Not in School in Chealsea

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Not in School in Chealsea

Thimble, Krista

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NYC Chealsea

Courier girl meets Orphan

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New York, Chelsea... The Place where Artists gather. Clad in a thick downy jacket and wearing a set of worn out blouejeans, the young Chinese girl walks down the street. Short as she is most will likely think she's a young teen. However she is not. 17 and short. At least she's not a midget. No Backpack as one normally sees it with teens. And it is best school time - at least kids should be in school at this time...

After handing off a parcel to a woman at a nearby residence, Krista bounds down the steps, making a note on the clipboard in her hand and heading to a unusual bike leaning against a sign near the curb. It's unusual in that the frame seems strangely thick, as does the tires, certainly not a bike for speed. Slipping the clipboard in its sling she begins to push the bike down the sidewalk, seemingly in no hurry. She is currently wearing the uniform of a local package delivery business consisting of a blue shirt with her name on the pocket and khaki cargo pants.

Janie Wu has managed to get a no school day in her ohrphanage. It had took her tons of work to get allowed out, but still she needed to take a GPS-Transmitter with her so she can not get lost. stupid rules. Kicking a can with her cloth-shoes she wandered along the sidewalk, eyes on the windows.

The kicking of the can disturbs the stray cat that was lurking behind it. The creature lets out a yowl and darts across the sidewalk nearly barreling into the front tire of Krista's bike. Moving quickly, Krista quickly scoops the creature up before it darts away and into traffic. The cat isn't having none of it though and spits, scratches and bites trying to get away, leaving the arms of Krista's shirt ratty and torn. The woman frowns at the cat "Oh stop that." otherwise the seems unbothered by being clawed and bitten and finally manages to get control of the cat "Now where did you come from?" she glances around, spotting the young petite girl.

Looked up as that cat clawed and bite the arms of the larger adult. Eventually she points to the corner where the cat had lingred. "There." she answered on the wuestion not directed to her. "Did the streetcat made a mess?"

Krista holds the cat away from her, so it won't wreck the front of her shirt too "Thanks." she moves to go drop the cat uncermoniously by the can, which it runs away from, but this time into a nearby alley, instead of toward the street. "Of my shirt yes." she begins to examine the cuffs of the shirt. It might be noted that despite the damage done by teeth and claws to the fabric, her arms look to be untouched, not so much as a red mark.

Thimble eyes a second where the cat dashed to, then the messed shirt "seems nothing that cannot be fixed." she mutters, almost starting to get back on her slendering walk. As she moves her leg, at the left ankle the bulge of the GPS tracker can be seen for a short time, then the jeans falls other to hide it again.

There is a slight shrug from the woman as she begins to roll the sleeves up to hide the damage "It's a risk of the job. Last week one of my co-workers had the lower half of a pant leg ripped clean off by a dog." one corner of Krista's mouth turns upward in a half grin "Of course he didn't pick up the dog..." she bends to pick up her bike, if she notices the electronic tether she says nothing, though her mismatched gaze (one eye being green the other metallic gray) may turn slightly wary.

Trying to resume her walk, she walks closer, her brown eyes falling off the courier and back to the windows of the several galleries. Her feet direct her forward, and ther is a second that electronic tether is noticeable for a second again.

((cut for work of Krista))

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