NEWS: It's not your usual Christmas Special

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NEWS: It's not your usual Christmas Special


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Review of a Christmas Concert that was held the night before

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It's not your usual Christmas special.

Or is it?

Through the concert series that was headlined by Sombre Tyrannosaur and costar, who simply became known as The Man in the Red Mask (Red Mask for short) for the duration of the series, there was an underlining storyline that guided the group through their stage sets. Short a band member, Rex brings in Red Mask to fill in. When he finds out what TYPE of music they're performing, he critiques people in how they celebrate the season. Rex overhears and they soon start a musical journey through the different meanings of Christmas. There is resistance from Red Mask but with each show, there are hints of that maybe he's starting to get it.

There was a bit of a stage show quality to this performance more than just your typical concert with plenty of soliloquy like song performances. There were points where Audience members in the front of the stage, particularly children got some involvement with the show, but the primary highlights of events did not occur until the final performance in Central Park. Santa showing up, Red Mask's unmasking, and the view of the audience projected for the final portion of the group's performance of One World as Sombre Tyrannosaur led a children's choir.

A story about a grinch and exploring the meanings of Christmas appears to be typical Christmas performance fare but what sets this apart from others could very well be a couple members of the roster. In what might be considered an exceptional marketing move, the masked musician part did add a bit of mystery and stir up speculation over who it could be. It is likely Mick Drago was not on the list of possible suspects considering the style of singing for Red Mask was different than what Drago does in his own shows. This does end up helping as it shows his capability to transition out of his usual style of music should he choose to.

One could argue that there was a bit of something for everyone in this concert. An enjoyable experience, once you thawed out from it being an outdoor concert.

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