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Rex Gregson and Phantasm

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2013/06/30 10:00

Knightsbridge - London

Rex and Mike have breakfast together.

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-----==[ Knightsbridge - London ]==-------------------------------------------

The areas here comprise the tail end of old Westminster's charms. Dotted around the landscape are pubs, pubs, and more pubs. Mostly residential, South Kensington still takes some cues from the main part of Kensington with its aristocracy, but is home to friendly locals who are more than happy to share a pint, provided you're paying. The West Brompton area is part of the former wild alternative scene, with tall three and four story buildings with large bay windows, old townhouses turned into apartments for a younger generation of artists. Earl's Court is perhaps the most trafficked area in this section of London, due to the indoor-stadium style of concert venue, where such greats as Pink Floyd have played (and they let science fiction author Douglas Adams join in with them one night). A large feature of West Brompton is the Cemetery, where it is said that the dead have arisen at least four times in the past 200 years.
Brompton and Chelsea were the homes of the youth of Britain during the counter-culture explosion which counted Mick Jagger and the Sex Pistols as their denizens. Both areas are known for their frequently found pubs, both spirited and still vaguely out there. While the ferocity of the counter culture has died down somewhat, these areas are still home to numerous students and other artists, giving the area a mild version of New York's Greenwich Village. Even more posh and snob-filled is the nearby Knightsbridge, where the poor are not welcome even on a good day. However, Knightsbridge, for all its arrogance, is home to several cultural sites, such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum with its dinosaur skeletons, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Rex Gregson
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On this sleepy Sunday, Knightsbridge is experiencing a quiet start to the morning. Also experiencing a bit of a break in the filming schedule as Sunday got to be the make up day for filming other scenes, Mike gets to do something he hasn't been able to do in awhile. Have a nice LEISURELY breakfast with a friend. And so, the oddly early bird of a musician is seated at a quiet, mom and pop type restaurant with an 'American' breakfast set before him. Eggs, bacon, toast, jelly and a cup of piping hot coffee. Yum!

Across from him, watching with some amusement was Rex as she had quite the english breakfast, which wasnt that different really, only with tea instead. "All this way to film a movie, I hope at least once you're trying the local foods!" she noted with a laugh at him. "Or are you someone who doesnt like to, Mike? " she asked with a warm smile.

Mike glances up towards Rex, a brow arching, "Considering my breakfasts were mostly 'whatever the hell they put on the catering table' I'll say I try what I'm given." He lifts up his coffee, smiling, "Although, this is more of a developed habit."

"Fair enough." remarks Rex, and nods "Some habits are good. A traditional breakfast is always a good way to start the day unless you sleep in till noon right? " she remarks, sipping her tea, then grimacing "Too hot still though."

Mike looks over to the tea and gives a bit of a smirk, bringing up his steaming cup and taking it towards his lips, sipping it. Although he doesn't chug the contents he lowers it once more, setting the cup on the saucer it came on. "Juuuuusstt right." He teases. "A typical breakfast is more, cereal and milk. This is more of a special thing."

"Just because you have no taste buds left. All burned off!" she jokes at him, blowing across her own a few times to cool it down "Ugh. Cereal. Does it sound weird that I actually liked the haggis I tried once? My friend didnt tell me what it was till AFTER." she points out, since they were talking about food.

"All the better to cut down on the grocery bills." Mike replies, giving a bit of a chuckle, using the side of his fork to cut off a bit of egg, "Do I want to know what it is while I'm eating?"

"Well, most people hear the word 'haggis' and immediately think it will be disgusting. At least, that's my friends' theory. He thinks people will be more willing to try something before you tell them because then their opinion is not shaded by stereotypes or other's opinions. Kind of like if you didnt know what say, Heavy Metal sounded like, but you knew it was all 'devil worship and evil', and you listened to it, you may actually like it without being biased ahead of time."

Mike smirks. "So, that's a 'No' on wanting to know," he presumes, scooping the bit of egg and stuffing it into his mouth.

"Probably not. Well, unless you have an allergy, but then you just declare that right? I hear in Russia its a big offense to not sample proffered food. They like to offer lots of booze to foreigners for that reason." she remarks, watching him eat, mostly picking at her own food

Mike slices a bit more of the egg, eating that before he speaks once more, "Sounds like we should do some more shows in Russia." As he's looking over towards Rex, the poking but not actually eating of the food causes for him to look to her questioningly, "Don't tell me you're not eating because you know what all that stuff is."

Rex Gregson laughs "I know what it is. I am just not hungry." she remarks "Sausages and toad in the hole." she guestures and takes a bite, if only to make him happy, her eyes laughing at his first comment "I wonder if the Leningrad Cowboys would be willing to team up. Have you SEEN their outfits?"

"Can't say I have." Mike admits, shaking his head, "Kind of been focusing more on my own stuff these days."

Rex Gregson nods "They're crazy. In a Lady Gaga kind of way only not made of meat. Their hair is incredible too. Nice guys, good singers though. They sound British, but arent even from Leningrad either. And they do rock." she explains in amusement. "They usually perform with the Red Army Choir. But that's for the future. I'm hoping to do one last show in New York City, before we dissassemble the Phantom sets, if you wanted." she noted, playing with her tea spoon.

Mike tilts his head, considering. "Same deal as when we finished off the Christmas concert? DVD of final show, charity purposes?"

"Of course! Then a rest period... I think I only hve the energy for a tour every half year or one year ." she confesses "not including the smaller one-off concerts. I can see why there's sometimes years between movies! And they just have to do it once." she joked.

Mike tilts his head, "Well, the break also helps you with making new stuff for the next album. Already got a few pieces worked out for the next one."

Rex Gregson ooos at that "Cant' wait to hear them." she notes with a smile "Hey, here's an odd question for you: have you ever been to anyone elses' concert? Well, youve been to a few of mine I guess..."

Mike nods, "Yeah, a few of them. Kind of happens when you tour with a music festival." He looks to his plate, setting the fork down to free his hand up to grab a piece of bacon. Because well, WHO USES A FORK FOR BACON? "Done a few collaborative performances too."

"I would be very confused if you said you didnt after all we did together." remarked Rex as she cut her toad in the hole up and nommed on it, adding some syrup onto it "I realized aside from watching your concert I dont think I've been to any. WEell, not including Opera."

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The admission does cause for Mike to look up from his plate to look at Rex, still chewing his bite of bacon. He glances down, bringing a hand up in front of his mouth, "That's something we can fix."

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