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The tech company has resumed construction on its Staten Island campus despite the work stoppage of the unions due to the incidents at the facility. The construction unions are protesting angrily, as Endo Electronics has not hesitated to hire non-union workers to step in and do what the union workers have refused to do. An Endo Electronics spokesperson offered this message.

"Endo Electronics is dedicated to getting our operations here in New York up and running on schedule. The company was more than willing to negotiate with the unions to continue their work, but the unions have refused to negotiate in good faith. Endo Electronics will not be held hostage to the unions, or to terrorist threats, anymore than the great City of New York has allowed itself to be held hostage to similar fears. We are dedicated to the safety of our employees, from laborers and construction workers all the way to the CEO, and we will do what we can to assure that safety. But the work must and will continue. Those willing to do that work will be rewarded; those unwilling to do the work will be, regretfully, let go."

The unions have promised to file for injunctive relief in the courts. Only time will tell how that will turn out.

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