Night Action in Central Park

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Night Action in Central Park

Spider-Man Tigerstripe

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10/14/12 20:00

NYC - Central Park

The Spider saves a kid from itself - and meets a cat

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Late in the evening and the city that never sleeps seems to at least be dozing a bit. There's still that steady noise of traffic, the occasional distant yowl of a cat followed by a dog barking. Just the normal white noise that the city seems to create for pure atmospheric effect. Yet usually there's /something/ going on. And tonight the Spectacular Spider-Man finds himself wishing there was, though okay nothing too dangerous since then people might get hurt and that's never good. Especially wishing someone to be in danger if only to relieve your boredom.
/THWIP!/ It's with a smooth motion that Spidey leaps off the side of the building, one of the high apartment complexes that border the great Central Park. He's falling, falling falling, blurring past the mirrored windows of the skyscraper, then arresting his fall with a smooth arcing swing that sends him hurtling out over the park. Like a Spidey projectile he flies through the air, snaring the top of a tree and whirling around it.
When he comes to a halt he lifts his head. There's a faint tingle, the subtle touch of spider-sense bringing his awareness up. He cants his head just so and there, distantly at the road that surrounds the park is a carl hurtling down the street with its engine roaring and when it reaches a corner the tires squealing.

Setting night, the time when cats get up. Somewhere up in Harlem a scientist called Monique Coppersmyth had just had her breakfast and then dashed down the stairs, a raincoat hanging over her frame as she dashed down the street towards central park. She tried to get there as fast as possible to get seen less and only as she reached the first trees she slowed down, hearing the still distant sound of the car. Half a minute later in which she just walked down the Street that went through the park and would split at the center, she heared the car closing in, but the headlights of the car were off. Suddenly the sound of breaks mixed into the city sounds and she turned around, just jumping out of the way of the car by inches, the raincoat almost getting hit by the front tire of it.

And just in that moment, in that nick of time, there's a faint /thwip!/ behind her as suddenly Ms. Coppersmyth is gifted with one of the rare sights of the city. That sight being of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man flashing across her line of sight and suddenly a webline attaching itself to that raincoat of hers and helping to /YOINK!/ her just enough out of the way, though chances are she would have made it on her own, thank you very much.
"Look out, lady!" His voice has a strange doppler effect as he /zooms!/ right by her. Not really able to get an eyeball of her, but just enough to catch her silhouette. The car barely makes it around the corner and its tires skid as it tries to build up speed.
"Apparently this guy's in a hurry. Bieber tickets must've gone on sale." And with that he /jumps/ off his perch upon the streetlamp and dives after the car, both wrists twisted as he fires twin weblines that snag the back tires of the car robbing it of traction.

The hit of the spiderweb unbalanced her jump a bit, forcing her to roll over her shoulder instead of landing on ehr feet, but she landed safely, tumbling over the rim of the street into the treeline next to it. Getting back onto her feet and trying to dust the leafes out of her clothes, she realized the spidersilk on the raincoat. The Spider-Man... of course... When she looked around she notived the red and blue shape that pulled the Car in. In a moment of recognition she pulled out her smartphone, trying a snapshot.

And quite the snapshot it'll make. One moment the car is smashing into a mass of trash cans, the next there's Spider-Man with his feet braced upon the pavement and the muscles of his arms bunching powerfully as he pulls the weblines taut. The car's tires squeal for a moment, then get squelched up with the webbing, then the rear of the car is lifted partially off the ground. It's only a few moments, perhaps two, then those weblines are attached to a lamppost as Spidey hops up.
There's a spin, a leap, and suddenly Spider-Man's on the roof of the car. The door is yanked open with a /crunch/ of compressed and torn metal, then from within... a five-year old boy is pulled free... who promptly and immediately bursts into tears.
"Whoa whoa, hold on kid. It's ok, you're safe now."

Another, sole snapsot is taken, then the woman uses the phone for its actual purpose, calling someone. In this case the 911 to get someone to get the child "Police? Some well known Spiderguy just picked up a Kid from a car in Central Park... No, the Kid was driving. Can someone pick that up? ... uh... Somewhere on the northern street in the park." she explains, getting a short reply before she hangs up. Sighing she looks over to the Spider, hoping he gets that child mute in some time. That crying actually hurts in her ears...

And to Spidey's credit he's not terrible with kids. He manages to get him quiet after only making a few goofy faces even as he sits the youngster down on a bus stop bench seat next to the car. A handful of minutes later and there's the sound of a police car arriving, sirens wailing as it makes good speed towards the scene of the altercation.
Taking that as his cue, Spidey gives the kid a small wave, hops up and then /zips/ across the way. He's about to leap into a full swing when he espies Tigerstripe from afar and then thwips over to perch upon a lamppost above her.
"Ma'am, are you alright?"

Knowing the problems her altered shape brings with it, she had moved to a spot where she is not cast upon directly, eying up to the well known neighborhood Spider "I am ok. At least as much I can be at the moment." she replies, leaving open if she should be more ok than she could. And she should not have a tail and fur...

There's definitely something about her... Spider-Man tilts his head to the side curiously. But far be it for him to press, though she does have a curious silhouette. "Alright..." He says then he lifts a hand and there's another /THWIP!/ as a webline fires and attaches towards a nearby building. "Take care of yourself, ma'am!" And unless she stops him, he's off once again!

Seconds seem to pass, in which she just looks after the Spider-Man, pondering if she should ask him for a swing downtown, but how often does he do such? "hey..." she eventually manages, the line already stretched put towards the building, sirring of tension.

"Yeah?" Those mirorred lenses shift back to focus upon her, her own reflection looking back upon her as he tilts his head to the side just so. He's balanced there, one arm extended and crouched looking almost like a red and blue gargoyle. Spider-Man cocks his head the other way, almost like a curious canine as he considers this strange person in the dark.

With a drop of the head the woman eventually gazes down "Thanks for the kid. Who left his keys that he got them?" she answers with more a mutter "The City is coming down more and more."

"Hey, everyone makes mistakes." And as he says this, Spider-Man offers a small wave. "Keep your chin up!" Having said this he /leaps/ off the lamppost and the webline draws taut, snapping him forwards and upwards, catapulting him into space and sending him flying for a brief moment before gravity starts to reassert its dominance upon him.
Of course by that point he's already swinging away off into the sunset.

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