Nightmare Aftermath

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Wolfsbane and Mirage

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What happens after Mirage wakes up from her Nightmare

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This takes place right after Nightmare.

==[ Mirage's Room - Admin South - Xavier Mansion ]==

This is the typical room that is given to the staff of the school. Native american art work hangs on one wall and a small projectile weapon collection on the other. This collection ranges from a antique paleolithic atlatl to a ultra modern compound bow. Between two doors (double door closet and single door bathroom) sits a mirrored vanity. On the far wall is a double bed sloppily made with russet colored bed things, flanked by bookshelves on which both books and framed pictures are stored. Near the bed (on the same wall) is a french door that leads to a balcony. There is a sitting area in one corner that is also equipped with a work station and an armor stand with a complete set of Norse (valkyrie) armor.


Has it been minutes or hours since she woke screaming in a cold sweat with her pajamas torn and dirt under her fingernails. It certainly feels like ages, either way Dani is kneeling in the middle of her bed, her blankets clutched in hand and thrown about as if there was a big tussle. Her little poddle is at the foot of the bed growling at the shadows in the corners looking.

As she kneels there she is also concentrating her attention at the shadows in the corners as if expecting something therein to leap out at her.

Long night, Wolfsbane getting in a bit later than usual. She went straight to bed but at some point things began to get weird. Dreams are often that, but when they started to turn to nightmares she had trouble sleeping. It almost felt like something more real was happening, and when something else was felt it jolted her to a state of awareness much faster than normal. "Dani..?" Something was wrong!

Bursting out of bed in nothing more than a plain nightgown, she raced down the hallway toward the opposite wing of the mansion Dani slept in, hand trying the door. If it's locked, she'll knock.

The door is rarely kept locked. Who knows when some emergency is going to happen and a locked door could waste seconds of precious time. Even in her terror befuddled state she can feel the prescence on the other side of the door and is flying across the room nearly tearing the door off the hinges to get it open. She looks awful, mussed hair, red teary eyes, torn clothes. "It's him, he's here. He followed me again.

Torn clothes? How did /that/ happen? Wolfsbane is somewhat out of sorts herself, but not in quite the same state as the Cheyenne even though much is shared between them due to the link. "Th' bear?" she asks, hands extending toward the woman's shoulders as she moves in. "I felt something as well, but I'm na sure what." Concern and urgency are there.

Allowing herself to be pushed back into the room Dani wipes at her tear streaked face "Yes, he has here in my room, in my dreams." she looks around still slightly panicked, enough so that she goes around the room turning on all lights, sending the shadows that have her so disturbed fleeing. She grabs her torn shirt, tears very like that from claws "Both.

The tears are definitely a problem, though Wolfsbane gives the war poodle a quick look. "Ye didna do this, did ye?" she asks it, not entirely serious. It's an attempt to lighten a dark mood, but she keeps a hand near and against Dani's arm while they check the room. "Are ye certain? I mean, th' evidence is there, but.." It's been a long time since she's thought about all the Demon Bear is capable of.

Dani sits on the edge of the bed for a moment but is up again almost immediatly and begins to pace the floor. "I might be uncertain about a lot of things." a flash of confusion about a recent encounter goes with that one, but no other details go with it "But not this. It was him last month. He warned me. I shouldn't have come back here after that." fear grips her again, but its not for herself, but for her friends, the students, everyone who is now in danger.

Wolfsbane isn't sure about that bit of confusion, but it may come up another time. Maybe not. "I'm na suggesting ye dinna know what ye saw. I'd wonder more if ye didna have th' torn clothes an' all," she begins, then a firm shake of her head follows. "Nae, Dani. Ye canna think tha' way. It took more than just ye tae defeat it th' first time an' trying tae do it alone somewhere is just asking for more trouble. We need tae let th' others know..what happened th' first time, an' now tae see if it's all th' same or different."

After giving Rahne an offended look at being accused of tearing up his mistress' clothes Peanut jumps from the bed and starts to follow the pacing Dani even into the closet. "Yes, you're right. I should tell Al..Scott." she agrees as she comes out of the closet with her hiking pack in hand. Now that she is moving around and doing stuff, her terror is quickly fading, only to be replaced by worry and that haunted feeling as well as that trapped feeling, and she feels the need to escape.

Wolfsbane flashes Peanut a grin as if to say 'I was joking!' "Well, ye need tae let someone know at least, an' maybe we can find a way tae be ready. We--" Here is where she stops to squint at the woman with her pack and shifting emotional states through that link. "Where do ye think ye're going?"

Dani would love to be able to say somewhere the Demon Bear won't find here, but she knows that isn't likely to happen "Hiking...camping. I don't know, but if he is following me I can't stay here. It puts everyone in danger." she takes a deep breath, fighting a resurgance if her initial panic "He has used other people to get at me before, my own parents even. I couldn't stand it if he used one you guys, one of the kids." she gestures in the general direction of the student dorms.

As Wolfsbane listens to this, a frown sets in. Even through the link her mood grows more difficult to read for just a few moments, then she turns toward the door. "Then give me a few minutes tae go pack as well."

A wash of releif flows through the link, Dani is glad that she isn't going alone and that she isn't being convinced to stick around "Thanks Rahne." gratitude goes through "I'll get the tents and other necessary equipment, leave a note for Scott." since he would try to stop her "And met you in 1/2 hour in the courtyard." with that she heads back into her closet to dig for whats needed.

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