retied to perfection. He carried a small case with him, also just as worn as he was but with a shiny look that said it was cleaned recently. The man had shaved, and he turned his head this way and that, panning the cafe. Finally his eyes fall upon the woman sitting there, and after a long moment, he lifts a thin arm to wave from the doorway.

Glancing up as the door opens and shuts, Mirage raises a hand in response, beckoning the man over to where she sits and gestures to the emptiness across the table for him to sit. She doesn't get up, as that would be a little awkward from the booth, but she does offer her hand "Mr. Smith?" she questions, though she really has no doubt "Thank you for meeting me this morning.

A smile comes over his face as he blinks a few times, not yet sitting "Hello, yes, mister Smith... I dont shake hands but a pleasure ma'am. May I just get a coffee before we start? I had to rush to get here - the bus came early, before I got to the stop." he explains apologetically, turning to do so, and then returning with a simple black coffee to start as he sits across from her, placing his hat neatly beside him on the seat.

She gives an understanding smile, "Of course." she knows several people who have issues with personal contact and is hardly going to hold it against anyone. She gathers her paperwork into a pile instead and sets it on the bench beside her. While the waitress is getting the coffee she also has her own cup refilled "Danielle Moonstar." she introduces herself, though he probably knows that from setting the appointment "I'm the Dean at Xavier's Institute," though she seems young for that, "You have made quite an impression on some of the students there.

"A pleasure, Miss... Missus? Moonstar." he states, glancing at her hands, and yet still reluctant to assume, nodding once more "So I was told, by at least one Student - they dont speak about which school they attend, so I do not know the exact number I've spoken to - sorry, I go on sometimes. Yes, I'm glad I made a good impression." he was quite nervous, like a teen at his first job interview. And not the bummy teen either "That nice girl, Bru... err, Ruth... especially seems to like my talks."

Mirage's fingers are jewelry free, though she doesn't specify which, "That is good to hear." nor does she specify which part she is pleased about "Ruth is the reason I set up this meeting. She showed me a video of your impassioned lecture about," she pauses for thought "mutant evolution I think it was?

"... Mutant evolution is a bit of a misnomer... any kind of new change in the DNA strand is a mutation. But for laymans' terms..." he pauses to take a sip "Yes, Mutant evolution. My current theory on it. Just a little tickle I got when it came up recently. I honestly never actually thought about 'super human mutant' powers in the grand scheme of evolution and paleontology before coming to new york. I do have a question though... " and Ambrose sits back "Is there a spot in the faculty for a Paleontologist teacher? Its a bit more of a specific field... I do have basis in Biology though."

"Not specifically no, but we do have openings for biology and general sciences." Mirage pulls a few stapled sheets from her stack of papers and hands it over "A list of classes we offer, by subject." most of the list is typical middle and high school stuff, but there is also quite a few unusual classes, but there is nothing on the list that would give any indication that it isn't a normal boarding school for gifted students.

He sipped his coffee again, put it to one side and took up the papesr to flip through it, furrowing his brow. He rubs his chin a little bit, nodding "I am not one to turn down a job opportunity, and so if you would have me of course, with the understandable probation period, I would be willing to teach Biology over all. As a warning I've not actually taught before though." he points out.

Mirage lets out a chuckle at that "Well you have to start somewhere." she pulls more sheets out of her stack, "You think teachers are born teaching?" she pushes the one inch stack of papers "I have done an exhaustive background check on you Mr. Smith, and while some things are concerning, we have other faculty members that have had worse pasts and have managed to make a home and found a family at Xaviers." her eyes narrow slightly at him "You can assure me that what is in your past stays there?" the paperwork contains the standard teaching contract with a probationary period clause. It is a lenthy period of time, there is also an extensive non-disclosure agreement. Both contract and NDA are certainly not the typical contracts and paperwork for a private boarding school.

Ambrose starts to read it... he is quiet a long time, but he was a quick reader at least. He raises his eyebrow at both though, and rereads parts to be sure he had it right. Then he puts it down, and sits a moment, twiddling nervously as though considering. He knew what she meant, and then states "A professonal keeps his private life to himself, and his profession in another drawer. Never should they intermingle or mix, and I have never an intention of doing so again." he goes for, his face deadpan serious.

As the two have sat and talked, patrons have come and gone, the early lunch crowd starting to build. It;s no surprise that most if not all are mutants, whether obvious, like the waitress, or not like Mirage.

Giving a satisfied nod at his assurance she takes a sip of her coffee, "I'll understand if you need time to think about it." she sets the coffee cup down and adds sugar to the bitter drink.

Ambrose smiles "I would like it. It is a... radical decision. Part of me is eager and yet terrified about it. Plus of course, the Past thing." he admits. "When does next Semester start? Perhaps that is an acceptable deadline to consider? " he muses, his mind already whirling with intension and plans.

"After the Christmas holiday." Mirage gives a git of a grin "It's a teaching position..not so radical really." she hands over her business card with her contact info "I can arrange a tour of the school sometime in the near future if that would help."

Ambrose takes the card, and then asks "May I keep these to read over and study? I am quite thorough when it comes to signing my life away." he notes, with a bit of a more relaxed grin at the joke "And that would be nice too. Meet the other children - Sorry, I hate calling them 'kids'. that is a term for baby goat. but yes, that would be nice. Thank you aswell for this opportunity. Though if I may ask: most schools require teaching degrees for their teachers. But you do not?"

She nods at the question, offering him an empty folder to carry them in safely "I would be worried if you didn't take at least a day or two to go over them." Mirage's phone beeps and she glances at it quickly and dismisses the message flashing across the screen "Should you decide to join our teaching staff the reasons for that will become clear." she gathers her belongings, mostly just her paperwork and gets up from the booth "It was nice meeting you Mr. Smith. Feel free to have breakfast on Xavier's tab. I look forward to hearing from you soon." she gives a nod to him and quickly departs the diner.

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